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Governor Ignoramus and the Senior Imbecile From Vermont; More on Massachusetts Race for Governor

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has recently stated that he would like to see a “graduated” state income tax instead of the current flat tax of 5.3% that is being stolen from residents’ paychecks in addition to the federal taxes and other taxes being confiscated by the voracious parasitic governments. Of course, the ignoramus (who probably spends hours each day staring out his office window daydreaming) downplayed his remarks later when asked about that.

When you take more from those higher-income folks, you take away whatever capital they might have to use to invest in expanding their businesses — which means creating new jobs — or otherwise invest in or purchase other businesses, or use to put into the economy in some way. When the government takes more from people, nothing of actual value comes of that. It is merely politicians and bureaucrats taking private wealth away from others and such wealth really ultimately ends up as an “investment” in expanding more government, more power for politicians, more intrusions into the lives of the people. Get rid of these taxes completely, including the federal taxes, and you’ll see economic boom like never before and ALL will benefit from that. When “The Rich” get to keep all of their income, they expand businesses, start new businesses, and more and more people are employed, and you have much greater progress and prosperity.

Unfortunately, communist ignoramuses like Deval Patrick and his envious ilk don’t understand these basic facts of human existence.

Going north of Massachusetts, the senior imbecile from Vermont, Sen. Patrick Leahy, is proposing legislation that would allow for a self-recused Supreme Court Justice to be replaced by a retired Justice for just those specific cases from which the current Justice has recused himself. For example, Justice Elena Caveman Kagan is recusing herself from 25 out of 51 cases to be heard by the Supreme Court this term. Leahy wants a retired Justice — in this case, Sandra Day O’Connor, David Souter or Jean-Paul Stevens — to replace Kagan when those cases come up.

I think that this is one of those times that term limits are in order. However, I’m against the idea of term limits, so scratch that. Perhaps the people of Vermont can recall Leahy. Is he up for reelection? Why, AAMOF he IS up for reelection, and his Republican opponent is Len Britton, who, according to Politics1 is a “Lumber store owner and ex-movie screenwriter,” and various info on the web indicates that he’s a goofball. There are several other candidates on the ballot, but all the pundits are indicating that Leahy’s reelection is safe. I wonder if Senators Joe Lieberschnitzel and Al Frankenstinker agree with Leahy on this issue.

(Like Leahy would be proposing this if the current retired Justices in question were conservatives like Rehnquist, Scalia or Clarence Thomas!)

Back to Massachusetts, with one of the more bizarre races for governor in a while, yesterday I wrote this:

And now we’re hearing that Democrat-turned-Independent candidate for governor Tim Cahill, the current state treasurer, is suing the Republican candidate, Charlie Baker’s campaign and the Republican Governor’s Association for infiltrating the Cahill campaign with Baker flunkies to sabotage Cahill and help Baker. Prior to this lawsuit, several Cahill campaigners, including Cahill’s running mate, had abandoned the Cahill camp and jumped to the Baker camp. Meanwhile, in the emails that Cahill is using as evidence against Baker, Baker is looking for evidence that Cahill is using recent state lottery ads as Cahill campaign ads at taxpayer expanse.

And now, for crying out loud, Cahill’s former running mate, Paul Loscocco, who is now with the Republican Baker camp, is charging Cahill with having been in cahoots with Gov. Deval Patrick from the very beginning to have Cahill there as a straw candidate to help ensure Patrick’s reelection. DUH! Who couldn’t see that?!!

Jeepers, this whole thing is unbelievable, especially given the fact that these campaigns mean nothing, state or national, and that all these elections are merely a rearranging of deck chairs. That is because “democracy” is a flawed concept, and will never, ever work, and will always be illegitimate and cause society to be dysfunctional and finally collapse.

This Massachusetts gubernatorial race (a word that begins with “goober,” by the way), however, now reminds me of 1986, which was also a bizarre election year. That year, incumbent Gov. Michael Dukakis was sailing to reelection and had no worries whatsoever. The Republicans….it was really bizarre. The first one to be the Republican challenger, Greg Hyatt, then a former director of the Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation, was in his office one day, and he was changing his clothes. Nothing wrong with that — people change their clothes in their own private office all the time, just lock the door so the secretary won’t come in, etc. But apparently he didn’t think to lock the door, and the secretary walked in and saw him “with his pants down.” THAT was the end of Greg Hyatt’s campaign, believe it or not.

His replacement for the Republican nomination was state Rep. Royall Switzler, who is actually running for his old seat again from his town of Wellesley. One time back then, the Boston Herald had a headline that referred to him as Royall Swizzler. Anyway, the reason that Royal Swizzler dropped out of the race is because he was caught with HIS pants down — his Vietnam pants, that is: He lied about his military service in Vietnam (He didn’t serve in Vietnam. Hmmm, that sounds familiar now.)

After Royall Swizzler dropped out of the race, he was replaced by George Kariotis, who was too late to get his name on the ballot for nomination, so he had to run on a write-in campaign. The final November election was Dukakis 68%-Kariotis 31%.

With all the bizarre controversies going on in the 2010 Massachusetts gubernatorial race, perhaps the Green candidate, Jill Stein might pick up some steam (like going from 1 to 2%).

Can somebody please tell me why the Massachusetts Libertarian Party hasn’t had a candidate for governor since 2002? Did Carla Howell scare them away? Carla Howell was brilliant in her ballot question campaign to eliminate the state income tax in 2008. Too bad 70% of the voters were either hacks or just like to be slaves. And now Carla is trying to reduce the sales tax. I’m verklempt.

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