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The Left’s Totalitarianism vs. Liberty

With all the Obama Administration’s power grabs and the media’s manipulations, one can now get a clear picture of the left’s true totalitarianism, while in some ways, the conservatives have become the new liberals. Through the Tea Parties and other renewed activism, the conservatives protest the increasing government intrusions into our daily lives as the leftists build their totalitarian centralized State in Washington.

While the left are true authoritarians in their political agenda of total State power, it is really many conservatives who are “liberal” in the conservatives’ and Tea Party movement’s advocating less State power and authority over our lives and fewer State intrusions into our privacy and businesses. It is the conservatives who want to liberate us from the serfdom of the left’s medical, financial and otherwise State intrusions.

If only the conservatives and Tea Partiers could step back and see that there isn’t really much difference between the growth of the centralized security bureaucracy-military socialism and the growth of the left’s domestic social bureaucracy and usurpation of control over every aspect of our daily lives. If only the Tea Partiers could let go of their worship of the Leviathan State security bureaucracy that has made America less safe.

But here I want to address the deceit and totalitarian intentions of the left. The recent JournoList emails disclosure by the Daily Caller is but one small demonstration of the left’s true intentions. Journalism used to be a profession in which the truth was to be uncovered and told. We are now seeing how the left’s suppression of the truth comes from their mystical worship of the State.

As the Daily Caller has exposed, the JournoLists schemed to manipulate their news coverage in 2008 to deliberately suppress stories about then-candidate Barack Obama, such as his relationship with the hate-emitting Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as part of those reporters’ way to manipulate voters’ opinion of Obama and affect the election, which the reporters did accomplish.

The left can be harshly yet accurately characterized primarily as immature adolescent punks. More specific Freudian analysis could cause people to ponder whether the reason the news and entertainment media trashed Sarah Palin so much in 2008 and afterwards was that those leftists hate their mothers. But we’ll leave that for the psychoanalysts out there to consider.

Also in recent years the left’s being anti-authority has been a misdiagnosis. Like the conservatives, in the left’s love of their god, the State, the left love the authority of the State, they revere the State, and they merge their identities with State power, à la George Orwell’s novel 1984.

They just loathe traditional authority in the context of the family, the church and in communities, or, what economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe has described as “natural” authorities. And frankly, I think that deep down, the conservatives’ rhetoric of favoring family and church authority above the State has been just rhetoric (to get votes). The conservatives, too, revere the State as a god.

The left’s agenda is not one of “love and compassion,” as their rhetoric tends to proclaim. If they were compassionate toward others and loved their neighbors, the left would not support policies of government theft and trespass against their neighbors, policies of intrusions into the private property, homes, businesses and private lives of others. Were the left friends of the poor and disadvantaged, they would not advocate one government mandate, tax and regulation after another that restricts those at the bottom from entering various fields of endeavor.

The left just isn’t a friend of equal opportunity, freedom of association, voluntary exchange, and the sovereignty of the individual. The left consists of collectivists who love the democratic way of majority rule as a means of empowering groups and gangs against the individual. Their philosophy is totally contrary to that of the American Founders.

And the use of deceit exemplified by the JournoList emails is pervasive among the left, not just within the journalism guild but in a whole range of activities in which a leftist agenda is prevalent, including academia, pop culture and government. Only months ago we witnessed how Congress rushed through a massive health care bill without much debate. The mainstream press did not inform the public of what exactly the conniving politicians were up to – the role of informing the masses was taken up by conservative and libertarian talk radio and blogs, and members of the Tea Party movement. The destructive financial regulatory bill was also rushed through Congress deceitfully, and all these acts of legislative shakedowns and swindling are inherent in the left’s agenda.

A few months ago, Hot Air published a lengthy article by former ACORN employee turned whistleblower Anita Moncrief detailing ACORN’s true agenda of “stealth socialism,” and the true tactics of ACORN following the Saul Alinsky method of how the Have-Nots can take power (i.e. wealth and property) away from the Haves. America has already been a socialist society especially since the New Deal.

Communism is State ownership and control of industry, wealth and property. We have seen before our very eyes that once-stealth and now direct and blatant agenda in Obama’s taking over whole industries including much of the auto industry, the medical industry and the banking and financial industries.

And after all the federal takeovers, usurpations and power grabs by the Bush Administration in the name of “national security,” I put them in the same category of implementing State ownership of not just security related industries, but our what had been an otherwise inherent right of self defense. And I am not one to put the Bush bunch on the right, either.

It just seems that so many on the left hate individual liberty, individual responsibility and independence. We have seen the inherent dishonesty and immorality of communism, combined with the deceit and shenanigans used to promote and implement such a wretched scheme. In contrast, those of us who advocate restoring the sanctity of private property rights and freedom of association call for not “stealth” and indirect, but direct and aboveboard the outright dismantling of all the intrusive laws, regulations and extortionist policies the Big Government leftists have put into place this past century. And this especially includes ending all confiscatory taxation, because it is nothing but theft.

It comes down to this: either the individual has a right to the reward and compensation for one’s labor, as agreed to with mutually consenting traders (employer, contractor, client, buyer, etc.) or one does not. Either the individual has an inalienable right to one’s life, one’s person, one’s labor (initially) or one does not have that right and is therefore obligated to be a servant for others by compulsion, for the collective, the community, the State.

And it really is either/or. There’s no in between, no compromise. You either have Liberty or you have serfdom. Liberty is the right to be free from the aggression of others. Serfdom is a state in which others may use aggression against you to take what they want, particularly the rewards and compensation for your labor.

There is a problem when you allow any institution — in this case the State — and its agents to have the power of compulsion over others. It is immoral to allow someone to have the power of compulsion over someone else. That is what we have had for many decades in America. Because when one does that, one is contradicting the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and one is saying that all men are NOT equal, that some are above the law, and that all individuals do NOT have inalienable rights to life and liberty, and that it is permissible for some people to commit acts of aggression, theft and trespass against others.

When you allow some people to have that power of compulsion over others, the power to commit aggression, theft and trespass against others as we have in America for many decades, then those who are given positions of power will abuse it. And that’s simply because of human nature. Whether they be national security power grabbers or domestic social welfare power grabbers, the power will be abused, and it has and will continue to be abused. That is why the American Founding Fathers were skeptical of the State, and their words of experience and wisdom had stopped being taken seriously (except by only a handful of people per generation) since their time.

People just believe their lying leaders and promisers of better times ahead, because they want to believe them.

Don’t believe them.

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