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The Continuing Military-CIA-Media Complex

The Daily Caller has an article on the CIA arguing that the public can’t see classified information it has already given to favored reporters. No shock there.

That reminds me of the time when Edward Snowden released his NSA documents to his own favored reporters, such as Glenn Greenwald.

Bradley Manning, on the other hand, just released the documents he had to WikiLeaks in bulk and let the members of the public — reporters, editors as well as readers and everyone else — sift through all the material to decide for ourselves what is important and what isn’t. Regarding “classified,” the military and CIA make just about everything classified mainly to “CYA” and to hide their embarrassment over the incompetence, corruption or criminality that has been exposed.

But here is an excerpt of a post I wrote about Arthur Silber’s analysis of the difference between Edward Snowden giving information to his own favored reporters and Bradley Manning releasing documents to WikiLeaks.

In Silber’s latest post, he points out how Establishment news writer Richard Cohen of the Washington Post now praises Edward Snowden as “careful” by releasing the NSA information to “responsible” news organizations such as the Guardian and the New York Times, as opposed to “tossing it up in the air” as WikiLeaks had supposedly done. (See Arthur Silber’s post comparing Snowden-Greenwald to WikiLeaks.)

Greenwald’s slowly and “carefully” releasing the redacted documents is being approved by the Ruling class, which also consists of the Rulers’ gatekeepers including Richard Cohen. And now we know whom the “Guardian” is guarding.

As Silber noted, and as I have seen on various blogs now, such as the comments on this post on EPJ, some people seem to have a problem with criticizing Greenwald for his “control” over document releases. “At least he’s informing us as to what the NSA has been up to,” etc., so we shouldn’t criticize him. Well. I happen to believe in calling out those who on the surface are on our side, but who nevertheless give clear signs that, ultimately, the State and the Rulers (and their surveillance agenda) matter most.

In contrast to the “careful” and “responsible” Edward Snowden and Greenwald who do not seem to believe that the information in question belongs to the people but rather to the Rulers, Bradley Chelsea Manning had stated, correctly, that the information is in the “public domain.” And Manning also noted, “… Washington Post sat on the video… David Finkel acquired a copy while embedded out here. . . . – i want people to see the truth . . . regardless of who they are . . . because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

The people don’t need the State’s gatekeepers to sift through material to decide for us what we can or cannot (or may or may not) see. Let it all out now and let the people sift through it all. We own it.

“Let’s Have a Conversation” (About Hysterical, Irrational Gun Control)

Well, it looks like many people are following the lead of the mainstream media and ignorant young people in their hysteria over school shootings and calling for more gun control. The constant mantra we are being bombarded with now is “Let’s have a conversation,” and “It’s time to talk … about guns.” So obviously the same people calling for a “conversation” are not allowing for any of the rational arguments against gun control that I tried to make a few days ago.

Arguments such as letting teachers or other staff be armed in the schools if they want to be. I’m hearing this nonsense rhetoric in the media, “the gun lobby and the NRA have blood on their hands,” and so on. No, if anyone has blood on their hands it’s the supporters and enforcers of gun-free zones in the schools, who have prevented adults at the school from being armed. Why do you want to disarm innocent people and make them defenseless?

An armed teacher there in that Florida school last week could’ve disabled the shooter and saved many of those victims from their deaths. That’s just common sense. (The same thing applies to gun-free zone Sandy Hook school, gun-free zone Orlando night club, gun-free zone Ft. Hood, etc.)

So repeal the federal mandatory gun-free zone law to actually save lives. There are millions and millions of law-abiding citizens in the U.S. who have guns, they are licensed to carry, they are trained and responsible and know how to handle a gun. And many of them are teachers, by the way.

Hysteria and irrationality are not good. They are bad, so I want people to stop being hysterical, stop unthinkingly shouting for more gun-grabbing to make it more difficult for someone to get a gun, stop disarming innocent people by calling them “mentally ill” (Who is to decide who has “mental illness”?), stop calling for the police state with armed guards and metal detectors in the schools. That’s nuts.

