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On Political Opportunists and Talk Radio Shills for Statism

The recent smear of Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina by talk  host Glenn Beck is now of no surprise to me, and is really part of the whole picture that includes the recent election of statist-socialist-fascist career politician Scott Brown to the United States Senate. As Beck did his hatchet job on the only genuine “tea party” candidate Medina, it appears, especially given Beck radio cohort Pat Gray’s connection to incumbent governor Rick Perry, that Beck’s true allegiance is not with the tea parties and their push to hold government accountable for its excesses, but with the statists who have been abusing the powers of government (like Perry and the other Republican candidate Sen. Kay Bailout Hutchison).

This connects with the Scott Brown election and how the local Boston area “conservative” (but not really) talk hosts, especially Jay Severin and his WTKK comrade Michael Graham, were man-crush statist shills for Brown, in probably the most sickening two months of talk radio in this area. Brown, who supported RomneyCare fascist mandates which created a whole new Big Government bureaucracy and who opposed cutting the state income tax, in 2008 voted for a “Northeastern States Cap & Trade” law. According to the Boston Globe,

“Reducing carbon dioxide emission in Massachusetts has long been a priority of mine,’’ Brown said in a news release at the time. “Passing this legislation is an important step . . . towards improving our environment.’’

Brown’s response to that issue during the recent campaign was that “We were sold a bill of goods.” Well, I don’t buy that. Given all of Brown’s past support for this and that statist and socialist law and regulation, he really believes that more government mandates and regulations will solve everyday problems. This is what I’m getting at as far as his political opportunism is concerned. Brown, with the support of his lovey-dovey Boston talk hosts, has become expert at the art of rhetoric and knowing how to manipulate “voter anger,” just as Glenn Beck has. If you really think that Brown is a “tea party” guy, then you must think that John McCain, Arlene Specter and Orrin Hack are, too.

Could Beck’s real motivation in his tea party involvement be more for his own opportunism rather than genuine support for Americans’ questioning government’s actions? (Medina believes it’s important that people exercise their right to question the government, resulting in her being smeared by Beck as a “truther.”)

And I don’t believe Scott Brown’s “anti-abortion” rhetoric either. He is pro-choice and supports Roe v Wade. And one thing that discredits the tea party movement is support for these counter-productive military expansionist policies of the US government, i.e. war mongering. That is what Brown really supports, because, like the other conservatives including Glenn Beck, he doesn’t understand that it’s the US government’s intrusions in these foreign lands for many decades that has been eliciting Middle-Eastern hatred towards the West and the US  in particular.The actual sole purpose of the military socialism and expansionism on foreign lands is to exalt and glorify the state. It is for the state, the whole state and nothing but the state. As Justin Raimondo wrote recently,

In wartime, the State rears up in all its malevolent magnificence, like a great dragon snarling fire, and those who fall down and worship – out of instinct – are natural servitors of power, thrilling in its visible execution, and vicariously enjoying every enemy death as if it were his personal handiwork.

And, as James Bovard wrote regarding the mid-19th Century American “Civil” (sic) War, and the brutality and barbarism of the Northern Army against the Southern Secessionist States,

The more ruthless the Northern armies acted, the more exalted federal power became. For many, the greatness and sanctity of the federal government was confirmed by the fact that the government possessed the power to burn Southern cities, destroy Southern crops, and starve Southern families.

The more the politicians used government power to destroy, the more government power itself was exalted as the greatest curative. Lord Acton, writing in England in 1862, observed of the American war: “Whether the Northern Government succeeds or fails, its character is altered, and its power permanently and enormously increased.” An 1875 article in the American Law Review noted: “The late war left the average American politician with a powerful desire to acquire property from other people without paying for it.” The tragic mistakes, blunders, and crimes of politicians led to a war that resulted in a vast expansion of the power of the political class.

WTKK talk show hosts Jay Severin and Michael Graham are both former political strategists. They are obsessed with politics (and not philosophy, not history, not ethics, etc.)—every problem must have a political solution. If only we can get the right guy in there, THEN everything will be better. Of course, everything got better after the 1994 Republican Revolution, and everything got better after Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, and….so much for that argument.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s article, Natural Elites, Intellectuals and the State, in which Hoppe described the “natural elites” as those who have achieved their status and influence and “natural authority” by means of their own talents, abilities and wisdom. The state, in contrast, is of professional career politicians (like Scott Brown) and bureaucrats. The state’s authority is not natural; the state’s authority is artificial, and its politicians and bureaucrats (at least 99% of them) have not actually produced any product or service of actual value that others would voluntarily pay their hard-earned money to have. Government “work” is “easy money.” It’s easy to use the armed power and coercive force of government to put a gun to citizens’ heads and order them to fork over their money. Making a living by producing something of value to be traded voluntarily with others, maybe not so easy. Goldman Sachs, Dick Cheney’s Military Industrial Complex, the entire Kennedy clan, and Scott Brown: easy money, more power and control over other people’s lives, “artificial elites.”

And the reason that these talk show hosts and other “conservatives” would belittle Ron Paul during the 2008 presidential campaign was NOT because of Paul’s foreign policy views. That was a facade. It was because Paul was the only uncompromising anti-statist candidate. In fact, it was so important to Severin and Mark Levin to hate Ron Paul’s anti-statism that they had to refer to him as “RuPaul,” who is a drag queen and has nothing to do with politics or economics. But, Severin and Levin have to take their love of state and regress themselves with it back into their pubescent middle school years. It had to do with their contempt for someone’s communication of the substance of liberty, as opposed to the superficial rhetoric of liberty that is a facade covering up their true love of the state, their worship and idolatry of state power, state authority and state control.

We are faced with nothing but professional career politicians and opportunists who hijack the words and philosophy of freedom and prosperity but continually vote for fascism and socialism, and professional communicators who use the rhetoric of liberty but are shills for politicians and government power. Because of the shills of statism and their control freakishness in politics and their love of military socialism and expansionism, they have brought us a fascist like Barak Obama and a racist idiot like Sonia Sosomaybe on the US Supreme Court.

In his book, Democracy: The God that Failed, Hans Hoppe predicted that a system that gives an institution, government, a monopoly of anything, including of territorial protection and ultimate judicial decision-making, and which is compulsory and no one within the territory may opt out, is a system doomed to fail, socially, culturally, and especially, economically. Hoppe predicted that, like the Soviet Union’s collapse in the late ’80s-early ’90s, the US was equally doomed to collapse. The book was published in 2001.

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