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Socialism vs. Freedom

Some people don’t seem to understand when I assert that Republicans, like Willard Romney and Charlie Baker, are socialists, and that socialism is a bad thing. It is necessary to understand how socialism as a system violates individual rights and Liberty.

The Declaration of Independence recognizes the rights of the individual to one’s life and liberty. That means that each individual has an inherent right to own one’s life, one’s person, one’s labor, and the fruits of one’s labor and whatever wealth and property one honestly acquires by means of peaceful trade and voluntary contract, and the right to be free from any aggression imposed against one’s life, person or property. That means that no one may force any individual to exert any labor of one’s mind or person against one’s will for any reason, and therefore may not take any of the fruits of one’s labor.

Socialism, on the other hand, is public ownership of the means of production, of wealth and property, and a system of socialism (which we have had for many years, a century in fact) automatically denies those inherent rights of the individual, and is in fact a system in which the individual does NOT have a right to own one’s person, labor and fruits of one’s labor, but is sacrificed to serve the collective or community by force against one’s will, via the State which enforces the demands of the collective on the individual through coercion and threats.

The Economic Collapse Blog has this article on the “30 reasons why people should be getting really nervous about the state of the U.S. economy.” One of its points is how California is “a complete and total economic disaster zone,” and Detroit “is literally dying.” This is because of socialism, because of state governments whose bureaucrats refuse to let go of all their privileges and extra agencies and bureaus that house their family members and friends and campaign supporters, and public unions who want something for nothing and whose pay and benefits are extracted by the state’s redistributing wealth from the actual producers of it.

A local talk show was discussing the recent rants of one of the cable comedians, who was criticizing his favored Democrats, and saying that the only thing Democrats are useful for is “dragging” the rest of us up to the 21st Century, referring to “Tea Partiers” and conservatives who are apparently living in the Dark Ages of ignorance and so on. It is actually these people on the Left who are ignorant, of history and economics, and who are “dragging” the rest of us backward into the Dark Ages, with their socialist confiscations of private wealth and property and the use of the State to trespass into your neighbors’ property and into their private business.

First, we can look at ObamaCare and, here in Massachusetts, RomneyCare, the state and federal governments’ usurpation of our health care rights and freedom, which is not only “socialized medicine,” but “fascist medicine.” While socialism is public ownership of wealth and the means of production, fascism allows (!) private ownership of wealth and the means of production but the control over that is usurped and trespassed by the government. That’s where all government regulations of private property, business, associations and contracts are fascist policies.These collectivist intrusions into the individual’s private life, health matters and private businesses violate the individual’s inherent, inalienable rights to life and Liberty, the right to be free from the aggression and intrusion of others. Not only are these policies immoral because of those intrusions, but they are impractical and just don’t work, because they are contradictory to the basic laws of economics: a centralized bureaucrat can’t possibly know what is needed and where it is needed at whatever given time. As Perry Como once said, “It’s just impossible.”

Not only must states nullify the fascist ObamaCare mandates and regulations, but individuals — patients, doctors, insurance agents and so on –must nullify those dictates of the ignoramuses in Washington.

And the conservatives are just as socialist in their counter-productive policies as the Left, with socialist central planning immigration controls and restrictions. Those also violate the rights to life and Liberty of people who want to work and the employers who want to hire them. For example, if a Mexican sees a job opening in Arizona advertised and wants to work for that employer, the Mexican has every God-given right in the world to work for the employer in Arizona who is voluntarily willing to hire the Mexican, and the employer has a God-given right to hire anyone he damn well wants to, and NO ONE may interfere with that voluntary contract. Jacob Hornberger has this great article to explain that. That voluntary relationship between the employer and the worker is a peaceful one, because neither one is interfering with anyone else’s life or liberty, but the State-imposed restrictions against that association are of aggression and do violate those individuals’ rights.

Social Security is the biggest socialist, redistribution of wealth Ponzi scheme in the history of America, as FDR took advantage of the panic, vulnerability and helplessness of many Americans and thus usurped their retirement independence and prosperity. FDR’s crimes were new fascist mandates and State confiscations of the fruits of labor of Americans. Jacob Hornberger also has this great article on why people shouldn’t worry if Social Security ends, as long as the unconstitutional taxation that funds it ends as well. When the SS taxes are also eliminated, that enables people to afford to care for elderly family members. This is the truly moral way to deal with the Social Security fraud that FDR schemed up and has punished America with for the last 75 years.