If he can’t get guns, a psychopath who wants to kill a lot of people will then get knives, or get in his car and run over a crowd of spectators at a ball game. You can’t stop such criminal violence in the irrational and hysterical ways that short-sighted folks are calling for.

Hey, here‘s an idea: How about telling the schools and psychiatrists to stop giving the kids those damn psychiatric drugs, the SSRI anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotics. Those drugs are in many cases exacerbating people’s depression, their anxiety and their psychoses.

The alleged recent Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had a history of issues, and was diagnosed with ADHD and depression and had a history of being on medication. I heard on the radio that he was said to have “stopped taking his medication” recently. It’s not just the drugs themselves that poison the brain and affecting mood, behaviors and judgment, but someone withdrawing from those drugs after stopping the medication can also cause aggression and violence. Read Dr. Peter Breggin on that.

Given that many of the mass killers in recent history had been taking those psychiatric drugs, as Brian Wilson observed recently, the psychiatrists giving out those drugs are complicit in the violence in my view. Especially when dealing with kids whose brains and bodies are still in the early developmental stages.

But another thing that’s on the talk shows we hear people saying, “You don’t need an ‘assault rifle,’ or an AK- or AR-15 and so on. Only the military should have those things.” Nope. Read Judge Napolitano on that. And people are saying there are no possible scenarios in which someone would need a gun of that type, to kill a lot of people. Well, I personally don’t promote weapons of that sort, but I have written about such scenarios and in that article I linked to another article that gave a hypothetical scenario. If there is economic collapse and civil unrest, and a mob of people are breaking into your home to steal your food (and probably kill you and your family), then you might wish in those circumstances that you had something more than just a pistol. (I know, it’s uncomfortable for many people to consider, but people need to “have a conversation” about those possibilities in which it’s either you and your family be killed, or your attackers be killed. Sorry if that’s a “triggering” thought.)

And by the way, I am not a gun person, just a freedom person. So, I don’t have any of those things. The right to keep and bear arms also includes the right to not keep and bear arms if you don’t want to. And I don’t want to.

But, I will say that the kinds of people I want as neighbors are NOT the hysterical sheeple who call 911 and sic police on someone who happens to be seen with a gun somewhere. No, the people I want as neighbors are those responsible, law-abiding citizens who have guns and who carry them, and even wear holsters. They are much less dangerous and much less of a threat to us — and to school children — than the hysterical sheeple who disarm innocent people and make innocent, vulnerable people defenseless.

The Kangaroo Mueller “Investigation” Has Indicted Russians

So besides entrapping Mike Flynn and getting him to plead guilty to lying to the FBI (even though he didn’t actually lie), “special counsel” Robert Mueller has now released new indictments against Russians for “conspiracy to defraud the United States” and “conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud.”

Moon of Alabama writes:

The published indictment gives support to our long held believe that there was no “Russian influence” campaign during the U.S. election. What is described and denounced as such was instead a commercial marketing scheme which ran click-bait websites to generate advertisement revenue and created online crowds around virtual persona to promote whatever its commercial customers wanted to promote. The size of the operation was tiny when compared to the hundreds of millions in campaign expenditures. It had no influence on the election outcome.

The indictment is fodder for the public to prove that the Mueller investigation is “doing something”. It distracts from further questioning  the origin of the Steele dossier. It is full of unproven assertions and assumptions. It is a sham in that none of the Russian persons or companies indicted will ever come in front of a U.S. court. That is bad because the indictment is build on the theory of a new crime which, unless a court throws it out, can be used to incriminate other people in other cases and might even apply to this blog. The later part of this post will refer to that.

Moon goes into lengthy description of how the whole Russian operation really was just a click-bait scheme. There were no “Russian influence on the U.S. election” and no “collusions” with the Trump campaign. And chances are that no Russians will see any trial as they will probably not be extradited to the U.S.

