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It’s Okay for Black People to Harass and Intimidate White Voters

Apparently, Attorney General Eric Holder and his Justice Dept. have dropped the case against several African-Americans alleged to have intimidated White-voters/poll workers in Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love.” And he dropped the case several weeks ago, and I only just heard about it from a talk radio show. When searching the Internet, all I can find is the Washington Times’s editorial about this action, Michelle Malkin’s column about it, and maybe several blogs, but no actual news items. I searched the Washington Post’s website, and the Boston Globe’s website, and gave up after that. Is the Mainstream News Media really so biased that they probably would put the news of the aforementioned Holder DOJ action only if the races were reversed, if White people were accused of intimidating Black voters and poll workers? Supposedly there was a video taken of the whole alleged incident, and sworn testimony by 1960s civil rights activist lawyer Bartle Bull saying it was the worst case of voter intimidation he’d ever seen. This is from an Attorney General who called this a “nation of (racist) cowards” right after the country elected its first African-American president, who received a majority of White votes!

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