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You Should Believe the Israeli Military-Edited Videos

For those people, such as particularly Glenn Beck, who have been criticizing critics such as myself of the Israeli government’s siege of the Gaza aid flotilla, who really believe that the video produced and distributed by the Israeli government speaks for itself, I have this to say. The video of the incident was edited and shown by the military soon after the siege, and it lacks the context of what exactly led up to the shootings. Witnesses claimed that the Israeli commandos began shooting from the helicopters before boarding the ship, as could be evidenced by one of the shooting victims who was shot in the top of the head, and the commandos were then shooting at close range.

Too bad that some people immediately rush to believe everything that the government tells them, and dismiss those who believe that it is always necessary to question government officials’ word, including videos that THEY produce, edit and distribute. If you don’t think the Israeli military should be questioned on this, then why was it necessary for them to confiscate all of the passengers’ cameras, cell phones, laptops, etc. (as opposed to just confiscating weapons, etc.) and engage in radio jamming to shut off passengers’ communications with the outside, and engage in the censorship that the military did?

When Obama, Cass Sunstein, Elena Cajun, the FTC and FCC begin to censor conservative Internet websites and blogs, you’ll be whistling a different tune, and maybe THEN you’ll begin to question the validity of what governments and their agents do or tell you — in the name of security, or whatever — and maybe THEN you’ll stop blindly accepting the word of government officials.

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