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More Spying, More War

Philip Giraldi has this article in American Conservative, on how the Israeli government is continually spying on America. It is particularly disturbing that Israeli intelligence officers are portraying themselves as American intelligence officers to members of the American Muslim community. The Israeli government must be a very paranoid one (as is inherent in the nature of monopolistic government bureaucrats), to feel it’s necessary to spy on the United States.

And as part of their paranoia, the Israeli government and its military probably will strike Iran, or pressure the U.S. government to do it for them. Even if the Israeli government starts a war against Iran, it will pull the U.S. military into it, and it will all be as unnecessary and counter-productive as were the U.S. government’s two wars against Iraq. Typical of State territorial monopolists. Those who initiate acts of aggression as a means of “defense” will find such acts of aggression backfire against them.

If Israel strikes Iran, that will make Israel the aggressor. Aggression is immoral, except in self-defense. And for those who will rationalize a strike on Iran as “self-defense,” no, that is not self-defense. Self-defense is when you use aggression in response to an actual act of aggression that has been initiated against you. If one is the aggressor, the initiator of the aggression, then that is not self-defense. Claiming that one’s initiation of aggression is justified because one predicts that the object of one’s aggression might aggress against you is not self-defense. For aggression to be morally justified, it needs to be in response to an actual initiation of actual aggression. Thus, the ones who start wars are the aggressors.

So why all this continuing Israeli spying on America? Who knows. But that’s okay — they’re Israel, they can do whatever they damn well please, and get away with it. If you criticize them, you’re an “anti-Semite.”

Speaking of spying, someone said she downloaded Google Chrome, and wasn’t sure if it was okay, so I said if it’s just there in your computer it can’t do anything, like tracking your browsing habits, as long as you’re not using it. But she uninstalled it anyway.

Google Chrome is a relatively new web browser to compete with Micro$oft’s Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. Google’s Chrome browser does keep track of your browsing habits, but that’s not too bad a thing, except they do that by keeping track of your computer’s IP address. Now that’s not good. It is especially disturbing when you know that the people high up the Google chain of command are in cahoots with the Obama Administration, who wants to do even more spying on Americans than did the Bush Administration.

Besides former Google global public policy officer Andrew McLaughlin, who is now White House Internet Policy Director, according to the New York Times,

Mr. McLaughlin is the latest Google executive to take an official role in the Obama administration. Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, has been a close adviser to President Obama’s transition team and is now a member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Katie Stanton, a former Google project manager, joined the White House as its director of citizen participation. And Sonal Shah, former head of global development at, now heads the White House Office of Social Innovation.

Some critics fear that the growing presence of former Google employees in the administration could lead to purchasing and policy decisions that improperly benefit the company at a time when the company’s power is likely to come under increasing scrutiny from regulators. Already the Federal Trade Commission is looking into whether the ties between the boards of Google and Apple amount to a violation of antitrust laws. The Justice Department is inquiring into the antitrust implications of Google’s settlement of a lawsuit with publishers and authors.

Do we really want Google to keep track of our browsing habits via our IP address to act as a specific identifier of our actual individual identity, which may some time down the road be used by government officials (like the SovietObamaCare medical takeover isn’t bad enough already in that regard!)?

And speaking of Apple — and SPYING — the company has applied for a patent for a new technology that will enable Apple to spy (and I mean really spy) on its own users. According to Julie Samuels of the Electronic Frontier Foundation,

More specifically, the technology would allow Apple to record the voice of the device’s user, take a photo of the device’s user’s current location or even detect and record the heartbeat of the device’s user.


One big reason why governments (and their private business helpers) spy on their own people is paranoia. Government bureaucrats don’t want their power checked or questioned. They insist on having access to every detail of what the people are up to, and they insist on total secrecy of what they themselves are up to.

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