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Another Reminder of Why I Stopped Getting the NY Times

Maureen Dowd is in the news, herself accused of plagiarism. I stopped getting the NY Times in October 1987 after that Biden-Kinnock speech-plagiarizing fiasco, because of Dowd’s direct involvement in it. Accoding to Boston Globe stories by Joan Vennochi, Stephen Kurkjian, and Chris Black at that time, Dowd called then-Dukakis for President campaign manager John Sasso regarding an unrelated story about Joe Biden, and Sasso told Dowd about the particular Iowa debate in which Biden quoted British politician Neil Kinnock without attribution, even though Biden gave Kinnock credit the previous times he used the quote. Dowd asked Sasso to make a tape of the Biden and Kinnock speeches for her as long as she didn’t identify its source. In her page one story Dowd paired the Biden Iowa debate speech with the Kinnock speech, but didn’t mention Biden’s previous attribution of that quote to Kinnock.

So, Dowd knew that Biden had previously attributed that quote but only on this one occasion forgot to make the attribution. My conclusion at that time with these articles was that Dowd was “in cahoots” with Sasso to sink the Biden campaign. And that wasn’t the first time I’d seen “biased” reporting with the NY Times.

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