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Important Articles on Society, Corruption, Due Process, Race

I will be writing more at some point, but this week I just haven’t had that much time. So, here are some more important articles to read.

Wendy McElroy says that due process is important. She makes very good points.

Besides Wendy McElroy, James Bovard is also constantly busy writing many articles highlighting the corruption, abuses and criminality of the bureaucrats who rule over us, and the importance of due process. This week, Bovard writes about when James Comey was an apparatchik in the Bush torture regime, and says the FBI shouldn’t be counted on to clear up the Kavanaugh-Ford mess.

And Walter Williams discusses racial disparities in school discipline. I didn’t know that kids are getting away with beating up teachers. Why aren’t the abused teachers pressing criminal charges against the assaulters?

Control Freak Trump’s New Trade Deal: CRAPTA

To replace the NAFTA “free trade” agreement of the early 1990s, Donald Trump now has an agreement called CRAPTA, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada crony protectionist anti-free trade agreement. It is a crony, government-managed trade agreement, in which connected or establishment cronies will be protected at the expense of those who are not connected. It is a scheme of arbitrary rules and top-down controls that bureaucrats force on the people. Stupid, senseless rules, that have to do with environmental diktats, international relations, labor and employment, “intellectual property,” and whether U.S. dairy producers may sell their products in Canada and if so where or where not, same with automobile manufacturers.

So, it is NOT free trade. Free trade is when consumers buy whatever they want from wherever they want, businesses buy whatever capital goods they need to run their businesses from wherever and from whomever they want. And merchants of any kind sell their products and services to whomever they want, wherever they want. Employers and laborers agree to their own contracts based on what is best for them, not based on what government bureaucrats tell them to do. There is no government bureaucrat permission or forbiddance. No forms to fill out and send to government schnooks. No reporting to them. You do what you want. Just don’t steal, trespass or defraud. Duh. And no one is slapped with a “tariff” (i.e. TAXED) as a punishment! That’s STEALING, Donald!

Just what is it with government bureaucrats like Donald Trump (and that’s all he is now, nothing more than a government bureaucrat!), who just can’t leave people alone? With bureaucrats, “Live and Let Live” is not in their vocabulary, or anywhere in their understanding of life. They believe in stealing from the people via government powers, they believe in imposing arbitrary rules that others must OBEY! And this control-freak pathology most of them have. They must impose controls on the people. Why can’t they leave people alone?

Will Kavanaugh Become a Supreme Sheeple?

Since their testimony on Thursday at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and some others will undergo an FBI investigation. I’m sure that’s going to answer some very many unanswered questions, in the same way that the smirking Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and their cohorts were very helpful in investigating Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election.

Dr. Blasey aside, I think that given his testimony last week Brett Kavanaugh has shown that he really doesn’t have the temperament to be a “Supreme” justice. And we’re hearing more about his drinking days during high school and college. Either Kavanaugh will withdraw his name from nomination or Trump will do it, in my view. I still think that Judge Amy Coney Barrett would make a better SCOTUS Justice, and isn’t it time that we have someone quite a bit more attractive on the High Court?

Or better yet, let’s NOT replace Anthony Kennedy, who was one of the worst Justices on the Court. There’s nothing wrong with 4-4 decisions and sending cases back to the states or lower courts. And there would always be those 5-3 decisions. As I remarked before, when one of the current Justices retires or dies, then don’t replace him or her either. We would be much better off.

This whole thing with such a sheeple dependence on these powerful bureaucrats to decide what we may or may not do with our lives, what a sham, really. Just like those hearings with Dr. Blasey and Kavanaugh.

However, the whole thing is entertaining. Isn’t it? It’s like a TV soap opera.

Orwellian: Dr. Blasey Ford vs. Judge Kavanaugh

I heard quite a bit of the hysterical circus otherwise known as the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings yesterday on the radio. I’m sure that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford really did experience a sexual assault during high school, maybe more than once, and maybe during college or after as well. I don’t think she’s making it up.

Jacob Hornberger says he believes Ford and that Judge Kavanaugh’s demeanor was shocking and that he seemed engaged in bluster. Meanwhile Robert Wenzel reluctantly thinks Kavanaugh should still be approved to the Supreme Court, as a way to expose the hysteria and true colors on the Left, even though Kavanaugh is an Establishment elitist and authoritarian Patriot Act supporter.

And Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Shady Pines) withholding the initial Ford complaint letter for over a month until after all the hearings, and after her own interviewing of Kavanaugh, was a disgrace. Feinstein needs to be censured by the Senate, and maybe even brought up on charges of obstruction of justice. And Sen. Tricky Dick Durbin and Sen. Kamala Harris telling Kavanaugh that he himself ask for an FBI investigation, when they themselves can very well do that, like, he should want the same FBI to investigate him who illicitly cleared Hillary Clinton for political reasons and who fabricated a whole “Russia collusions” case to frame up a candidate or President.

Anyway, there are a lot of discrepancies in this whole case. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kavanaugh really did do what he is accused of doing. Through his opinions as a judge he shows someone who believes in dominance and authoritarian government power, not liberty, not in a check on government power. And also, given all the drinking he apparently did as a youngin and supposedly still loves beer, and given that alcohol kills brain cells, I can see how his thinking has been affected over the years. Is that fair of me to bring up that point? I think so.

But regardless of all that, I really don’t care any more if Kavanaugh becomes another member of the Supreme Parasites. Even the “liberals” on the High court rubber stamp the hysterical post-9/11 police state. One violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments after another. And they approve of police power, as does Kavanaugh. In one 8-1 decision by the Supremes, with at least 3 “liberals” among the 8, they approved of police criminally breaking into a home because they smelled marijuana, and/or they heard a toilet flushing inside, indicating that “evidence” was being flushed down the toilet. Evidence of WHAT, you morons? A NON-CRIME! And where in the U.S. Constitution does it authorize the U.S. government to get involved with DRUGS?

The Supreme Bureaucrats merely reflect the statists who appoint them, who reflect the authoritarian sheeple who elect the statists who appoint such judges. So Judge Kavanaugh can join the other ignoramuses on the High Court. In one opinion, he wrote,

The Fourth Amendment allows governmental searches and seizures without individualized suspicion when the Government demonstrates a sufficient “special need” – that is, a need beyond the normal need for law enforcement – that outweighs the intrusion on individual liberty. Examples include drug testing of students, roadblocks to detect drunk drivers, border checkpoints, and security screening at airports. […] The Government’s program for bulk collection of telephony metadata serves a critically important special need – preventing terrorist attacks on the United States.

Huh? The Fourth Amendment mentions that exceptions are allowed when the government can demonstrate a “special need”? Where does it say that in the Fourth Amendment? And NSA spying on Americans “prevents terrorist attacks”? How so, Judge Beerbelly?

I know, I know. I shouldn’t call him, “Judge Beerbelly.” But we might as well.

And I am not at all surprised that Kavanaugh has the authoritarian statist mentality that he has, given that he grew up in the center of elitist privilege, in the Washington, D.C. area, with a judge mother. He might as well be a Kennedy.

And I disagree with Wenzel regarding Kavanaugh’s presence on the Supreme Court helping to further expose the irrational zombies on the Left as is going on now. ANY conservative now will do that. Perhaps Judge Amy Coney Barrett would be more acceptable. At least she’s more attractive. (What? I’m not supposed to say that?) Isn’t she the one that DiFi attacked in her religious beliefs? Let’s see that again, DiFi.

And yes, Roe v. Wade should be overturned, because it’s a bad decision. Kavanaugh knows this, but he is a coward who is afraid to tell the truth, like most politicians. Nine robed parasites drawing a line on the life span of an unborn human being and saying, “Prior to this stage of growth and development it’s okay to kill the baby,” but after this stage of growth and development it’s not okay.” (So we can use that as “precedent” to later on draw a line at, say, age 75, and say the same thing.) THAT is the mentality of the abortion cult/death cult fanatics on the Left.

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A Society at War

Apparently there is a war being waged by angry leftists against white males, religious or conservative people, civilized society, and against the free-market capitalist way of life in America. As Robert Wenzel writes in this post, it is not just a war between the sexes. Wenzel says the ones on the offensive want a centrally-planned society.

But we already have a centrally-planned society. Washington controls just about everything now. But one thing Wenzel wrote is that the warriors are going after anything that’s a part of what has raised the standard of living in our supposedly civilized society. i.e. freedom, free markets and voluntary exchange, private property, and a basic Golden Rule in society. So in my view, I think that what the warriors really want is not as much a centrally-planned society, which we already have, but to lower the standard of living for everyone. Sad.