And these indictments were so important that Mueller’s team announced their catch on a Friday afternoon. That should tell us something. The whole Mueller “investigation” was a sham from the very beginning as there was no actual crime that was being investigated — it was a fishing expedition in search of a “crime” or something to make up (like Mike Flynn “lying” to the FBI) to justify an illegitimate investigation.

The fact is, Donald Trump went through a long campaign constantly trashing the national security state (a.k.a. “deep state”) and trashing the Iraq war and other foreign policy blunders, and the apparatchiks of the “deep state” (CIA, FBI, NSA, the Pentacon, etc.) didn’t like that, in the same way they didn’t like JFK saying he wanted to “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds” and all that.

Well, I am not sure that the Rethuglicans in Congress (such as Trey Gaudy, Devin Nunes, etc.) are really serious in getting the WHOLE TRUTH about this sham kangaroo investigation out there, and going after the real colluders and conspirators against the U.S. and the Constitution. And that is because those Rethugs LOVE the national security state so much, they love the police state and the surveillance state so much, that telling the whole truth about what criminals we have working for those agencies would mean possibly the end of such a racket in Washington. They don’t want to do that. And so they will not do anything this year. If the Democrats regain control over CONgress in November, they will impeach Donald Trump based on made-up crap and install the bloodthirsty warvangelical Pence, for an increased police state, more unconstitutional surveillance, more criminal wars, and more bankrupted Washington.

Amerikan Sheeplebots’ Iran-Hate

Laurence Vance writes:

An overly pro-Israel conservative Christian magazine I receive is spreading lies about Iran. “Iran is growing into a nuclear power, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into developing nuclear weapons and spreading terrorism around the world.” All lies, as has been documented on LRC and other places many times over the years. But here is something that is true: The United States is the world’s only nuclear power that has actually used nuclear weapons, pours hundreds of millions of dollars into maintaining its nuclear weapons, and engages in wars around the world that create terrorists.

Dishonest News Media and Dishonest Judges

Sharyl Attkisson gave a TEDx talk presenting her investigation on the origins of “fake news” during the 2016 Presidential campaign. She found that it began with the mainstream news media’s attempt to expose “fake news” in conservative media, and has its origins in a nonprofit organization largely funded by Google’s Eric Schmidt. Here is the video of her talk.

And Becky Akers has this post on New York City property owners having to pay millions to graffiti “artists” who vandalize the property.

Another School Shooting, More Irrationality from the Gun Control Crowd, and Calls for More Police State from the Conservatives

Another school shooting, another day of emotional, irrational calls for gun control. I would like the gun control advocates to answer some questions:

1 If criminals don’t obey laws against murder, assault, rape and theft, then why would they then obey gun control laws, or government-mandated “gun-free zones”? (Schools are government-mandated gun-free zones, and those Las Vegas hotels are also gun-free zones, and the Orlando night club was a government-mandated gun-free zone.) “Oh, it’s against the law to bring a gun to that school and shoot people, so I better not do that,” is what the typical mass shooter is thinking, according to today’s gun-control advocates.

Gun control doesn’t prevent these shootings, it only disarms law-abiding citizens.

2 At the Florida school where there was another school shooting yesterday, if a teacher or other school staff member there was armed, that person could have disabled the shooter early on and saved many of those 17 murdered kids from an early death. WHY do so many people have a problem with that? Are they that propagandized?

Not only the adult school staff members, but the students should be allowed to have firearms if they want them. That would’ve added extra chances of saving lives yesterday. Some people reading this think that’s extremely absurd, because they are conditioned by our nanny-state society now to be dependent only on government police, and so on.

In the old days, kids brought guns to school, and no one thought anything of it. They were responsible and had some common sense, and they knew how to handle guns. And there were NO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS then!

Even the so-called “2nd Amendment conservatives” are propagandized. On conservative talk radio, the socialist conservatives are obsessed with “more security,” “more armed guards,” when it comes to these school shootings, because they LOVE the police state. That is their solution to everything.

The nanny state/police state has infected our society, and I don’t know if we can recover from it.

