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Health Care and Respect for Others

August, 2009

Our government is supposed to reflect the will of the people.  But it is authoritarian when politicians attempt to force their will on the people, regardless of a majority of people in disagreement with it.

Recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans are happy with their health insurance and don’t want to change it, and that a majority of those without insurance are happy with that situation, too. President Obama, however, has been saying that he wants people to keep their current insurance, although the 1000+ page bill that he would sign into law would result in the contrary.

There seems to be a general lack of respect for others in our society, particularly by people in government. There are some people who seem to like power and who like to tell people what to do. There are people who want to use the political process to force their vision of a society onto the rest of us, a plan that doesn’t take into account all the individual differences in the lives of millions of different individuals.

At recent health care Town Hall meetings, shouting by opponents of government-run health care has interrupted members of Congress there. There have been conservative groups instructing their followers to deliberately shout down the Congressmen, which is not only disrespectful, it’s just plain obnoxious and counter-productive.

At a few of those meetings, there has been actual violence. One incident in particular, which was misreported in various media outlets, was a case of a Black conservative, Kenneth Gladney, beaten up and sent to the hospital by pro-government health care people. Gladney’s victimizing also included racial epithets directed at him.

Unfortunately, many of those Congressmen have either been untruthful about the proposals, or just plain ignorant because they haven’t taken the time to read the bill.  And much of this government-run scheme  would require some Americans to be taxed to fully fund the health care for others. Why, though, would President Obama want insurance for all Americans, even the irresponsible ones? Is it respectful of Americans who take care of themselves to force them to pay for the medical care of those who smoke like chimneys, eat like pigs and drink like a fish? I think not. That’s not only disrespectful, it’s immoral.

So far, President Obama still has not come to Mr. Gladney’s defense, as he came to the defense of a Black Harvard professor who accused a police officer of racism, a charge which has been overwhelmingly disproven. Could it be that the political views of the Black victim of actual physical violence are less important to Obama than the views of the Harvard professor? Which one is more deserving of his respect? They both should be.

A truly free country’s officials would respect the people’s right to know what’s actually proposed in Congress, as well as their right to question and protest those officials’ apparent disingenuousness. A truly free country allows citizens to choose their health insurance and their doctors, and those would actually be private matters.

Challenge Assumptions of Government and Money

We must question the long-held assumption that government ought to produce and administer the currency that we must use for trading. Government has been doing that for many generations, and it is just assumed that because that’s the way it’s been, then that’s the way it ought to be. However, we all have natural rights, among them the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In my opinion, individuals have the right to use whatever they want to as a means of trade. And whichever currencies become the most popular and valuable at whatever given time will lead over the competing currencies, some of which will fail and go out of business.

Economist Murray Rothbard advocated a “separation of money and state,” and believed that the money and banking system we have now is “legalized counterfeiting.” There should be no government involvement in the business of currency, because once some arbitrary force intrudes, it distorts the market of that commodity. That is the ongoing theme in  modern times of  every economic aspect of daily life. Government causes markets to become dysfunctional with its intrusions, and when government gets into the business of something-anything-it causes great distortions and devaluations, and the government’s production and control of the “dollar” is the best example of that. At some point the dollar will be worthless, if it isn’t already, and, because of the state-caused distortion, it has a domino effect on all economic activity, as we have seen now. So, it really is important to challenge assumptions that government must have a monopoly on our money supply.

Now, in an earlier post, I noted that former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan went from being an Ayn Rand capitalist to being a big government control freak. And now, we can plainly see that Greenspan’s successor, Ben Bernanke is clearly uncomfortable with any public scrutiny of the Federal Reserve. What has caused these grown adults to become so enmeshed with government power? That’s what it is–the power. When people get themselves in positions of power, of the armed officialdom of governmental power, it becomes addictive, like a drug. Can you imagine suggesting to Ben Bernanke the idea of not only ending the Fed, but ending the Dollar and privatizing currency altogether? He’d start to tremble and convulse like a heroin addict suffering from withdrawal.

We must challenge the assumptions that government should control our means of trade and that our elected and appointed political leaders have the citizens’ best interests at heart.

Economics, Freedom and Truth

A lot of my writing here has been in the category of economics, even though I didn’t really study that. Well, that’s not true. While I majored in psychology in college, I did take one economics course, but it was sooooooo boring–I learned nothing in that class. But I studied economics in the sense of really learning about it after college, mostly during the 1980s, by hearing people on the radio and on tapes, and reading various material–mostly libertarian-based periodicals.

