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The Real “Fake News” from Government Media

Here is my latest article on Activist Post, The Real “Fake News” from Government Media

July 31, 2018

Facebook has announced its campaign against “fake news.” But, according to some workers’ own admission, conservatives are being censored.

And Google also wants to censor “fake news.” But Google also was shown to treat conservative websites, but not liberal ones, as “fake news.”

The same thing seems to be going on with Twitter. And again, conservatives are complaining.

But who is to decide what is “fake news”? Who will be Facebook and Google’s sources for real news?

In 2013 the U.S. Senate considered a new a shield law to protect journalists. In the lawmakers’ attempts to narrow the definition of a journalist, some Senators including Sen. Dianne Feinstein only wanted to include reporters with “professional qualifications.”

“Professional” publications such as the New York Times, the “Paper of Record,” would apparently be protected.

So one can conclude that the New York Times can be a source of “real” news for Facebook or Google, despite all the Timeserrors, screw-ups, and corrections, right?

According to one NYT former reporter, the Times has been a “propaganda megaphone” for war. Also a partner with the CIA to promote Obama’s reelection bid.

Or CNN, “The Most Trusted Name in News” which wins its own “fake news” awards with its errors, screw-ups and corrections.

During the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign, there were collusions between then-CNN contributor and DNC operative Donna Brazile, who was outed by WikiLeaks in her giving candidate Hillary Clinton questions in advance for a CNN Town Hall.

Other emails that were leaked to WikiLeaks informed us that reporters obediently followed instructions from the Hillary Clinton campaign on how to cover the campaign. These include reporters from the New York Times such as Maggie Haberman who said the campaign would “tee up stories for us,” and Mark Leibovich, who would email Clinton flunky Jennifer Palmieri for editing recommendations.

And Politico reporter Glenn Thrush asked Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta for approval of stories on Clinton. Thrush was then hired by the New York Times. After Thrush was then suspended from NYT over allegations of sexual misconduct, the Times ended the suspension, stating that while Thrush had “acted offensively,” he would be trained to behave himself. Hmm.

But all this from the 2016 campaign reminded me of the “JournoLists,” the group of news journalists who participated in a private forum online from 2007-2010. The forum was to enable news reporters to discuss news reporting and political issues in private and with candor, but also, it was revealed, to discuss ways to suppress negative news on then-2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama.

For instance, according to the Daily Caller, some members of the group discussed their criticism of a 2008 debate in which Obama was questioned on his association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The Nation‘s Richard Kim wrote that George Stephanopoulos was “being a disgusting little rat snake.” The Guardian‘s Michael Tomasky wrote that “we all have to do what we can to kill ABC and this idiocy.”

Spencer Ackerman, then with the Washington Independent and now of the Daily Beast, wrote, “If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down, no matter what we choose, we lose the game they’ve put upon us. Instead, take one of them — Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.”

The Nation‘s Chris Hayes wrote, “Our country disappears people. It tortures people. It has the blood of as many as one million Iraqi civilians — men, women, children, the infirmed — on its hands. You’ll forgive me if I just can’t quite dredge up the requisite amount of outrage over Barack Obama’s pastor.”

(But has Hayes criticized Obama’s assassination program, or Obama’s bombings or the blood on Obama’s hands? Just askin’)

In an open letter, according to the Daily Caller, several of the JournoList members called the ABC debate a “revolting descent into tabloid journalism,” because of the moderators’ legitimate questions on Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

So, in today’s Bizarro World, objectively questioning a candidate on a controversial issue is now “tabloid journalism,” but making things up like “Trump-Russia collusions” and repeating the propaganda over and over – that’s not “tabloid journalism.”

The JournoLists also included reporters from Time, the Baltimore Sun, the New Republic, Politico, and Huffington Post.

Now, are those the sources of “real news” that Facebook, Google and Twitter want to rely upon to combat “fake news”?

And who exactly were the “JournoLists” promoting? Obama?

