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The Hypocrisy and Double Standards of Government Apparatchiks

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in the news, having been investigated by state attorney general Letitia “Tish” James for sexual harassment and his groping of various females at the office or at gatherings, etc. I believe 11 women made official complaints against him. (Yes, “Tish,” but not the Addams Family Tish, that’s a different Tish.)

The New York attorney general Tish said, “Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law,” yet, she then went on to say that the “matter is now civil in nature, and doesn’t have criminal consequences.” Hmm.

Just like former FBI director James Comey listing one violation of the law after another by Hillary Clinton, but then saying there will be no indictments for Hillary. But, if she were a Republican or a Trump supporter….

I know it goes without saying, but if Cuoma were a Republican, they would be throwing the book at him. He would be in jail, yesterday. That is because Democrats get away with any crimes they want to get away with. Kill people in nursing homes, that’s just fine. Let people get away with arson, looting, murder and destruction, you’re good. And grope and sexually harass, intimidate and threaten people, okay you are free to go.

Another issue is the sexual perversions and hangups that liberals and Democrats seem to have. Democrats especially have these sexual hangups, they think it’s okay to be invasive against others, they do not believe in boundaries, especially when it comes to children. Now, I’m not saying that Cuomo has done anything to kids, but we know, just from videos, that the Groper-in-Chief Biden likes to be “touchy-feely” with kids as well as other people’s wives and other young women, and openly in public forums. I think this thing with narcissistically violating personal boundaries is mainly a leftist thing. In general, they do not seem to have a basic understanding of or respect for the persons and property of others.

Additionally, this whole Covid scam is coming mainly from the people on the left. Like Cuoma getting away with killing elderly people in nursing homes and getting away with groping and sexually harassing and threatening women, note the hypocrisy and double standards from the Democrats and the people on the left with the Covid scam.

For some examples, Gavin Newsom imposes mask mandates and business closures and stay-in orders, yet he goes to the “French Laundry” restaurant for highbrow wining and dining with his comrades, maskless. In Michigan Wretchen Whitmer imposes the same orders, yet she goes and violates her own rules as well.

More recently Democrats from the Texas legislature flew to Washington to evade their constitutional responsibilities and avoid voting on important bills in the legislature. They were maskless, and mostly “vaccinated” yet still testing positive for Covid. They couldn’t care less, just like the aforementioned hacks. Because they all know what a bogus “pandemic” this is that their Democrat Party has inflicted on the rest of us, they know what a bogus and phony “variant” the “Delta variant” is, and they couldn’t care less.

However, hypocrisy and double standards are not just for Democrats. It’s also a government thing. Especially U.S. government on a larger scale, and some of the offenses are an “American Exceptionalism” thing (although that especially is with Republicans).

For instance, Republican President George H.W. Bush started a war of aggression in Iraq in 1991, caused the bombings of civilian Iraqi electrical plants and water and sewer treatment plants and imposed sanctions and no-fly zones and, along with his successor Bill Clinton who continued the violence, caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, well before 9/11. And then after 9/11, the Bush son George W. started whole new wars of aggression, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and caused the deaths of several hundred thousand more innocent civilians and injured or displaced millions. But because of “American Exceptionalism,” that is when Republicans (and the U.S. government in general) get away with their crimes.

But Democrats don’t care about those things, only a few of them maybe with their articles of impeachment of Bush which never saw the light of day. Mostly, all Democrats care about are what pronouns people use, any little thing someone might say that might have offended someone somewhere, and so on. Democrat Obama continued where Bush left off, by the way, with the bombings, the drone strikes and murders without due process, and Obama with his war on the Press. Yawn.

So, besides how the U.S. government in general gets away with mass murder that it condemns other governments for committing, Democrats more specifically and their affiliated groups including antifa, BLM, etc. get away with all the crimes they get away with, burning down businesses and looting, destroying churches and schools and cars, and committing vote fraud and ballot stuffing and stealing whole elections. When they want to go after Republicans, they just make stuff up like the Steel dossier and “Trump-Russia collusions,” or concoct an “insurrection” with which to frame Republicans or Trump supporters.

