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Health Care and Respect for Others

August, 2009

Our government is supposed to reflect the will of the people.  But it is authoritarian when politicians attempt to force their will on the people, regardless of a majority of people in disagreement with it.

Recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans are happy with their health insurance and don’t want to change it, and that a majority of those without insurance are happy with that situation, too. President Obama, however, has been saying that he wants people to keep their current insurance, although the 1000+ page bill that he would sign into law would result in the contrary.

There seems to be a general lack of respect for others in our society, particularly by people in government. There are some people who seem to like power and who like to tell people what to do. There are people who want to use the political process to force their vision of a society onto the rest of us, a plan that doesn’t take into account all the individual differences in the lives of millions of different individuals.

At recent health care Town Hall meetings, shouting by opponents of government-run health care has interrupted members of Congress there. There have been conservative groups instructing their followers to deliberately shout down the Congressmen, which is not only disrespectful, it’s just plain obnoxious and counter-productive.

At a few of those meetings, there has been actual violence. One incident in particular, which was misreported in various media outlets, was a case of a Black conservative, Kenneth Gladney, beaten up and sent to the hospital by pro-government health care people. Gladney’s victimizing also included racial epithets directed at him.

Unfortunately, many of those Congressmen have either been untruthful about the proposals, or just plain ignorant because they haven’t taken the time to read the bill.  And much of this government-run scheme  would require some Americans to be taxed to fully fund the health care for others. Why, though, would President Obama want insurance for all Americans, even the irresponsible ones? Is it respectful of Americans who take care of themselves to force them to pay for the medical care of those who smoke like chimneys, eat like pigs and drink like a fish? I think not. That’s not only disrespectful, it’s immoral.

So far, President Obama still has not come to Mr. Gladney’s defense, as he came to the defense of a Black Harvard professor who accused a police officer of racism, a charge which has been overwhelmingly disproven. Could it be that the political views of the Black victim of actual physical violence are less important to Obama than the views of the Harvard professor? Which one is more deserving of his respect? They both should be.

A truly free country’s officials would respect the people’s right to know what’s actually proposed in Congress, as well as their right to question and protest those officials’ apparent disingenuousness. A truly free country allows citizens to choose their health insurance and their doctors, and those would actually be private matters.

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