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Medicine Fascism

It’s too bad that ignorant control freaks in Congress and the White House are pursuing a fascist health care system, despite the high costs of health care being caused by government-imposed regulations and bureaucracy, expensive malpractice insurance and lack of individual responsibility and prevention among too many people. Instead of physicians being in cahoots with the greedy pharmaceutical industry and relying on prescriptions for patients, they ought to better inform patients on the various preventions for conditions, like taking vitamins and limiting alcohol consumption, and not smoking, and having regular exercise routines.

Reasonable people shouldn’t want the government involved in their private health matters, which, if it’s none of their neighbors’ damn business, it’s certainly none of the government’s damn business!

Also, I know it’s difficult to quit smoking, despite the fact that smokers light a cigarette and put it up to their mouths and inhale by their own free will. No one puts a gun to their heads and forces them. Yes, there are chemical processes going on in the brain that causes smokers to “need” a “cigarette fix,” I know. But it requires a strong determination to overcome that chemical “need,” and other techniques such as gradual reduction and patches,  chewing gum, hypnosis, etc., are helpful or even necessary, but you can do it. “Cold turkey” is a bad idea, as is sudden withdrawal of any chemically addictive substances, because various parts of the body are just too “used to” the nicotine.

Now, for you fat slobs out there who can’t resist those cheese cakes and Twinkies, and Ring Dings, and pizzas etc., I have less sympathy. This “addiction to junk food” that some people have is mostly psychological, in my opinion. And this junk food stuff is also largely responsible for coronary disease as well as obesity, and problems in the digestive area. I think people need the “sweets fix” to satisfy emotional needs that aren’t being met, to fill a particular “emptiness.” It’s sad that these fat slobs refuse to control their own lives, and instead want to force others to pay for their extra doctors visits or medical procedures that are results of their poor food choices. A lot of problems in the digestive area have psychological etiologies. That is why the lower part of the colon is called the “Sigmund Freudal Colon.”

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