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Rush Limbaugh Is a Liberal

April, 2009

It’s too bad that people such as Rush Limbaugh, who believe in free market capitalism,  individualism and individual rights, which is advocated by “liberalism,” refer to modern day socialism and fascism as “liberalism.” That term really refers to the advocacy of freedom of the individual from authority, specifically arbitrary governmental or state authority. The Left hijacked that word a century ago to cover up  their anti-liberty views and policies. That is why FDR, LBJ and other fascists have gotten away with their fascism. Another distortion of the words “liberalism” and “liberal” is in describing a “cultural permissiveness” that excuses irresponsibility, recklessness and even social aggression, and by law. In the old days, “responsibility” meant that an individual was responsible for the consequences of one’s own actions. Now it means, as President Barack Obama has stated, “I am my brother’s keeper,” or words to that effect. In other words,  we all have “shared guilt or blame” for what other individuals do. Obama and his ilk also mean “responsibility” as “obligation.”  We have an obligation of self-sacrifice, not really as much to “serve others,” but sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice, like there’s some kind of inherent duty of self-denial in living within a community.

In this new age of increasing government fascism, socialist redistribution of wealth schemes and politically correct dictates, we need to recognize the intrusions by government into our private lives and property from which the American Founders fought so hard to protect us. The public discourse of today’s important issues deserve clarity. Rush Limbaugh is a “social conservative,” but does he really want the government to dictate particular “conservative” ways of life that everyone must follow? If so, then he would be a fascist. But I doubt that. He probably believes that those things should be encouraged by cultural institutions such as families, churches and other social organizations, but not forced by government.   Limbaugh is really a  “liberal” in that he probably believes that the individual’s right to live freely, as long as one does not interfere with another individual’s same right, should be protected by the government, not violated by it. Instead of referring to “liberalism,” Limbaugh ought to use the terms “socialism” and “fascism.” And perhaps Michael Savage’s book Liberalism is a Mental Disorder ought to be called The Mental Disorder of Extreme Social Abnormality and Cultural Permissiveness. And in the discussion of ultra-authoritarian government’s redistribution of wealth schemes, Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism should be called Robin Hood Fascism or Do-Gooder Fascism.

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