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The “Vaccine” Police State Escalates

John Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute has this article up regarding the calls for vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, and the growing police state in Amerika. A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning.

So, I wanted to link to that one right now, and I also have some brief comments. Besides the mayor of New York, Bill Duh Blasio imposing vaccine mandates on various places in NYC, now we are hearing of Cuomo and the whole state of New York imposing vaccine mandates and New Jersey Gov. Murphy wanting to join in the fun there. Why?

Why are they doing these stupid things? We now know that the “vaccines” are not preventing infections or transmissions of infections (and they weren’t intended to). What is the point? And private businesses requiring employees to have to receive the experimental drug injection?

Why are the American Medical Association supporting Covid “vaccines” for health care workers? Don’t they understand what the mRNA “vaccine” really is, the deaths and injuries it has been causing people, and that the “vaccine” is not even preventing infections or transmission? (No, they probably don’t know those things, as I have come to understand from my years of experience with “doctors,” many of them are ignorant and incompetent, and/or dishonest and corrupt. But they do understand such important aspects of medical care and healing as “critical race theory.” That, they know.)

The Covid Psy-Op Is Back. The “Authorities” Are Completely NUTS!

So now people are seeing that the Covid “vaccines,” those experimental mRNA drug injections, are not working or they are not preventing infections or transmission of infections. As I have been saying for a while, those “vaccines” were not intended to prevent infections or transmissions. Their actual purpose has been to reduce symptoms, and that’s it. Their purpose is solely to treat the person being injected, not having anything to do with “protecting others.”

And the people who thought otherwise are waking up now, realizing that they were misled. They have been defrauded. We have to start using that word. We have to start getting lawyers and bringing charges against the fraudsters.

But we have businesses and employers who are now mandating these vaccines, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of reported injuries and 12,000 reported deaths in the U.S. Are the managements of those businesses just uninformed? Are they just authoritarians?

In New York City, Mayor Bill Duh Blasio sounds like he wants to mandate the vaccines. On Broadway the venues require that you be “vaccinated” or present proof of negative Covid test taken within 72 hours.

And what is the point of the “vaccines” when they do not prevent the spread of a contagious disease, and what is the point of the Covid test when we know that most of the tests have been producing false positives (and false negatives)? The tests just don’t work.

As I wrote in my post on Saturday people are using the PCR tests at too high a cycle threshold and that guarantees false positive (or false negative) results.

And we’re seeing how “the unvaccinated” are being blamed for whatever spreading of Covid is going on, when the “vaccines” are not preventing spreading and aren’t intended to. The whole thing is a farce. “Dr.” Fauci and “Dr.” Lewinsky at the CDC should be arrested and charged with lying to the American people and charged with fraud.

But what is it with society’s mystical obsession with “vaccines” like some sort of superstitious cultish kind of thing? People worship synthetic pharmaceutical drugs like gods, and they look down on natural health and natural medicine. The government, medical and media Authorities have been intentionally suppressing information about vitamin D and zinc, especially. People are really Dark Ages now, unfortunately.

And the Mask Cult. Municipalities are bringing back mask mandates. As I wrote in this article, the masks do not prevent transmission of virus, because the virus is too small to be stopped by the mask. There is no scientific evidence to show that the masks protect others from the spread of the virus. The whole thing is a psy-op.

The Mask Cult now is a cult of submission and conformity. Just put a muzzle on and “stifle yourself, Edith!” as Archie Bunker would say. What a sick society we are living in now. Do you like this?

And in Florida, I find it hard to believe that there is a surge in Covid “cases.” As I wrote in my earlier post, a “case” is based on false positive results of the too-high-cycle-threshold PCR tests. Does Gov. Ron De Santis know about that? Someone should inform him of that if he doesn’t already know. And I don’t believe that hospitalizations for Covid are skyrocketing in Florida. I think that “public health” officials and some hospital bureaucrats are lying about that. They have a political agenda, and much of this Covid crap over the past 17 or 18 months now has been a bunch of crap based on lies and made-up crap.