And socially our society and the social activists are screwing up the kids’ minds and their emotional stability, with falsely labeling them as “transgender,” ADHD or whatever other made-up condition, and drugging them up on prescription drugs. As I’ve written before, most of the mass shooters in recent decades had been taking those psychiatric meds, many of which have terrible side effects including exacerbating their depression and suicidal behaviors, their aggression and violence. But the news media don’t report on those aspects of the mass killings because many news media outlets are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies. Disgusting.

And another thing, a bad thing, about our society in America: It’s a militaristic society, as Jacob Hornberger observed recently. Our government has started many wars overseas, including Iraq in 1991 followed by murderous sanctions, and again in 2003 and Afghanistan, and the U.S. government bombs and murders innocents in those countries for decades as well as its CIA drone strikes killing mostly innocent people. And the current President, in love with his generals and the military, is expanding the U.S. aggressions and belligerence abroad. He’s a moron, drunk on ignorance. These scum in Washington do not believe in peace, and they make that perfectly clear. So, expect the impressionable young people to get that message.

Donald Trump’s Understanding of Due Process: Not Good

Here is my latest article on Activist Post, Donald Trump’s Understanding of Due Process: Not Good

February 14, 2018

In his defense of a White House flunky who is being accused by two ex-wives of abuse, Donald Trump tweets: “People’s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?”

Hmm. Frankly, I don’t think that Trump really understands what due process is.

Due process is this: when an accuser accuses someone of something, the accused has a presumption of innocence, and the accuser is required to bring forth evidence to prove the accusation. The accused has a right to refute whatever testimony and evidence has been presented, and a right to present one’s own evidence and testimony to defend one’s innocence. One may not impose punishments on one’s target of accusation until such due process has been given. This due process is so important to protect our liberty that such rules are included in U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

One example of a due process-free institution is the prison at Guantánamo that the U.S. government unconstitutionally maintains for supposedly suspected terrorists. Trump has signed an executive order to keep that illicit prison open.

Now, many people have really believed that all the detainees at Guantánamo are “terrorists,” not based on their being convicted in a legitimate trial but based on the government’s say-so. But given government bureaucrats’ record of lying and fabricating “evidence” to cover up their own incompetence or to frame innocent people, we shouldn’t believe what bureaucrats tell us when it comes to locking up people indefinitely without trials. Such bureaucrats can easily do the same thing to us as they have been doing to people from those mostly-Muslim countries.

As I wrote in this article on the illegitimacy of the U.S. government’s apprehension and detention of “suspects” at Guantánamo:

For instance, out of 779 prisoners held at the unconstitutional Guantánamo prison in Cuba since 2002, over 700 of them have been released, because they were innocent and there was no evidence against them. Only 5% were captured by U.S. troops, but 86% were turned in by Afghan villagers who were paid bounties by the CIA. According to investigative journalist Andy Worthington, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney knew that “the vast majority of Guantánamo detainees were innocent” and that senior intelligence analysts believed that such Guantánamo detainees were “mistakes” and “had no connection to terrorism whatsoever.” Some of the detainees who were released had given false confessions, which is the real purpose of bureaucrats violating the Eighth Amendment and using torture in the first place.

Further, given that Trump continually authorizes CIA drone strikes on foreign territories such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen, which mostly result in the murders of innocent civilians, and based on due process-free “kill lists,” Trump’s cognitive dissonance is obvious.

In other areas, there is the problem with relying on technology to capture suspects, domestically. The FBI’s facial recognition technology is unreliable, in which 20% of the results may be false positives. Such events as being falsely identified by these technologies can ruin people’s lives. Even fingerprinting and DNA “evidence” are unreliable, and cause false positives.

And police “asset forfeiture” eliminates due process altogether, in which local police thugs literally steal cash from traveling motorists who are not charged with crimes or even suspected of anything. And the current Department of Justice (sic) and attorney general Jeff Sessions are big on such legalized stealing from innocents. In fact, in 2014 law enforcement agencies stole more from innocent civilians than their counterparts in the private sector (burglars, muggers, etc.). Oh wait, Trump supports these policies, too. Hmm.

