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To Hell With the IMF and the Political Pigs – Bring on Martha Dean

Economic matters in the United States continue to worsen, and international leaders have failed to make agreements at the latest IMF gathering (like “I agree that we should cease centralizing monetary production, cartelizing banking and internationalizing Americans’ private economic matters, etc.” for example). And Federal Reserve chairman Ben Burnbanker is now hinting or even admitting that America’s financial situation is up you-know-what’s creek. But the politicians here in America, most of whom are complete economic ignoramuses and live in the way-out, drug-influenced galaxies of Neverland fantasizing, continue their election campaigns with rhetoric and mud-slinging that just continues to remind me that these elections are really an awful waste of time and money. Hardly anyone speaks of principles and moral values, but we do hear a lot of superficial claptrap and emotional whining on both sides of the aisle, which, when you get right down to it, is really the same side of the aisle: The Statists. They are on their one big side and the very small minority of Liberty-promoters are on the other. We rarely hear from the ones promoting Liberty, only the ones, Republican and Democrat, who love the State.

For example, in the People’s Republic of California, Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitless has been accused of making some backroom deals with unions in order to win their endorsement. Should that be too much of a surprise, given that Ms. Witless is spending tens of millions of dollars of her own wealth for this campaign? She obviously has no principles — otherwise she would spend tens of millions on worthy causes. And it is no surprise to me that a statist politician such as she would cut a deal with unions, particularly public unions, promising them that their pensions won’t be cut.

And then there’s the issue with her “illegal” housekeeper. If she didn’t know that the housekeeper was an “illegal” immigrant (which is an invalid concept, given that all human beings have a right of freedom of movement, freedom of association and freedom of contract, and it’s immoral for the State to restrict that), then Witless must be a retard. Or, if she fired the housekeeper when “discovering” her “illegal” status, would Witless really have fired the housekeeper if Witless were not running for governor? (Nope. She obviously fired the housekeeper for the sake of political ambitions, and, like 99% of our politicians these days, Witless has no principles.)

I saw some brief clips of candidates in Connecticut running for U.S. Senate to replace Sen. Chris “Countrywide” Dodd, Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Richard “I went to Vietnam/I didn’t go to Vietnam” Blumenthal. The two of them are thoroughly ghastly creatures, right out of the Black Lagoon. I’ve already said enough here about McMahon so I’m not going to get into that now, except she is very much like Meg Witless, spending tens of millions on her campaign, drooling to get herself a spot in Washington for her share of the power trip. And Blumenthal — just look at him, or, better yet don’t look at him. Yikes, he’s one ghoulish dude. Yech.

Blumenthal has been Connecticut’s attorney general for nearly 20 years, and, given his outrageous government activism and meddling in everybody’s private business, I can’t believe the people of that state continue to reelect the guy. The election to replace him, however, as attorney general actually has someone of moral principles and who believes in the ideas of inalienable, natural rights and private property: Republican Martha Dean. Dean supports states’ rights and nullification, and good for her, because here in communist New England, it’s hard to find someone who actually believes in the rights of the individual and in the right of states to their self-determination, as opposed to authoritarians who favor a powerful federal government that dictates orders and mandates to the states. (Oh WHY didn’t she run for senator rather than attorney general? Instead, it’s this Linda McMahon person. Oh, well.)

So here is Martha Dean’s latest speech. She seems a bit like she did the last time I saw her, perhaps a bit to anxious, or maybe more accurately, a bit too verklempt. But she is quite inspiring, that’s for sure.

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