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ObamaCare and Israel’s Intolerance

Hitlerian-Stalinist ObamaCare

William Grigg has this article today at, Obamacare Begins — In Idaho. Grigg describes how a group of doctors exercise their First Amendment rights of “redress of grievances,” as they attempt to organize opposition to the new fascist ObamaCare regulations that they fear will put them out of business.

The Federal jihad against Idaho’s rebel orthopedic surgeons is a field test for the coming regulatory and legal assault on physicians under Obamacare. One eminently predictable – and most likely intentional – result of that onslaught will be health care rationing as the pool of health care providers is depleted.

The next logical step would be to criminalize a doctor’s decision to leave his profession because of price controls. After all, if a doctor can’t withdraw from a government-mandated health coverage program, why should the government permit him to withhold his services by choosing another profession?

Grigg also linked to another article written in 1999, Overdose of Socialism, by Dr. Miguel Faria of the Associaltion of American Physicians and Surgeons.

It just shows how zealous the agents of the State and their little helpers are to control private relationships and transactions among Americans, including those between patients and doctors, and among doctors or among other professionals. These private activities and relationships are none of the State’s business, period! And now the State is punishing people for protesting the State’s intrusions!

Another factor in the Obommunists’ intrusions into the lives of professionals is the Obommunists’ resentment towards those who possess great skills combined with their genuine concern and care for their fellow human beings, which the Obommunists do not have. The Obommunists are also driven by their resentment of those who achieve something in life and are rewarded for it, financially, in a way that is honest, and through the wholesomeness of voluntary associations and voluntary contracts and not through force and aggression. The State is aggression.

Israel’s Hitlerian ‘Jewish’ Pledge of Allegiance for Arabs

Put this in the “I’m not making this up” category: Israel is going to vote on whether to impose on Palestinians a loyalty oath to Israel as a Jewish State. According to’s Jason Ditz,

…The measure would require Palestinians who are married to Israelis to swear loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish state” before being granted an identity card to live with their families. Other requirements already in place include providing “financial guarantees’ to the Israeli government.

The requirement is particularly onerous as Israel’s population is only about 75% Jewish, and it would require large numbers of non-Jews to swear their fealty to keeping the government treating them and their children as second-class residents. Officials say the move is necessary to “stop terrorism.”…

…Israel’s Parliament has already approved measures criminalizing the “denial” of Israel’s status as an eternal Jewish state, and threatening to jail any Arabs caught commemorating Nakba, a day of mourning for the expulsion of large numbers of Arabs on Israel’s independence day.

So much for democracy, pluralism and tolerance for diversity in Israel.

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