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Abortive “Selective Reduction” of Twins

On his show today on 96.9 “Boston Talks,” Jay Severin was discussing the phenomenon of couples who find themselves pregnant with not just one baby but twins unexpectedly, and having the doctor practice “selective reduction,” that is, aborting the pregnancy of one of the infants but allowing the second one to continue developing. According to the Toronto-based National Post newspaper, some couples are now doing just that not for medical reasons, such as when there are three or four or more fetuses which raises the risks for the life of the mother, but solely for economic or other personal reasons.

I hope that any expecting couples or single mothers out there who have found they are pregnant with twins but are not able to care for, or can’t afford financially, more than one addition to the family, that you would seriously consider bringing both of the twins to birth and giving the second one for adoption. There are many, many couples out there on waiting lists to adopt a baby. Giving up an unwanted or “unaffordable” baby is always the more charitable and humane solution to this situation.

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