How much longer are you going to put up with all this?

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The Covid Scam Really Is a Scam, And a Hoax, And It Has to Stop

Are you as sick of the ongoing scamdemic as I am? Sorry to be spending so much time on that rather than writing about all the other important issues.

But now that the CDC is issuing more inconsistent and irrational guidelines and advisories regarding vaccines, masks, and other crapola, the scam is being exposed for what it is, a scam, and a hoax.

And I use the word “hoax” accurately here. We know that the “public health” officials, doctors and hospitals are turning up those PCR cycle threshold numbers at certain times, for the purpose of getting false positive test results.

Dr. Fauci himself said that false positives would happen if cycle threshold numbers were too high.

The familiar motive to artificially raise the numbers of “Covid cases,” in my view, seems very likely to do with Donald Trump’s recently resuming his campaign-style rallies.

The high PCR test cycle threshold numbers were used all last year to justify a “pandemic” hysteria based on false positives and a “casedemic,” and based on all the predicted “overwhelmed hospitals” that never happened, to justify calls for mail-in voting to better enable the ballot stuffers and cheaters to do their cheating. The reason many people don’t believe there was cheating and vote fraud is that our “news”casters told us repeatedly there was “no evidence,” which there is. And also, the Swamp didn’t like the effect that those 2016 Trump rallies had, so they prevented a repeat of that in 2020.

We saw the “case” numbers drop dramatically this whole year of 2021 after the W.H.O. advised, just after Biden was inaugurated on January 20th, that the Covid test cycle threshold numbers be lowered to weed out false positives. But now, when Trump returns to campaign rallies, it’s time to return to the higher numbers. Yes, TDS is now to a psychopathic degree. (And I’m not a Trump supporter, by the way, just a truth supporter.)

The second part of our further evidence that it is a made-up hoax is the CDC’s changing its guidelines in March 2020 as to what constitutes a “Covid death” to include non-Covid deaths on the list of “Covid deaths.” That list has included people who died of heart disease, heart attacks, kidney disease, cancer, gunshots, motorcycle accidents, and so on. But the deceased supposedly tested “positive” for Covid-19.

Last year, Dr. Deborah Birx addressed that aspect of this entire fraud:

So, the “600,000” deaths number is totally bogus. On the CDC’s own “provisional death counts” weekly updates page, the CDC states, “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.”

That same passage previously referred to more specifically “6%,” not “over 5%.” Before the recent change on that same page, according to this Wayback Machine snapshot, the CDC stated, “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

So they changed “6%” to “over 5%,” but they increased the average number of “additional conditions or causes per death” from 2.6 to 4.0! That means that the CDC revised upward the number of comorbidities that most of the people who died had.

Another aspect why this whole panic-incitement caused by psychopath bureaucrats and their media enablers is a hoax is the primary reason for lockdowns, business closures, masks and hysteria: that people who are “carriers” of the virus but have no symptoms are still spreading the virus. Not true.

Remember the mantra: “Stop the Spread”? The whole thing has been a lie.

Jon Rappoport pointed out that Dr. Fauci himself claimed, “In all the history of respiratory borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks.”

And don’t forget that Johns Hopkins published an article in which the writer noted that on average 2020 saw no real significant rise in deaths for the year, and that the reported deaths for the usual top causes such as heart disease dropped for the year. The explanation being that many of those usual heart and kidney disease and cancer deaths were being marked as “Covid deaths.” That article was then taken down by Johns Hopkins because it revealed too much of this criminal fraud and panic-incitement scheme we have been suffering for over a year and a half.

And so what else is happening besides the revival in Covid hysteria?

