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The Chicken Little Kleptocrats

Yesterday on his radio show Jason Lewis was talking about how the government is taking away our liberty and property, and discussing the 9th Circus Court’s approving of the government having the power to trespass onto private property and stuff GPS intrusions onto or underneath people’s cars, in order to unconstitutionally track their every move, and discussing the 2nd Amendment that protects (or was intended to protect) our right to bear arms and self-defense. And Robert Wenzel gave his analysis of Fed chairman Clueless Ben Burnbanker’s speech in Wyoming yesterday, describing Burnbanker as a “mad scientist.” Gary North has his own translation of the speech. And many local talk hosts here in the Boston area were talking about Sarah Palin’s dissing of Scott Brown (Ooooo, Sarah said nasty things — albeit true — about Scott Brown…Oooo…).

Like all central government bureaucrats and monopolists, Ben Burnbanker has a God Complex — delusions of grandeur. Meanwhile, their precise manipulating and tweaking of America’s money or monetary system, in the name of preventing recessions, depressions and crashes, has been the actual cause of the recessions, depressions and crashes. But if these high-and-mighties would just leave things alone, stop intruding and trespassing their grubby paws into private economic activities where they don’t belong, and let people be free to use competing currencies and engage in voluntary exchange without external intrusions, financial, banking and monetary irregularities will naturally adjust themselves. We know that as an historical fact, from the levels of freedom vs. levels of government intrusions and the effects more or less government intrusions had on American economic matters in the 19th Century and during the 1920s.

But these fat cats of Big Government have their selfish God Complex and they like to have the power to intrude and violate private financial matters and exchanges and private wealth and property, so they don’t like freedom. More freedom means less power for them — that’s the bottom line.

And these central bank manipulators and intruders actually are criminals, in my opinion. I calls it like I sees it. Like George W. Bush’s Chicken Little (and Chicken Hawk) hysteria to invade Iraq, in the central banksters’ Chicken Little hysteria of September 2008, they engaged in acts of terrorism and extortion: terrorizing the population by threatening economic collapse and civil unrest, as well as looting and martial law, if the Congress didn’t comply with their demands of extorting “public” wealth for their private interests in their dreaded and ghastly Wall Street Bailout redistribution scheme.

It is those Chicken Littles and Chicken Hawks who have been ruining America. The leftist Al Gore environmentalist wacko Chicken Littles are also extortionists and terrorists, with their warning us that if we exhale, we are destroying the planet. They want to outlaw exhaling.

I say we outlaw the Al Gore environmentalist wacko Chicken Littles as well as the central bank Chicken Littles.

The real answers to the problems that these totalitarians have been causing would have been to repeal congressional mandates that forced private lenders to lend irresponsibly, repeal each and every restrictive regulation, tax, mandate that prevents those at the bottom from climbing up the ladder of success and prosperity.

But nooooo, the Chicken Little terrorists and extortionists, in their selfish wallowing in the public trough out of greed to take other people’s stuff, had to do their bailouts and “reforms,” all of which will have only exacerbated the problems and contribute even more to any future possible economic collapse, looting and civil unrest, and martial law. I hope that the doom-and-gloomers such as Gerald Celente are wrong about the extremely negative future for America, because, quite frankly, I don’t know how I personally will be capable of getting through such a situation.

Throughout the course of this blog here, I have been critical of government, particularly the federal government, and some people think that’s “unpatriotic.” However, some people just have a misunderstanding of what “patriotism” means. It is supposed to mean “love for one’s country,” but some people seem to think that means “love for one’s government.” Those are two entirely separate beings: the country and the government. If you actually step back and observe the history of America, you will see how every action committed by the U.S. government has done nothing but destroy America, little by little, from economic policy to foreign policy. That is because the federal government had long ago abandoned the principles upon which America was founded: individual liberty, private property, freedom of association and voluntary exchange.

We have learned that Major Chicken Little – Chicken Hawk George W. Bush took the U.S. into war with Iraq based on lies and propaganda, and we are learning that the Wall Street Bailout and other gimmicks by Bush, Ben Burnbanker and Henry “Hank” (or is it Pat?) Paulsen were based on lies and propaganda. The sole purpose of both those actions was not to protect Americans from terrorism or from financial disaster, but to expand the size and power of the federal government — for special interests like Goldman Sachs and defense contractors (but mostly for Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street parasites, including the military actions). I am hopeful that Americans are starting to wake up to what these criminals have been doing, and will stop being the sheeple who allowed the criminals to have the power that they have had.

I think that we must insist that Ben Burnbanker, Hank (or is it Pat?) Paulson and Bush be charged with “high crimes and misdemeanors” and tried for extortion and terrorism, as mentioned above. And if Bush took the country to war in Iraq, totally unnecessarily, based on lies and propaganda and that resulted in the deaths of thousands of his own fellow Americans and thousands of Iraqis, he should be treated as a war criminal.

With all that said, and seeing how the federal government has done nothing good for America and has done nothing but destroy America, I will reiterate what I’ve already mentioned several times here and elsewhere, that this November’s elections will be another rearranging of deck chairs on the titanic, and what needs to be done is completely changing the system, and dismissing the federal government (As Col. Klink would say, “Dis….missed!”), allow the states to have the independence and sovereignty that they were originally intended to have by the great people who founded America.

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