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That Darn Pope

Michael Moore visited the Pope recently, and the two discussed how bad capitalism is. They both agree on that. And I got this quote from EPJ on Moore’s telling Seth Meyers of his conversation with the Pope:

And I said, “Do you believe that an economic system that benefits the few, the wealthy at the expense of the many is a sin?” And he said to me, “Si” in Italian. And I said, “So you believe capitalism, the kinda — the capitalism we have now is a sin?” He goes, “Yes, it is.” He said, “The poor must always come first.”

And then he grabbed my hand and he said, “Please, pray for me.” And I said, “I will, and please pray for me. And he said, “No, you have to make more movies.” And I’m like, “I just wanted a prayer.” He’s like, “No, you go back to — you go back work.” He has a sense of humor.

So the anti-capitalism Pope wants Michael Moore to go be a capitalist making more movies. They hate capitalism, except for when they benefit from it.

But when Moore says, “an economic system that benefits the few, the wealthy at the expense of the many … the capitalism we have now …” well, no, the “capitalism” we have now that “benefits the few, the wealthy at the expense of the many” is the socialism we have now in which government bureaucrats, and all their little minions and their crony-capitalist cronies, live high off the hog from the tax-thefts that the government steals from the honest workers and producers of society and redistributes over to said government bureaucrats, their little minions and their crony-capitalist cronies.

Actual capitalism, free markets, consists of entrepreneurs making use of their abilities, knowledge and talents and serving the consumers with what the consumers want. Economic freedom and free market capitalism are what enabled the biggest increase in the standard of living in society, that benefits everyone, rich and poor. Freedom is what has lifted the poor out of poverty. In contrast, socialism turned all that backwards. Socialism destroys society, and destroys wealth, and impoverishes the masses.

And Thomas DiLorenzo comments:

The Commie Pope tells commie “film maker” Michael Moore that capitalism is a sin. I assume this means that the Catholic Church will no longer be accepting financial donations whose source is sinful capitalism.  That would make the church complicit in this grievous sin.

The Catholic Church has billions and billions in assets. Does that come from socialized government taxation-theft of the earnings of the workers and producers, or does it come from voluntary donations? (Actual free-market capitalism consists of voluntary trade, voluntary contracts, voluntary transactions, and voluntary gifts and donations, unlike socialism, which exists solely on the coercive or involuntary confiscation of the wealth of the people and the fruits of their labor. Who in his right mind would voluntarily pay his earnings to a government treasury?)