On a radio show yesterday morning a caller stated that he frequently donates blood to the Red Cross. Supposedly they test blood for Covid antibodies and tell donors if they tested positive for the Covid antibodies. But now, the caller says, the Red Cross let him know that they will no longer be doing that. The Red Cross will no longer test blood for Covid antibodies. Now, why would the Red Cross not test donated blood for Covid antibodies? Something doesn’t sound right there.

And then yesterday on, we read:

Writes my friend:

Hi Lew,

I donated blood to the Red Cross a few weeks ago.  Today I got an email from someone at the Red Cross inviting me to take a survey on Covid-19.  When I followed the link for the survey I was shocked to see the following:

We are contacting you because you tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (i.e. we did not detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in your blood). Antibodies generally are detectable if one has been infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in the past or received a COVID-19 vaccine.

This bothers me on several points.  First, is this an initial step towards using the Red Cross to persuade me to take the vaccine?  Second, this seems to be an invasion of privacy.  Third, it makes me wonder who else they have shared this information with.

I didn’t go any further with the survey.  I will no longer donate blood to the Red Cross.

And then yesterday on the Glenn Beck radio show Dave Rubin was talking about the California recall election/ballot initiative. So, my own conclusion is now, as far as another reason why the revival in Covid “cases” or “casedemic,” the California recall is in just two months. That means the activists have to ramp up the Covid hysteria and panic, just like last year, to get California voters to insist on mail-in balloting, just like last year as mentioned above.

Unless people rise up and get our government officials to cut it out and stop lying about this scamdemic, and unless the people make the “public health” officials stop fabricating “cases” and inciting panic and hysteria, then all this crap, this criminal Orwellian crapola is just going to continue, the kids are going to continue to be even more screwed up than they already are, and we’re going to have fascist requirements to make life miserable for everyone for no good reason and employers and schools or colleges with more “vaccine” mandates to make people worse off and put more people in worse health!

This will continue to 2022 elections, and 2024 elections, and it will go beyond just elections, as it already has. The society is literally going crazy now, and I hope people put a stop to it.

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How Much Longer Do We Have to Deal with This Covid Fraud Inflicted on Us?

As of today, Provincetown, Maskachusetts has identified a “cluster” of 833 Covid “cases,” that is, people who have tested positive for Covid regardless of whether they are actually sick. Out of 833 “cases” there are 7 hospitalizations. And, according to that article, NO DEATHS!

And that is why the hysterical morons of the Provincetown Board of Selectmen have reimposed their fascist mask mandate. (As though this is like the seasonal flu, in which the hospitals really are flooded by people!)

This whole Covid narrative is a crock. And it was from the very beginning.

So now Biden and his political operatives in the federal apparatus are saying that federal workers need to be “vaccinated.”

Other government bureaus and private businesses are saying their workers must get “vaccinated.” And there are other who want to mandate vaccinations, but you still have to wear a mask. What kooks.

And people are saying now, the “unvaccinated” are responsible for outbreaks everywhere. You mean, the outbreaks that are being made up by people using Covid testing procedures using too high a cycle threshold number to guarantee false positives? Those outbreaks? (Especially in the “red states,” and don’t we know why.)

The “unvaccinated” are “killing people.” No, the government and medical crackpots are killing people. Duh. How many deaths now caused by the “vaccines”? And other injuries, paralyses, and other adverse reactions?

And are they beginning to acknowledge that the mRNA drug injections are not preventing infections or the transmission of infections? Such preventions are not the actual intention of those “vaccines,” because their actual purpose is to reduce symptoms. Except, the government and retards otherwise known as “news” media “journalists” have been leading people to believe that if people accept the “vaccine” they will be prevented from acquiring the Covid virus and prevented form being an unwitting “asymptomatic carrier spreading it to others” (even though asymptomatic carriers don’t spread the Covid virus — the myth that asymptomatic carriers are spreaders is another major lie that this whole regime of fascist restrictions is based on).

