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No Slavery and Dictatorships In America, Please

It’s bad enough there is the involuntary servitude of the income tax and other means of State-imposed force against the will of innocent individuals, but this morning on 96.9 “Boston Talks,” Jim Braude and Margery Eagan were discussing, apparently, K.T. McFarland’s FoxNews op-ed suggesting that the State force people to vote — “Or Pay the Price.” Jawhol, mein Diktator! (Jeepers!) I’m glad K.T. is no longer working with the DOD (if you call that “working”). And there was this article just today on “jury duty” at

Jim and Margery were really discussing this idea of forcing people to vote in elections — how Soviet Union! What are you going to do, Jim and Margery, and K.T., if someone doesn’t show up on election day, go to their homes and apprehend them and drag them off? And what is the point in voting when there is no candidate that actually wants to undo all the statists’ miserable violations and encroachments on our freedom and property? There is NOT ONE candidate out there who believes in the same principles of freedom that the American Founders believed in, the sanctity of private property and freedom of association, NOT ONE! So, you want to FORCE people to go off to have to pull the lever for one of two or three statists?Thanks, but no thanks!

Jim and Margery were talking about some kind of “obligation” to society. “OBLIGATION!” You see, thanks to the last 150 years of government-run schools, we now have an entire population who thinks that each individual citizen is “Obligated” to “Serve” the State, and “Owes” something to the rest of society and to the State. Sorry. In a free society such as what ours was supposed to be, no one is “obligated” to anyone else or anything, unless one willingly and voluntarily enters a specific contract with others, with specific terms and “obligations,” etc. In a free society which ours was supposed to be but isn’t and never was (thanks to the Constitution which empowers the State and enslaves the individual), no one may force anyone else to do anything against one’s will.

There are those who believe we have a “duty” to NOT serve, and in fact to “civil disobedience!” (You betchya!)

No one has a “duty” to others or to serve” others — only in a dictatorship, whether it be a single imperialist-monarchist like Obama or a collective dictatorship like in Jim Braude’s home town of the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in which “majority rules” (i.e. Mob Rule), are people forced to vote. That’s not “democracy,” K.T., that’s slavery.

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