Thank God Gene Burns was on WRKO for several years. He was the most pro-free market, pro-private property rights, pro-freedom of association advocate I’ve ever heard on the radio. Now, he is on KGO in San Francisco, but his show is just too late in the evening for me to hear now–oh, well. And it was through his show in ’87 and ’88 that I heard about Ron Paul, and was very fortunate to read some of Dr. Paul’s writings. (I was able to convince at least one person in ’88 to vote for Dr. Paul: one of my former psychology professors, who, after hearing Dr. Paul’s interview on the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour, said it was the first time he had someone to vote for, not against, for president. Me, too.)

Also in that period, I had some audio cassette tapes, including a discussion between Ron Paul and economics professor Lawrence Reed, Money and the Federal Reserve, and a lecture by Prof. Reed, Trade Cycles: The Economics of Boom and Bust, and several lectures by philosopher Ayn Rand, mostly at the “Ford Hall Forum.” And some of my reading material at the time included periodicals such as Liberty, which I now see is still in publication and online, Reason magazine, also online, and the Freeman, also now online, which is a publication of the Foundation for Economic Education, whose current president is the aforementioned Prof. Reed. Other people who have influenced my thinking include the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s Jacob Hornberger, economics professor Walter E. Williams, who gives a common sense approach to economic matters in everyday life, as did the late economist Murray Rothbard. Economist Ludwig von Mises‘s writing, however, maybe was a bit too convoluted for me. Perhaps to really understand what he meant, it might’ve required taking those graduate level economics courses.

Also in the 1980s, Llewellyn Rockwell’s articles gave me a more fine-tuned understanding of private property rights. Mr. Rockwell’s website,, is probably one of the best sources of discussions on liberty out there. On, you can find articles by Ron Paul, finance professor Michael Rozeff, such as this recent one, Irrationality and Fascism in Government-Regulated Health Care, and articles by Donald Miller MD, such as the Austrian Cure for Economic Illness. Given that Dr. Miller’s main field of knowledge and practice has been in medicine for many years, he still knows economics better than probably most Harvard economists. And I say that because free market advocates think and report with reasoned analysis of actual truth of history and current events. In contrast, the economists of the Left, who oppose freedom and free markets, fantasize. Most of the people in the so-called mainstream news business also live in an irrational fantasy world, and that is why they seem to worship President Obama, their Messiah.

Unlike mainstream free market economists and the ones in the media, who deal mostly with the practicality of free markets vs. the impracticality of government-controlled markets, the people mentioned here in the first few paragraphs deal with the practicalities, but also with the morality of free market economics, as did Ayn Rand. It is moral to respect the freedom of people to trade voluntarily, and it is immoral to violate and interfere with people’s private matters and relationships. Yes, it’s that simple.

And the problem with those whose job it is to inform the public, the news reporters and anchors and writers and editors, besides living in their left-wing fantasy world, is now their having become such a propaganda machine for their worshipped politicians. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the left-biased mainstream news media no longer find answers to the who, what, why, when, where and how, because they don’t care to find those answers. Instead, they use their role as “journalists” to be an activist, and delve into the pro-government, pro-fascism propaganda that manipulates their and the general population’s emotions. Objectivity and truth are now foreign concepts to these people. Of course, I won’t name names, such as Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer, but I won’t name names here. Michael Graham’s show is called The Natural Truth because he really believes in getting at the truth. In the national news media, I can say Chris Wallace really does try to ask those both left and right politicians tough and necessary questions, because, as good ol’ Jerry Williams would say, getting a straight answer out of them is like a dentist trying to pull a tooth. Chris Wallace’s is the show that should be called Hardball. Most of those news people just let Mr. Obama get away with lying through his teeth. And Don Imus also interviews people on the left and right with more objectivity than most of the mainstream news media do.

Freedom and Truth are important.

How Much Mandatory Will Be In the Government Forced Health Care System?

While there will be more waiting periods for some procedures and surgeries if the government takes over the health care system, and given that the new system will force you to have insurance and see a doctor even if you don’t want to, will the government also have the power to force you to have certain treatments even if you don’t want them? For example, I know a couple of people who have particular conditions that put them at high risk for cancer. If one is diagnosed with cancer, will the government doctor force you to have chemo and radiation (which in some cases have been shown to do more harm than good) even if you believe there are better and safer alternative treatments? Will the government doctor forbid you from have the alternative treatments? What if you resist the mandatory chemo and radiation-will they arrest you? Will they forcibly take you to the hospital for such treatments?

Health Fascism Results From Societal Sickness In Need Of Healing

There has been an acceleration toward a complete government takeover of Americans’ health and medical affairs, with a rush in the United States Congress to shove it into law before the August recess. These sweeping proposals of health fascism are pushed by special interest groups, lawyers and lobbyists, and otherwise nudniks, nincompoops and misfits.

