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Neanderthal Senate Candidate

Apparently Alaska Tea Party Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller doesn’t understand the First Amendment. It seems that, at a “Town Hall” event in a public middle school, a reporter tried to ask him some questions, and Miller’s private security goons pushed the reporter who then pushed back, followed by the reporter’s being arrested — by the private security guards! The zealous protectors of the would-be senator accused the reporter of “trespassing” on public property!

Miller has already made it clear that he won’t answer any more questions regarding his background, apparently not understanding that, if he wants to be a U.S. senator and have that much power and control over our lives as Americans, then we have every right in the world to ask questions, either directly or through the Press, about who he is and what his background is. If he doesn’t like that, then he needs to rethink his career path. He also needs to study First Amendment issues and the relationship between the Press and government officials. If he has security guards, that’s fine. But if he is a candidate for a powerful office such as U.S. senator, he needs to make his guards know that shoving a reporter isn’t the way to handle that. Who does he think he is, Martha Coakley?

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