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Michael Savage Banned from United Kingdom

Michael Savage is suing the United Kingdom for banning him from entering their country. Their reason is because of his “hate speech” that could incite violence or terrorism, and his reason for suing is that they’re violating his First Amendment rights to free speech. Well, he has a First Amendment right to free speech here in the US, which is the only place the US Constitution applies. Also, the UK has the right of national sovereignty to ban anyone, any non-UK citizen from entering their country, and for whatever reason, just as does our country. In my view, Michael Savage is now a huge hypocrite, given he has constantly and for years been arguing for our right to ban anyone from entering our country, including illegal immigrants, based on that right of national sovereignty. His main slogan is “Borders, Language, Culture.”

Another thing that’s questionable about Savage is his legal fund for this matter and for his past legal fiasco with CAIR, in which this highly rated, multi-millionaire syndicated talk host, asks his listeners, many who are of modest means, to donate to the fund. Can you imagine Rush Limbaugh doing that? I can’t. And Limbaugh would probably just tell England to go to Hell and forget about it.

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