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Palin a Victim of Media Vultures

It appears that the vultures of the mainstream media have harassed and besieged Sarah Palin into resignation. Palin is a government reformer who has conservative values and believes in American Constitutional principles. God forbid she should get to Washington. The news media are mostly of the Left, and the Left worships government. Richard Nixon, the “Cover-Up President,” hated the press, but now we have a “Cover-Up Press” who did everything in their power and influence to get Barack Obama elected president. The media bow to Marxists and slander capitalists and conservatives and constitutionalists, and as they live their daily lives in the fantasy world of  “government should do this and government should do that,” they don’t realize that the capitalists are the ones who will protect their First Amendment Rights of Free Press and freedom of speech, while the Leftists, Marxists and socialists (i.e. Democrats) oppose things like that inconvenient First Amendment that protects everyone’s right to criticize and satirize the very government the mainstream media worship.

Unfortunately, today’s journalism schools are no longer teaching the students and future news writers and editors and anchors, reporters and producers to seek answers to who, what, why, when, where and how. Now, a career in journalism means being an activist, and a do-gooder. Use your role as a reporter to show what a good thing it is to have everything done by the government, and smear and crush anyone who criticizes that agenda. Even the older and more experienced people in the media have been doing nothing but drooling and foaming at the mouth for Left-wing and Democrat party politicians. However, there may be some hope yet, especially this past week when we see someone like White House kvetch Helen Thomas giving the White House spokesman a good whacking.

While I’m not one of Palin’s biggest fans, I really hope she makes a comeback at some point, and kicks those jackasses rights in the you-know-what!

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