Regarding the “Delta” variant that supposedly is much more transmissible than the original virus or other variants, it is much less deadly. This new panic and hysteria is being intentionally inflamed by political strategists who moonlight as sociopaths. They are so driven by power-grabbing, they are only thinking about 2022 and 2024, and they don’t care whose lives they ruin on their rampages.

Besides the feds and their leader Biden threatening mandatory “vaccines” or else, many businesses are now doing the same. And for what? To protect others from a virus spreading? We know the “vaccines” don’t do that. What’s the reason for mandating an experimental drug injection then?

And now some sports teams and others want to publicly identify the “unvaccinated” by making them wear some sort of visible bracelet or some such thing! Why, how Nazi of you.

In Nazi Germany the persecuted Jews were made to wear an armband with the Star of David and the word “Jude” on it, to identify them openly as Jews. Why do some of today’s morons emulate Nazis?

By the way, we already have the face mask, which some people are attempting to use as a symbol that the wearer is “unvaccinated,” as in, “if you are unvaccinated you still have to wear a mask,” as it says at the grocery store.

So, what is the point of identifying the “unvaccinated” when it doesn’t matter whether people have the experimental drug injection or not? The idiots in control are saying that even if you had the “vaccine” you still have to wear a mask!

But what’s the point, when it doesn’t matter if someone has had the experimental drug injection, because it doesn’t work as has been implied? And what’s the point of wearing the mask, when the masks don’t work in preventing the transmission of the virus?

In other words, this whole thing is a scam to make the pharmaceutical industry a lot more money than they are already making with their other scam snake oil treatments, as well as all the government bureaucrats like Fauci and “doctors” who get lots of extra money in government handouts as well as handouts form the pharmaceutical industry.

And really it’s another part of the scheme to collapse the entire society with Twilight Zone, Orwellian loony-tunes policies and turning businesses and neighbors against others and only for irrational crazy reasons.

The best things we can do are to just take the goddamn masks off, and if you haven’t taken the experimental drug injection, don’t. As they are doing in Europe people are going to have to get off their butts and engage in peaceful protests at the state capitols, at the U.S. capitol, and people calling their legislators and telling them to CUT IT OUT!

I think that people are going to have to take some risks and just don’t wear the mask and just don’t get the “vaccine” even if they are mandated in whatever area. Don’t answer any questions, such as “have you been vaccinated,” because you have a right to your medical privacy.

People may have to go into the grocery store or wherever unmasked and/or unvaccinated anyway. They may have to sue the store, or sue an employer who fires them for not getting “vaccinated,” for an unjust firing. They may have to risk getting arrested and charged with trespassing. People may have to plead not guilty and force a trial and bring actual scientific evidence into trials showing what a farce the whole scamdemic is. Otherwise, I think all this is just going to continue indefinitely. Government nazis and other brainwashed sheeple are causing ME a lot of stress with all this crap!

And if you already have taken the “vaccine,” try not to worry about whatever possible harmful future reactions you could have from it. Take care of yourself. Don’t be overweight. 78% of hospitalized Covid patients have been obese. Don’t drink, don’t smoke. If you smoke, quit. Don’t do drugs. Don’t eat junk food and processed foods with horrible synthetic chemicals. (I know, for some people it’s easier said than done. But try.)

Take vitamin D and zinc every day, at the very least. I take a 1000 i.u. vitamin D and a 25 mg zinc every day, among other vitamins and supplements. And keeping inflammation as low as possible is also good. I eat sardines for the high omega 3 content, and I consume extra virgin olive oil. Very important.

COVERT-19, Authoritarians Drunk on Power

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The Covid Cult Continues, Based on Lies and Fear

The Twilight Zone of Covid-1984 continues and continues, a never-ending nightmare of fascism, lunacy, irrationality, stasi Karens, and threats against people like me to ruin my somewhat good health with drug injections that would no doubt make me less healthy, more unsafe physically, as well as threats against us to lock us in or banish us from the grocery store, the symphony or from being employed. And for NO GOOD REASON!