Regarding Obama’s own crackdown on actual journalism, Fox News reporter James Rosen was accused by the feds of being a “co-conspirator” with State Department leaker Stephen Jin-Woo Kim in violating the Espionage Act.  Rosen’s correspondences with Kim were seized by Obama’s FBI, along with Rosen’s personal email and phone records. The FBI also used records to track Rosen’s visits to the State Department.

Apparently, then-attorney general Eric Holder went “judge-shopping” to find a judge who would approve subpoenaing Rosen’s private records, after two judges rejected the request.

Commenting on James Rosen and the FBI’s abuse of powers, Judge Andrew Napolitano observed that “this is the first time that the federal government has moved to this level of taking ordinary, reasonable, traditional, lawful reporter skills and claiming they constitute criminal behavior.”

And there was the Obama administration’s going after then-CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, possibly for her reporting on Benghazi and Fast and Furious. Attkisson finally resigned from CBS news out of frustration with the company’s alleged pro-Obama bias and with CBS’s apparently not airing her subsequent reports.

In 2013 CBS News confirmed that Attkisson’s computers had been “accessed by an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions.” In 2015 Attkisson sued the Obama administration, claiming to have evidence which proves the computer intrusions were connected to the Obama DOJ.

In Attkisson’s latest lawsuit update, after her computer was returned to her following the DOJ Inspector General’s investigation, her forensics team now believes her computer’s hard drive was replaced by a different one.

Now back to “fake news.”

After Donald Trump locked up the Republican Presidential nomination in May, 2016, there were significant events in the next two months. Fusion GPS and former British spy Christopher Steele colluded to get opposition research on behalf of Hillary Clinton, the FBI applied for FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associates, and Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner had a possibly set-up meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower.

Also within that same period, the DNC claimed that its computers were hacked but the DNC wouldn’t let FBI investigate. The Washington Post published an article claiming, with no evidence presented, that “Russian government hackers” took DNC opposition research on Trump.

It was very shortly after the November, 2016 Presidential election that the Washington Post published an article on a “Russian propaganda effort to spread ‘fake news’ during the election.” To escalate the media’s censorship campaign perhaps?

The campaign against “fake news” coincided with Obama minions at FBI, DOJ and CIA apparently panicking over a possible Trump presidency and their allegedly abusing their powers to attempt to take down Trump.

So the news media seem to be on a crusade to fabricate “Trump-Russia collusions” and repeat it over and over, and to vilify, ignore and squash actual investigative research and reporting on what exactly the FBI and DOJ bureaucrats have been doing. Call such real investigative reporting “fake news,” “conspiracy theory,” and so forth.

In the end, Facebook, Twitter and Google might want to reconsider relying on the mainstream news media led by the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, and instead include citizen journalists and non-government-sycophant media to provide news and information.

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh has noted that the Founders generally viewed the freedom of the Press to apply to every citizen to print, publish or express accounts of events. We really need to highlight that kind of old-fashioned, honest journalism.

Activist Post | Creative Commons 2018

Rand Paul Has Hope for the Hopeless Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Rand Paul has hope for Donald Trump’s hopeless nominee for U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. And Rand Paul says that he will vote for the latest swamp creature to join the other monsters on the “High” Court.

Judge Kavanaugh was born in Washington. He is not someone who wants to dismantle the bureaucracy apparatus as it stands now. He seems to love ObamaCare, and will rubber-stamp much of the rest of the rotten Bureaucratic State.

Kavanaugh has already shown that he will rubber-stamp the surveillance state.

He is a war statist and a police statist.

Kavanaugh might even be a CIA flunky.

Please, I have hope that Rand Paul will come to his senses, change his mind, and vote NO on Judge Kavanaugh.

No more swamp creatures. No more rubber-stampers for the police state and the Bureaucracy.

Trump Wants a $100 Billion Tax Cut for “the Rich”

The Trump administration is considering a $100 billion tax cut for “the wealthy,” and some people such as Chuck Schumer are complaining, you know, the usual panic from the people on the left who don’t believe that the people have a right to do whatever they want with their own money or earnings.

And what do you think the “rich people” are going to do with the extra money they will have when the government steals less of what is theirs to begin with? Stuff it in their mattress?

No, they’re going to invest it, such as investing in businesses which means greater growth, more jobs available, and so on.