“Child Protection Services” is another example, in which CPS bureaucrats may take away your child based on a single anonymous tip by a disgruntled or spiteful neighbor. No due process there. And there are the Duke Lacrosse false-accusation rape case and similar cases.

Who knows what Donald Trump’s views on those kinds of cases are. And as an apparent narcissist, he understands free speech for him but not for others, and private property rights for him but not for others as well.

So Trump seems to understand the point of view of divorced men being accused by ex-wives, and perhaps the idea of due process when it comes to his own being falsely accused of “Russian collusions.” But, given his record and statements, Trump clearly has no real understanding of due process, to all our detriment.

Activist Post | Creative Commons 2018

On Today’s Intolerance of People Who Happen to Have a Sense of Humor

In my post of a few days ago on political correctness run amok, I wrote about a now-suspended sports radio WEEI personality Christian Fauria who did an impersonation of a stereotypical-sounding Asian person in his attempting to impersonate Don Yee (Tom Brady’s agent), even though Don Yee doesn’t even have any noticeable stereotypical Asian accent.

The commentariat are outraged now! They mostly agree that what Fauria did was “inexcusable,” “insensitive,” and so on. But these opinionators are acting with the same kind of hysteria and total lack of sense of humor that characterizes our society now. They need to grow up and get a life.

I’m really sick of this politically-correct intolerance now. It’s actually embarrassing that grown adults are acting this way.

Here is a YouTube video of the whole episode that has gotten Christian Fauria suspended. You can hear it for yourself. What the guys were doing was merely acting out a conversation between someone who pretended to be Don Yee and a Boston Herald sports columnist, Ron Borges, who was fooled by a WEEI caller pretending to be Don Yee and talking about Tom Brady wanting more money from the Patriots (which isn’t the case).

So, I listened to the video, and I didn’t hear anything “offensive” or “racist,” or even “insensitive,” as it has been described. The segment was just silly and goofy. (But isn’t that what sports radio is all about?) As I wrote in my earlier post, I am sure that Don Yee and any other Asian people hearing that broadcast were NOT offended, and probably did NOT think that the joking around was “racist” — unless they are snowflakes, of course.

In fact, a Boston Globe columnist, Joan Vennochi, agrees with me, in general.

Fauria apologized and was suspended for five days. My colleague Shirley Leung argues that’s not enough. She believes the cohosts who laughed along with Fauria’s sorry joke should also be punished. While I absolutely respect Leung’s perspective and agree that the pretend Asian accent was offensive, I just wonder where we draw the censorship line. What if the agent had an Italian-sounding name, and a radio host did a Marlon Brando-Godfather-like impersonation? Or aped an Irish brogue or upper-crust British accent? If the radio station is going to ban pretend-Asian accents, shouldn’t it also ban all fake accents? Otherwise, where’s the consistency? And how will WEEI hosts know the rules of engagement?

Although Vennochi still says that “the pretend Asian accent was offensive.” No, it wasn’t offensive. People need to lighten up.

And I remember Richard Pryor impersonating a white person (or a “stereotypical-sounding white person”). But did that offend me? Was I triggered? Or Dave Chappelle. (Frankly, it’s their foul language that I find a bit…unnecessary…but whatever.)

You know, as a typical white person, it seems to me that any white person who would actually feel offended by Richard Pryor doing an impersonation of a typical white person is probably “offended” by every little thing. You’d have to be.

But the snowflakes in the media and the commentariat are huffing and puffing, expressing feeling “offended” by the “racist” Christian Fauria and his cohorts.

And as part of the overreacting corporate snowflakes, Comcast and City of Boston Credit Union have suspended advertising on WEEI because of this controversy.

According to the Boston Globe, the Credit Union’s president, Dan Waltz, says that “the culture of the station is not reflective of our values of inclusion, acceptance and mutual respect.”

Sounds like today’s politically-correct song and dance, if you ask me, Mr. “Waltz.”