Here is an article about philosopher Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and the enslavement of doctors. In my opinion, the fascist politicians seem to want so much control over every aspect of our daily lives. They have this insatiable craving to search into our most personal, private matters–they are very invasive people, these fascists. No, we don’t have a right to health care, to force doctors to treat us or give us medication. We do, however, have a right to take care of ourselves, and we also have a right to our liberty and property, which includes our right to be free from those politicians and bureaucrats sticking their dirty hands into our private matters. We also have a right to free, voluntary associations. That includes the individual’s right to deal with whatever doctor one chooses, and the right to confidentiality of private health matters between the individual and the doctor. We also have a right to not be treated by doctors if we don’t want to be, and the right to not have health insurance if we don’t want it, and certainly have the right to not be forced to have health insurance.

What should be encouraged–and hardly ever is, at least not by bureaucrats–is individual responsibility and prevention. People who smoke or eat like pigs should not be allowed to any “free” health care! There can’t be a more self-destructive behavior than deliberately inhaling burning garbage into your lungs.

And smoking is probably one of the most anti-social behaviors I can think of– Don’t get me started on that. And people who over-eat and consume heavy cholesterol foods and who are obese do not deserve to force any doctor to treat them, or force their neighbors to pay for it.

With this ever increasing fascism and more access of government officials into our private lives, we will have less freedom and less security. I know the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution addresses searches and seizures, but it does mention the “right to be secure in our persons, papers, houses and effects.” We have a right to be secure. Government officials should not be trusted with so much personal information about us. That makes us much less secure in many ways. It’s an old saying, but people who don’t know or understand history are more likely to repeat it, as the history of even the last century will suggest. The crimes of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany aren’t even a century ago. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that once this huge new fascist program goes through, the good doctors will leave the practice in droves, and the Doctors Mengele will be welcomed with open government tentacles. And it is not hysteria to predict that euthanasia will be institutionalized and abortions made mandatory, at least for white males, as ethnic cleansing is something for which fascists are notorious.

If it’s really true that these Congressman and Senators are doing all their wheeling and dealing behind closed doors and not having any or enough debate or hearings on this pending serious loss of liberty, then they really ought to be criminally charged with conspiracy or theft or otherwise high crimes.

I’m really serious. Someone ought to get the Washington D.C. District Attorney or FBI or some Federal officials to arrest these hooligans  for conspiracy or theft or fraud. Wikipedia states that a Kleptocracy is a “government  that extends the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class at the expense of the population,” and that’s exactly what we have now. This really is a sick society, which needs to be healed with a restoration of freedom and individual responsibility.

Sotomayor’s Record

Judge Sonia Sotomayor has made over 200 decisions as a judge, and 6 of the cases in which she wrote the majority opinion were heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, four of them reversed. Now, is that just a case of bad luck, or might it be saying something about Sotomayor’s judgment about the law and the Constitution? Maybe on one or two of those cases the higher court was wrong, I don’t know. If I got only 33% grades on tests in school, I’d probably fail the course. Is that an unfair comparison? I really want to be fair. After all, “fairness” is important, these days. (Most of the articles on the Internet don’t include the most recent New Haven firefighters case that was overturned.)

I tried to find what percentage of decisions by Clarence Thomas,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, et al.,  on lower courts were later reversed by higher courts, and I couldn’t find any information on that. Does anyone know?  Does it matter? Does it matter if 4 out of 6 of Sotomayor’s rulings were reversed by the Supreme Court? Am I being unreasonable?

RomneyCare Causes Dysfunction

Here’s another reason why former Massachusetts Gov. Willard Mitt Romney‘s anti-free market, anti-choice, anti-privacy  Mandatory Health Insurance Law was not a good idea. You would think that someone who spent many years as a businessman and a “capitalist” would know that government shouldn’t entangle itself in any kind of industry, not even the health care industry regardless of good intentions, because it’s immediately politicized and these mandates and interferences cause such industries to become dysfunctional.

The Anti-Religious Left’s Religion

Isn’t it fascinating that the anti-religious Left are nevertheless trembling with religious zeal when it comes to such things as “global warming” or “climate change” or otherwise this environmentalism stuff of theirs? As Gary North writes in this piece here, the true ultimate goal of the environmentalists is to have a big, authoritarian government controlling just about every aspect of our daily lives. Just look at what this religion of environmentalism has done to the government-run schools. They have been literally terrorizing kids with doom-and-gloom, as well as stuffing their brains with nonsense.  And, just as  the health care industry is in crisis and is so expensive because of all the regulations, bureaucracy and taxes, we have an automobile industry in crisis for the same reasons, because of all the government-imposed demands and “cafe standards” that have done nothing but drive up the costs and reduce the quality of automobiles. And people, particularly those religiously zealous environmentalists, want the government to do even MORE of what it’s been doing, with the intention of making things better, which will mean they will make things even worse, such as with this Cap and Trade bill, if the Senate passes it. And then it’s on to further ruin health care, and on and on and on…But it’s really all in the name of the Left’s religion of State Worship. Now that’s the real sickness in our society that needs some healing.