Also by Jacob Hornberger: The Minimum Wage Protects the Rich.

The Federal Reserve and its money counterfeiting is another socialist scheme, a child of Herr Lincoln’s Legal Tender Laws and Banking cartel, in which the right of the people to trade with commodities of their choice is usurped, the right of people to engage in the banking trade is usurped, and, the economic repercussions of which we are now suffering. State control over anything, including money, doesn’t work, as well as its being immoral in its restrictions of Liberty. This is why we need to end the Fed and take back our economic freedom, and the sooner the better!

And the Wall Street Bailout was a socialist redistribution scheme of private wealth from the actual producers of society’s wealth and workers over to the already rich Wall Street executive parasites.

Now, on to Dick Cheney’s socialism: The National Security-Military Welfare Complex. It’s beyond me how to figure out these so-called “anti-communists” like Dick Cheney, who merely transferred his anti-communism to anti-Islam when he saw the Soviet Union collapsing and needed a new enemy to justify the always-growing Defense Socialism Leviathan and socialist redistribution of wealth schemes, redistributing  wealth from private workers, laborers and producers over to military contractors and defense bureaucrats who could never survive alone in the actual private sector. Those neocons with their government expansionism overseas are just as communist as Stalin and just as socialist as Hitler in the neocons’ territorial expansionism, with their hegemonic expansion of U.S. government apparatus all over the Middle-East, Asia and Europe.

At the time of the American Revolution, the biggest mistake the Founders made when creating America was the instituting of a federal government, whether for national defense or for any other reason. Centralized agencies and bureaucrats in Washington can’t possibly protect 300 million Americans over thousands of miles from harmful foreign elements. It’s literally impossible (as Perry Como would say). States should handle their own defense. All that does — giving centralized bureaucrats a monopoly over the defense of 300 million people in 50 states — is it gives those centralized bureaucrats power, and because power is addictive, they will do everything they can to expand that power. It’s just human nature. All they will do is deliberately provoke foreign elements as a means of starting conflicts to justify their monopoly. FDR deliberately provoked Japan with embargoes and then, even worse than that, with the knowledge ahead of time that the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor FDR did nothing to stop it! And George H.W. Bush  in 1990 gave Saddam Hussein the message that if Hussein invaded Kuwait Bush would look the other way, so when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Bush then not only didn’t look the other way but took U.S. forces and invaded Iraq, and began years of violence and then sanctions that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, many of them children, that Sec. of State Madeline Albright said was “worth it,” and all this, of course, further inflamed anti-Americanism throughout the Middle East. If the terrorists have been declaring that their terrorism has been because they don’t like what the U.S. government has been doing to people in the Middle East, I think that bureaucrats in Washington are either retarded, deaf, or are using their territorial expansionism and violence as a means of deliberate provocation to further justify their existence in Washington.

And Obama knows that, as Gen. Stanley McChrystal noted, for every innocent civilian you kill in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq and so on, you create 10 new terrorists, as the military and CIA continue those drone bombings against the innocents. That is why Obama is continuing those murders of innocent civilians. Obama is either retarded, or he wants more terrorists against America to justify the military industrial complex’s existence, those wonderful people in the private sector who donate more to Democrats than to Republicans.

The leftist cable comedian said that Democrats are only useful in “dragging” the rest of us into the 21st Century, even though he sides with the Left’s tribalist urges of collectivist sacrifice of the individual which is a Dark Ages way of life. The Dick Cheney tribalist military socialism Left is right there in the same category as socialist redistribution of wealth schemes. The Left drags the rest of society backward into the Dark Ages with socialism, reversing the Founders’ principles of private property and individual Liberty under the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law means No Theft, No Trespass, No Aggression, and that means that everyone must live under the Rule of Law, including agents of the State!

The mistake was a centralized federal government at the expense of the independence, sovereignty and freedom of the states. Centralism doesn’t work. Socialism is theft, and usually, immoral schemes turn out to be impractical and unworkable. I think that was God’s way of doing things.

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