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More Smears Against Tea Party Candidates

Glenn Beck interviewed Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina. If you read the transcript, you’ll see that she gave very intelligent answers to his first several questions. Then he asked her if she’s a “9/11 Truther,” a question she was obviously not expecting, and her answer was evasive. However, people who are not professional politicians, as are Medina’s primary opponents Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, are not used to being asked questions obviously intended to give them a “kook” status based on their having non-state-idolizing views. Medina later issued a statement clarifying her answer, but in the dirty, slimy world of politics, that won’t be good enough.

(I am not a “9/11 Truther,” but I do believe that the Bush Administration, the Clinton Administration and the elder Bush Administration have at least some culpability in the various factors leading up to 9/11, particularly in their use and misuse of the US government, intentionally or unintentionally, that effected in provoking elements in the Middle-east for many years.)

Medina has attracted a lot people whose sentiments are with the “tea parties,” as well as those whose sentiments are open to ideas of secession and nullifying federal dictates, and people who have a general distrust of government. Certainly, Glenn Beck is known to have his own distrust of government and his own “conspiracy theories,” especially regarding the “Goldman Sachs-Government Connection.” Beck has many times referred to the American Founders and their distrust of government. Government officials are the least of people to be believed in any given situation.

Government is the only institution that exists based on two main aspects:

  • Government is a monopoly of territorial protection and jurisdiction. People are restricted by law, enforced by armed police, from going to a prospective competition of government  for protection and settling disputes. For example, the Catholic Church can’t prevent people from going to another church or choosing a different denomination—it can’t monopolize its services or sermons. And the ACLU can’t have a monopoly in being an advocate for civil rights, and can’t prevent people from turning to a different group to act on their behalf (which is pretty much required these days, if you know what I mean).
  • Besides its monopolies, government is the only institution that may use compulsion against others.

Economists Murray Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe have written about and discussed these ideas extensively. Because of government’s monopoly and ability to use compulsion, it inherently attracts the least honest among us to its employment. In every instance, the monopolist ‘s status handicaps consumers, and because the monopolist has no competition, his price will be higher and the quality of service lower. Government’s and government officials’ ability to plunder and otherwise violate the citizens’ rights to life, liberty and property is reinforced by government’s power of compulsion and involuntary taxation. This line of occupation attracts those who are skilled at demagoguery, and, yes, lying. Government must be distrusted.

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