And they will spend it, yes, spend it on a second (or third) home, a new luxury car, a boat, a yacht, more technological gadgets, TVs, computers, etc.

In other words, the more “the rich” will spend in the economy, the more work there will be for home builders and renovators, more work and jobs available for those who design and manufacture all those luxury items and TVs, etc., and maybe even more pay raises and bonuses for workers at Walmart, Amazon, General Motors and Ford, and so on.

People, especially those who want the government to steal more and more from the people, need to overcome their envy and covetousness and their fixation in short-term panic and short-sightedness. The people on the left would be free-market advocates and anti-tax-theft advocates if they knew exactly what happens when people have more freedom (the freedom to do what you want with your own money and income), as opposed to what happens when the rulers steal from the people and live high off the hog in Washington off the labor of the workers and producers of society.

What Can Help the Black Community?

Walter Block writes: Want to Help the Black Community?

1. Legalize all drugs. The result will be fewer blacks in jail, less black on black murder, fighting over drug turf. None, at least not from that cause. We ended alcohol prohibition: no more murders over alcohol turf.

2. Eliminate the minimum wage law; less black unemployment. Right now the unemployment rate for black teens (the subgroup most in need of help), is QUADRUPLE (LET ME REPEAT THAT: QUADRUPLE) that of white adults. Before the advent of this evil law, there was no difference in the unemployment rates of the two groups

3. Get rid of the welfare system. It didn’t break up the black family, it caused it not to form in the first place. 75% of black kids don’t have a mother and a father in their home. Before welfare, the black and white families were in a virtual tie for intactness. Read on this Charles Murray’s magnificent book, Losing Ground.

4. Get rid of affirmative action. It’s like putting me in the ring with Mike Tyson after I’ve had a few boxing lessons. It is unfair to black students to place them in universities where the average SAT score is several hundred points above theirs. It steers them into majoring in whining studies instead of STEM.

Those are my moderate proposals.

My radical one? Severely punish, with jail sentences, the people, politicians, bureaucrats, responsible for harming the black community with these policies in the first place.

I especially agree with the last paragraph.

Is the Tea Party Dead?

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams interview Matt Kibbe, formerly of Freedom Works, who considers himself a “community organizer” for the libertarian movement. Kibbe asserts that the Tea Party is officially dead. I think this is the Reason article that was mentioned. And they discuss the question of who killed the Tea Party. (I have addressed that question here and here, among other places. Disregard my incorrect prediction of a 2016 Hillary win in the 2nd link, the rest of the post makes my important points.)

Early in the discussion, and then later on, they mention their mutual mentor, Hans Sennholz (1922-2007), a Grove City College professor and promoter of Austrian economics. Ron Paul says that an important part of the Tea Party movement should be an emphasis on the Federal Reserve. Here is Ron Paul’s book, End the Fed.

The Ruling Elites and the National Security State’s Criminality

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou makes a case for stripping former government officials of their security clearances. (I love the personal details about former CIA boss John Brennan. Heh.)

Jacob Hornberger explains how the Pentacon, the CIA, and the NSA (and FBI) are in charge (and not the President).

Paul Craig Roberts on the CIA/FBI/DOJ plot to overthrow the President. (And Roberts links to this article about Hillary Rotten-Clinton and her Uranium One and how she is also getting away with treason.)

And Martin Armstrong has this article on yet another reason to get rid of the income tax (besides the fact that the theft-redistribution is what funds the national security state — see above).

Thanks But No Thanks, “Conservatives”

Laurence Vance titles his post, “We Need A Republican President to Nominate Conservatives to the Supreme Court.”

And he writes:

This is the cry of conservatives before every presidential election. Yet, the results are sometimes disappointing. Most recently, the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair in which the Court ruled that states may force online retailers to collect sales taxes. The vote was 5-4 against the American people who will now have to pay billions more in sales taxes. Justices Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch—all nominated by Republican presidents—voted with the majority.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the dissenters mentioned in their dissents that the majority’s endorsement of taxation was an endorsement of theft and robbery. Oh, well. (On the bright side, we have now gotten rid of Kennedy! Yay!)

