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Our Health Care Rights

Here are our health care rights:

You have a right to keep your private health matters private. You have a right to be free of any government or legally-imposed intrusions into your private health information. If it’s none of your neighbors’ business, then it’s none of the government’s business.

You have a right to care for yourself. You don’t have a right to demand that society (your neighbors, etc.) care for you. In a free, civilized society such as ours, there will be plenty of charitable, giving individuals and groups who will care for those who can’t care (or afford to care) for themselves. However, when those activities are then assumed by government, with its officialdom and police power, especially with the power to confiscate private wealth (which it shouldn’t have the power to do), over time those who were charitable and giving reduce their charity with the assumption that the government will take care of the needy. The business of taking care of the needy then becomes dysfunctional, as it is now, because such endeavors have been distorted by laws and force. No one has a right to demand that their neighbors care for them or pay for their care.

You also have a right to not care for yourself if you choose not to. However, even (or perhaps especially) in those circumstances, you don’t have a right to demand that others care for you or pay for your care. Especially if you smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish or eat like a pig. Under those circumstances (and there are a lot of people living in those circumstances), a truly honest and genuinely civil society would not allow for people’s neighbors (the “government”) to be forced to pay for your heart attacks, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, lung cancer, etc. self-inflicted or otherwise. I say otherwise because I know there are people with health problems and diseases that are of no fault of their own. That still gives no one the right to demand care from their neighbors.

You have a right to see a doctor and a right to choose your doctor (as long as the one you choose is mutually agreeable to that). You also have a right to not see a doctor if you don’t want to. And laws or governmental mandates interfering in the relationship or association between a patient and one’s doctor is a violation of their right of association, right of contract, and their freedom in general.

You also have a right to have health insurance if you want it, and right to not have health insurance if you don’t want it. Any law or governmental mandate forcing people to have insurance or to do anything involving their private life is a violation of their rights and their freedom.

Health insurance and medical care would be much, much, much less expensive if government and laws would get the hell out of it. As Ronald Reagan said, government is the problem and in fact the cause of these problems, not the solution. People who see MORE government as some kind of solution to all this are ignorant of history, economics, and the actual reality of human relationships. Or they are just corrupt. (Or both.)

Repeal all mandates, regulations and other government intrusions in the medical industry, require people to live more responsibly and undo all the taxes and expensive, unnecessary bureaucracy so that medical providers and insurers can bring their costs way, way, way down (and they will!) so people can afford to see a doctor or have a medical procedure if they have to.

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