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Invade Mexico on Behalf of the Futile War on Drugs? has a post that asserts that in order to deal with the violence and chaos from the drug cartels south of the border that are invading Texas and Arizona, it is a question of not if but when the U.S. government must invade Mexico. Not once throughout the whole post is the idea of ending the war on drugs that’s causing the whole mess, yet that is the only way to solve that problem. Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger agrees with me.

Marine veteran Fred Reed matter-of-factly discussed this proposal of invading Mexico just a few weeks ago.

What the Pentaloons don’t understand, being armed Boy Scouts who believe their own propaganda – “Ooo-rah! Yes sir! Yes sir! Can do, sir!” is that they usually can’t. The chief reason is that people really, really do not like American soldiers invading their countries, wrecking cities and killing their children. The military, which thinks at right angles, cannot wrap its mind around this difficult thought. Thus Americans invariably begin by thinking, “We are right. We are for democracy. We are trying to help these people. Therefore they will love us.”

Must America lose another war, sacrifice more American lives, murder more foreigners, engage in more death and destruction, and put itself into even further bankruptcy because conservatives don’t like the thought of someone else having a good time, and don’t like the thought of personal responsibility? (And I thought it was the Left who were guilty of acting out their death instinct!)

It is mostly the conservatives who want to continue the War on Drugs, despite how futile and counter-productive that fascist scheme is, although most of those among the left who support it know that the government shouldn’t have the power to dictate to people what chemicals they may or may not ingest, but those particular lefties in on the scheme have something to gain by supporting it. But most conservatives don’t want people to have the freedom to choose what chemicals to put into their own bodies, because conservatives don’t believe in personal responsibility. Conservatives believe in this fascist nanny state, unfortunately, and it is this nanny state, anti-personal responsibility policy they support that is causing a black market in drugs, driving up the prices and making it highly profitable for the black market druggists, thus incentivizing those in such a scheme to push the drugs onto others, and engage in trafficking, and turn into savages not afraid to kill those who move in on their turf. Conservatives support this.

Why can’t people of our modern era learn from history, the history of Prohibition, which banned the production, sale and distribution and consumption of alcohol? That was over 80 years ago! Instead of learning from history, and supporting common sense and personal responsibility, conservatives want the nanny state government to have the power to dictate to private individuals what chemicals they may or may not ingest, and conservatives don’t want people to to be expected to take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions and actions.

Now, I personally oppose drug usage, as well as alcohol. The only times I ever drank alcohol were during high school and college, but that was many, many years ago. I’ve never even smoked. Why would I deliberately inhale the waste of burning garbage?

Instead of common sense and supporting freedom and personal responsibility, too many people, the statists, the warmongers, and the government expansionists, want to continue the senseless, murderous war on drugs, and want to militarily invade Mexico. Perhaps that’s the true long-term purpose underlying the War on Drugs anyway. Perhaps the statists and expansionists have wanted to invade Mexico all along, and continuing the War on Drugs to deliberately effect in chaos has been their way of getting what they really wanted.

Perhaps the War on Drugs statists really just want to make Mexico another U.S. territory. If that’s the case, then it would be similar to how the statists, warmongers, and government expansionists have for many decades been deliberately radicalizing and provoking the Muslims overseas, and deliberately eliciting their jihad against the West as an excuse for the statists, warmongers and government expansionists to invade and occupy Middle Eastern and Asian countries because ultimately they want to make those oil-rich lands U.S. territories. If so, then why can’t they just openly advocate the U.S. government’s conquest of the people of those countries and the seizures of their territories. At least that would be more aboveboard than what the statists, warmongers and government expansionists have been doing for the past several decades.

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