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Businesses Have Every Right to “Collude” With Each Other, But Not With Government

The Justice Department is looking into whether some Big Tech companies are agreeing not to hire each other’s employees and executives. They’re worried about big companies in “collusion.” Here’s what I think about this. In a free society under the rule of law, all companies would have the right to employ whomever they want, and if some companies want to have agreements with each other addressing hiring practices, as a legal contract or as informal verbal agreements, that’s their own business, as long as there’s no fraud or theft involved.  Why is the DOJ wasting time and money investigating these non-issues? What business is it of government what agreements Dell or HP or IBM might have?

I’m no expert on “anti-trust” laws, but the actual immoral “collusions” are between businesses and governments. While not related to the aforementioned issue, if a business has a “monopoly” in some industry, any other business has every right to get into that line of production to compete. The problem is when government regulations, taxes, fees and arbitrary restrictions legally prevent  smaller businesses or investors from getting in to compete.

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