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Candidates for Attorney General Debate – But Could a State Nullify Federal Martial Law?

In Connecticut, the candidates for state attorney general had a debate this week, and part of the debate included a discussion of nullification, the act of an individual state “nullifying” a federal law or policy that the state has decided either violates the U.S. Constitution, the state’s constitution or otherwise infringes on the rights of the state’s citizens in some way. Thomas Jefferson and most of the Founders, especially the Anti-Federalists agreed with this inherent right of states to disregard bad federal laws.

The two candidates who debated were Republican Martha Dean and Democrat George Jepsen. (Say, wasn’t he a cartoon character in the 1960s, who worked at Spacely’s Space Sprockets? Well, he certainly sounds like someone who’s in outer space, that’s for sure.)

It is unbelievable how ignorant some people are. When the discussion of nullification came up, Jepsen, formerly of Spacely’s Space Sprockets, blurted that nullification “has no place in our discussion today … The U.S. Supreme Court is the final arbitrator with what is constitutional and not constitutional. It’s not for the states to decide.” Yikes! “It’s not for the states to decide?” Apparently, the space shot doesn’t understand that the states actually created the federal government — the states really are supposed to be the boss, the federal government their employee, so to speak.

Thomas Woods, author of the recently released book, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, commented on this debate on his blog, and gave an analogy:

If you and I give a third person (call him Person C) a limited power of attorney to help govern our affairs, and that person oversteps the boundaries outlined in the contract we signed, who gets to decide if Person C is in violation of the contract? Is it Person C himself?  Or is it you and I, the people who wrote and signed the limited power of attorney in the first place?  Likewise, the states, as the principals to the constitutional compact, have a far better logical claim to be the judges of constitutionality than their agent, the federal government.

Now, one of my main concerns, however, regarding the current state of things here in the USA, is that, if there is to be an economic crisis of the magnitude that some doom-and-gloomers are predicting, such as Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente, both of whom have made very accurate predictions in the past, then there’s a good possibility that the Obama Administration will take advantage of such a crisis and impose Martial Law. And I want to know if Martha Dean believes that, if the federal government imposes Martial Law, the states would have a right to nullify such a Martial Law. For me the answer should be obvious: Of course the states have a right to nullify any federally-imposed Martial Law and, if there is civil unrest and looting, and so on, then a state has the God-given, inherent right to nullify federal gun laws and allow citizens to exercise one’s right of self-defense in such a situation, and not rely on “federal marshals” or worse, the military, to protect them.

In the case of economic collapse and civil unrest, violence and looting, it really is the right and responsibility of the people to protect themselves, their families, their property and their businesses, not the federal government, or even the state governments.

If such an economic collapse occurs, followed by civil unrest, violence and looting, we can blame Alan Greenspan, George W. Bush, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd et al. But if the federal government imposes Martial Law, it will be solely because the Obama Administration is taking advantage of the crisis and panic, only for the sake of usurping further power grabs, and for no other reason. And that’s the truth, now. That’s the kind of people we’re dealing with in Washington, whether it be Obama or Bush or Cheney. Martial Law = military dictatorship.

And also, in such a case of Martial Law, there would be “curfews.” Jeepers! Can you believe the mentality of people who would support these kinds of things? In NO circumstances should any innocent individual be locked in one’s home or in any place! Freedom of movement is a God-given right, and in these instances where these kinds of threats are expressed by the federal government, the states should tell the federal government to go to Hell. Remember, “More Guns, Less Crime.” Don’t allow the centralized Leviathan to become a military dictatorship. Not in America! There’s NO excuse!

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