Palin a Victim of Media Vultures

It appears that the vultures of the mainstream media have harassed and besieged Sarah Palin into resignation. Palin is a government reformer who has conservative values and believes in American Constitutional principles. God forbid she should get to Washington. The news media are mostly of the Left, and the Left worships government. Richard Nixon, the “Cover-Up President,” hated the press, but now we have a “Cover-Up Press” who did everything in their power and influence to get Barack Obama elected president. The media bow to Marxists and slander capitalists and conservatives and constitutionalists, and as they live their daily lives in the fantasy world of  “government should do this and government should do that,” they don’t realize that the capitalists are the ones who will protect their First Amendment Rights of Free Press and freedom of speech, while the Leftists, Marxists and socialists (i.e. Democrats) oppose things like that inconvenient First Amendment that protects everyone’s right to criticize and satirize the very government the mainstream media worship.

Unfortunately, today’s journalism schools are no longer teaching the students and future news writers and editors and anchors, reporters and producers to seek answers to who, what, why, when, where and how. Now, a career in journalism means being an activist, and a do-gooder. Use your role as a reporter to show what a good thing it is to have everything done by the government, and smear and crush anyone who criticizes that agenda. Even the older and more experienced people in the media have been doing nothing but drooling and foaming at the mouth for Left-wing and Democrat party politicians. However, there may be some hope yet, especially this past week when we see someone like White House kvetch Helen Thomas giving the White House spokesman a good whacking.

While I’m not one of Palin’s biggest fans, I really hope she makes a comeback at some point, and kicks those jackasses rights in the you-know-what!

Audit the Fed

I don’t know nearly as much about the Gold Standard as do Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell, but I do think that, given not just that the Feds have ruined the dollar but that the dollar has been its own piece of counterfeit in the first place, currency in general should be privatized. It should not be made, controlled, administered nor distributed by the government. With a market of different makers of competing currencies, the ones with the most quality and value would be the most popular and successful, and the ones with the least quality would fail, as with any other business. As soon as a commodity this important is controlled by the armed force of government, with its power and officialdom, the currency is then corrupted. And a government monopoly over money, forbidding any possible competitors, is more in line with fascism.

Unfortunately, the selfish, corrupt politicians don’t want to change the status quo because they love power. Power is not only corrupting, but it is as addictive as any drug. Just look at all those politicians and bureaucrats who go to Washington and stay there. They can’t overcome their addiction to government power. Just look at Alan Greenspan. It’s hard to believe that he wrote this article called Gold and Economic Freedom. That old schlep went from being an Ayn Rand capitalist to being a Big Government Control freak!

Perhaps “Washington” should be renamed “Corruptington” because of all the corrupting and dirtying they’re doing to our government. We need to put some “washing” back in “Washington” to get the dirt and filth out of it. Well, if we can’t get rid of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve (as well as the unconstitutional income tax and the capital gains tax), then at the very least Congress should act on Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed. He now has 245 co-sponsors, so I think that should be enough for House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank to get going on it (whether he likes it or not!). And, I’m sure President Obama doesn’t want all the illegalities lying underneath the Fed’s hood to be uncovered, but he still shouldn’t veto it once it’s been passed.

Grown Man Shouldn’t Have Little Boys in Bed With Him

In my previous post, when I referred to Michael Jackson as a “sicko perv,” you can say what you want about him and include the phrase “child molester” if you want to, but I believe in “presumption of innocence.” He was acquitted of that, but any grown man who has little boys in his bed over night–and he openly admitted to this–really is a “sicko” and a “perv,” because that’s perverted behavior, especially if you’re not related to the children. It’s perverted behavior because it’s an invasion of the children’s boundaries. Jackson overstepped those boundaries in doing that. It’s just wrong when people are invasive against others, especially children. I try to be understanding when he stated that he was abused as a little boy, and he felt his “childhood was taken away from him” because of being made to start in performing at such a young age. But that’s still no excuse for such invasive behavior towards little children.

More Fascism, More Idiocy

Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives voted for another huge increase in fascism and further erosion of our liberty. And, they took some time for a moment of silence to mourn the death of a sicko perv, of which there are many in Congress.

One hopes that the more sane among us will mourn the further loss of freedom that this Congress is taking away, and maybe next year’s elections can remove many of those now in Congress.