So where is the exclusion, unacceptance, and disrespect here? What the WEEI guys including Fauria were doing had nothing to DO with “inclusion, acceptance and mutual respect,” for crying out loud! They were just acting silly! (Or, as Obama might say, “stupidly.”) Doh!

The Credit Union honcho goes on, “We have a responsibility to our diverse membership to spend their advertising dollars responsibly and cannot support what is, in our opinion, the hateful and divisive content that seems to have become a matter of course at WEEI.”

Oh please, the impersonation of an Asian-sounding person by Christian Fauria was not “hateful and divisive”!

I’m not going to actually post the video, but I did link to it above. Just listen for yourselves. If anyone hears “hate” and “divisiveness,” then perhaps one has been through too much of today’s educational and pop culture brainwashing, and has shed one’s rational abilities to think with common sense.

By the way, here is a Chinese comedian doing Barack Obama. Oh, the “hate.” The “racism”! The “insensitivity”! (But, as Joan Rivers would say, “Oh, grow up!”)

Political Correctness Run Amok – Don Rickles Is the Antidote

First, some sports radio wiseguy made a rude, insulting remark to Tom Brady about Brady’s 5-year-old little girl. I don’t know whether that radio person should’ve been fired or suspended for that, but he should have been disciplined in some way. Apparently, the rude radio wiseguy was given an indefinite suspension. Good.

Now, I don’t like football, because it’s really just a bunch of grown men running into each other and giving each other concussions and suing the NFL. To each his own and all that.

But, now there’s another controversy in which another radio personality on the same sports radio station, former Patriots player Christian Fauria, apparently insulted Asian people. Fauria supposedly did an “impersonation” of Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee, with an “Asian accent,” and Fauria was suspended from the radio station for that.

So I was curious, and checked to see what this Don Yee actually did sound like. He apparently is Asian, and does have an Asian-sounding last name, and he looks “Asian” (if it’s okay for me to say that — I don’t want to get myself suspended). But here is Don Yee in an interview. He has NO distinctive Asian accent whatsoever! It’s a stereotypical-sounding American manner of speech (if it’s okay to say that).

So, are you serious? Oh, Fauria didn’t really do an impersonation of Don Yee, but a stereotypical Asian accent. Is that really so bad? Or “offensive”? I’ll bet most Asian people hearing Fauria do that on the radio were NOT offended. Just like most Native Americans said they are not offended by the name of the Washington “Redskins,” and so on.

But we have these people kowtowing to political correctness, and that’s all this stuff is. It’s nuts, in my view. The radio station, WEEI, tweeted, “Earlier today during his show, Christian Fauria impersonated athlete agent, Don Yee in an insensitive and ill-conceived attempt at humor. We regret Christian’s commentary and we apologize to Mr. Yee and those offended by the segment.” And, “We do not support or condone Christian’s comments, and we have suspended him for five days effective immediately.”

And Christian Fauria tweeted, “Earlier today I made a horrible attempt at humor. In a segment during the show, I impersonated agent Don Yee in an insensitive and regrettable way. I want to publicly apologize to Don and anyone in the audience who heard it.”

Give. Me. A. Break.

So it’s just this irrational political correctness stuff.  And the people who actually are offended are those who are brainwashed to believe that they should be offended!

What is it with this political correctness stuff now? The late Don Rickles for years did his impersonations of Asian people, or stereotypically-sounding Asian people, as well as stereotypically-sounding black people, Italians, southerners, New Yorkers, and he was celebrated for it. Rickles was paid millions for doing those things.

But with some former football player turned radio personality, that’s different.

It’s really very tiring now. I think I’ll find a video with Don Rickles to post at the end of this.

I hope that Christian Fauria, Don Yee, WEEI radio, the Patriots, and all the political-correctness robots out there don’t mind my posting this, but here is the late Don Rickles performing at Comic Relief V in 1992 — over 25 years ago! (What happened since then?) I don’t believe that this stuff would air now. (It wouldn’t surprise me if this is taken off YouTube soon as well.)