In this Covid and “vaccine” cult, the cultists are calling for the arrests and jailing of those who won’t get an experimental, untested drug injection for no good reason. You people out there among that crowd are definitely a cult. The Branch Covidians. You need to be deprogrammed.

“You must be vaccinated,” the cultists declare. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you must still wear a mask! We must test healthy people with tests that give mostly false positives, by shoving stick things up their noses that could give them brain damage or otherwise health problems. Cult much?

So, Life Site has published an article by epidemiologist Paul Alexander who goes over the many Covid lies by government officials and their media groupies, and gives the more accurate information to counter the lies.

He begins with the original lie:

1) This COVID-19 pandemic was never the “emergency” that governments, technocrats and the medical community and task forces told you it was. COVID-19 was not as severe as SARS-1 (2002-2003) or MERS (2012). It was not the bubonic plague, it was never what authorities made it out to be, and they have lied repeatedly to their populations. The infection fatality rate at most is 0.15% (at most 0.2%) and less than 0.05% when you look at ages 70 years old and below. CDC data showed that the risk of survival for persons 0-19 is 99.997%. Near 100%. Everything that our governments and the media told us and did were pure lies.

Only for the first three weeks at most in February and March 2020 did we need some pause or restriction to gain an understanding of the pathogen….

People needlessly died in the U.S. and children died due to these failed, specious lockdown policies put out by government “task forces.”

These “task forces,” including in the U.S., have lied to the people and driven damaging fear.

Economies were crushed, businesses were closed forever. We very early on understood the parameters and yet governments and their inept “task forces” did not care. They enacted unscientific, unsound polices that did nothing other than kill people through the lockdowns, not the virus. History will record that the pandemic response – what was done to populations by their governments – was the greatest public health disaster in history. The vaccines will match this and I will state openly: you should not take these vaccines. It is likely you are already immune. A vaccine was never needed for this virus.

This was akin to a bad flu season. It could have been dealt with via early therapeutics and proper securing of the elderly high-risk populations, combined with improved hand hygiene, vitamin D supplements, weight control, and allowing the low-risk “healthy” and well in the population to live largely normal lives taking reasonable safety precautions. There was no need to lock down society or close schools, ever.

No doubt, this virus is deadly to the elderly with underlying risks as well as very obese persons, or some younger persons who are ill, etc. But this is a segment of the population and not the vast majority. The vast majority were never at risk from COVID as governments claimed they were – a pure lie. It is akin to the falsehood about coronavirus deaths in children: close examination of all the deaths in children found that in all of them, there was a serious underlying medical condition. Even Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins states that to date (July 2021), we are unable to be definitive as to whether these deaths were causal or incidental.

After addressing the many other lies by bureaucrats, “experts” and medical professionals, Alexander concludes with this:

I close by saying how disappointed and dismayed I am – and I know many share this view – by the abhorrent, distasteful, and shameful behavior of doctors in the U.S. and elsewhere. Most have stood by and have been silent.

Silent so that they will not lose their research grants and positions. Silent because they fear their university leadership. Silent because they are academically sloppy and lazy and refuse to do the work to read the science and are just not informed optimally. Silent because they are hiding behind the pure garbage trickled down to them from their colleges and regulatory bodies. Silent because they are politicized and corrupted, and bring their biases to the table when they should have checked them at the door. Shame on them. Their silence cost thousands of lives. They know and knew that early drug treatment works via the use of anti-virals very early on in the disease sequelae. They know it. They use empiric treatment all the time to help their patients, but not for COVID.

Again, something other than science has been at play for COVID. Was it only “anti-Trump”? They know natural immunity is way better and robust than the “narrow” immunity conferred from this sub-optimally developed vaccine. These medical experts have tried to bend reality. They also know that the vaccine is showing troubling safety signals with nearly 10,000 deaths temporally linked to the vaccine in the U.S. as of July 12, 2021 (CDC VAERS database). It cannot be safe, if it was developed in months versus the decade typically needed. They know the vaccine does not prevent transmission or infection, or death or hospitalization. They know children in no way require this vaccine and they know it is potentially very dangerous for pregnant women. Shame on them. They are placing thousands in harm’s way by their silence. Their silence has garnered them a significant loss in credibility and I wonder if it can ever return.