The Socialists’ Police State

In my earlier post about social do-gooders imposing their iron fist rule in California, socialists imposing their police state, that reminded me of another post from 2016 in which I further explained how the police state is really imposed by socialists and leftists. I will just quote the relevant section from that post:

Now, Bernie Sanders. He’s got a lot of Peter Pan-like followers, just like Obama has had, with all the little Puer Aeternus cheering Bernie on, who want free stuff, free college tuition, free health care — but not freedom. They want “cradle to grave” dependence, to remain imprisoned children all their lives and never grow up to provide for themselves and live in a free society.

The Sanders crowd knows the system is rigged — and it is in fact inherently flawed — yet they support a power-grabber who wants to expand the size and power of the federal government by trillions more than it already is! So with their dependence on the government to give them free stuff taken from their neighbors, they are also giving up their liberty, their civil liberties, thus their security and well-being.

How do you think Bernie is going to enforce all the further government empowerments and expanded tax-thefts and even more intrusive regulations?

With law enforcement! The police! The regulatory state is a police state. But we already have a police state! That means Bernie Sanders is going to further empower the IRS with all their high powered machine guns and S.W.A.T. teams, and further empower the FBI with all their high powered machine guns and S.W.A.T. teams, and further empower all the other agencies who will be strengthened even more to “protect” us from the “billionaires” (who start businesses and provide jobs and create wealth and produce all the goods and services we need to prosper, shame on them!).

But who will protect us from the IRS and FBI and all their high powered machine guns and S.W.A.T. teams? Especially when they constantly go to the wrong address? Especially when they are criminally enforcing unjust legislation against the people? It sure won’t be the Second Amendment, because the progressives want to disarm the civilian population and keep the government class armed to the teeth!

So economically Bernie Sanders is someone who is also clueless about the good and actual wealth that freedom and free markets create. All government does is stifle the wealth, suppress innovation, distort prices and markets, and cause impoverishment. But the historically ignorant and economically ignorant masses cheer on the communist who wants even more control over your life, and wants to steal even more from the workers and producers of society, and further enslave the sheeple.

And one thing that Trump said last night to the people of New Hampshire was that as President he will get rid of the drugs, the heroin there. And how will he do that? Step up the drug war? What about acting as a bully pulpit (he’s already a bully) and strongly advising the “doctors” to cut it out with their prescribing those strong pain killers which many times is causing pain killer addicts to turn to street drugs? Most patients do not need those pain killers as I wrote here. How about telling the CIA to cut it out with their heroin drug trade from Afghanistan? Ya think?

And Trump will get ISIS. Yeah, right. And how the hell will he do that? Increase even more the bombings, invasions, and murders of innocents overseas that the Bushes, Clintons and Obama have been perpetrating? All that crap does nothing but provoke foreigners even more and elicit even more of their retaliating. “Ban Muslims from entering the U.S.”? That’s really smart. That’ll do it.

You see, the solutions for statists is for the government to crack down on the people and foreigners harder with this or that prohibition, mandate, military invasion or occupation, or otherwise intrusion.

And let’s build a government wall to keep the people in. Sure, tell the people it’s for “immigration enforcement.” This wall stuff really will be used to keep the people in, because the more and more the federal government continues to expand the more and more difficult the bureaucrats will make it for people to leave the country. They want your money! That’s the bottom line for power-grabbing, greedy, government parasite criminals. This “illegal immigration” concept is a ruse, and it preys on the nationalistic emotions and fears of the masses for the sake of furthering less obvious agendas.

Is a House Impeachment in the Works?

U.S. Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, members of the House Freedom Caucus, want to impeach deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein for Rosenstein’s refusal to hand over documents related to the Hillary email investigation and the “Russia collusions” investigation. I am not sure if actual impeachment is the way to go. And it looks like Meadows is now changing his mind on that. Perhaps the House Freedom Carcass can just have Rosenstein charged with obstruction of justice, or contempt of Congress. When someone is committing contempt of Congress, especially a government official, that’s really someone showing contempt for the people via their representatives. (Which is mainly how most government employees view the people who employ them, anyway.)