Are you a doctor? Have you been repeating the lies, and knowing they are lies? Then shame on you. Medical doctors who have been participating in the lies need to be exposed, shunned, shamed, and excluded from our social gatherings, expelled from our businesses, etc. They are the ones who should be banned, not children from school who haven’t been “vaccinated” or who don’t have a mask on, or such “unvaccinated” or maskless adults banned from businesses or the grocery store.

But most of all, our rulers and experts are lying to us about these Covid “vaccines” that are not vaccines. They are merely drugs being injected into the person, no different from the pharmaceutical companies’ other drugs. These mRNA drug injections don’t “provide immunity,” they don’t prevent infections or transmission of infections as they aren’t intended to.

No, the Covid mRNA “vaccines” intention is to reduce symptoms in people who are having symptoms. Even Fauci has said this early on. You can hear in the news “vaccinated people still getting Covid,” such as those New York Yankees players.

There is no need to mass-inject the population with a drug whose purpose is to reduce symptoms. Most people who have the virus have “mild cold or flu-like symptoms,” or in many cases they have no symptoms at all! Why do you want to force drugs onto or into people who have no symptoms? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!! Doh!

Doctors, bureaucrats, “experts” and media stenographers who are saying that the “vaccines” are to “protect others” are either ignorant or they are lying. These drugs do not prevent the spread of infections!

So the “vaccines” are really being injected into the person with the intention of protecting just that person and no one else. But how is the injectee being protected from the heart inflammation or blood clots from these drugs that have not been tested and remain experimental?

Yet, the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are being pushed and sold to the public as immunity-providing, contagion-preventing vaccines which is an outright lie. They are calling their mRNA Covid drugs “vaccines” to protect themselves from liability from the deaths and injuries caused by these drugs. The U.S. CONgress legislated these pharma companies immunity from liability with their vaccines in 1986-87 but not immunity from liability from their other drugs. The mRNA drugs do not qualify legally as vaccines and the exemption from liability in this case is a total fraud and they need to be charged criminally with fraud.

Where is Rand Paul on this? Why is he promoting these drugs as vaccines? I heard him on Sean Hannity radio regarding these “vaccines” and he wasn’t telling the truth about them. Does Rand Paul know the truth about these drugs?

By the way, besides the above article on all the Covid lies that are contributing to destroying our society, another article on Revolver discusses Joe Biden spreading vaccine misinformation on CNN to millions of Americans.

And more on Life Site with an article on 47 studies confirming the ineffectiveness of masks for Covid and 32 more studies confirming the masks’ negative health effects. You people in charge out there, why do you want to continue making people wear oxygen-depriving, unhealthy masks for no good reason? Why do you endorse child abuse? Why are you so anti-science?

This cult of the Branch Covidians and the “vaccine” push are all part of a scam, as Paul Craig Roberts writes, a scamdemic I have never witnessed until now in my getting-close-to-60 years now. Doh!

Another January 6th Update

Glenn Greenwald details the FBI’s dominant role in the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Wretchen Witless, the FBI’s long history in concocting “terrorist plots” to entrap its hapless patsies, and why it’s only logical to conclude the FBI played a major role in the January 6th trespass and riot erroneously referred to as an “insurrection” that wasn’t. Even the moonbats on the left worship the national security state just as much as the conservatives and neocons. Those people on the left can’t imagine that the FBI could possibly be involved in the fake “insurrection” on January 6th.

Jonathan Turley asks, Could The Arrest of FBI Agent Undermine The Whitmer Kidnapping Case?

And Ron Paul says that The January 6th Show Trials Threaten All of Us.