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Truth vs. Fiction in USSA Amerika

The Daily Caller with an article on Bob Woodward’s history of “alternative facts.”

Jacob Hornberger on the bizarre U.S. Bureaucracy prosecution of Maria Butina.

Zero Hedge with an article on Google “working to get Hillary Clinton elected” with “silent donation,” according to leaked internal email.

The Daily Caller with an article on FBI apparatchiks Peter Strzok and Lisa Page leaking to media just before Washington Post bombshell story related to Trump-Russia investigation.

Gregory Shupak on “maverick” media using John McCain funeral to shore up U.S. government imperialism.

John Whitehead comments on what he doesn’t like about life in post-9/11 America.

And a new James Corbett video on 9/11 war games. (What the mainstream media a.k.a. government media didn’t tell you.)

Why Is USGov Siding with Al-Qaeda?

Ron Paul asks, Why are we siding with al-Qaeda?

Now, as far as I’m concerned, Dr. Paul is really asking why is the U.S. government siding with al-Qaeda. But like many people Dr. Paul uses that collective pronoun “we” in the way as to suggest that “we” represents the “American people” via their representatives in Washington. That use of the collective pronoun “we” bothers me, because I am not siding with al-Qaeda, and I know that Dr. Paul is not siding with al-Qaeda. It’s the U.S. government and its “security” (sic) bureaucrats who have been giving aid such as weapons and cash to foreigners including “our” enemies. It’s not the American people doing that. As I had noted in an earlier post (that was 7 years ago, I guess Dr. Paul doesn’t read my blog, oh well) on Dr. Paul’s use of the collective pronoun “we,” ideas would be better understood especially by young people if one could clarify more specifically what one is referring to (especially when “we” just isn’t accurate).

Otherwise, Dr. Paul’s column is right on. Our government bureaucrats in Washington support many “bad guys” overseas, and there’s no good reason for it.


17 Years After the September 11th Attacks

Some of you were too young to know or understand what was going on on September 11, 2001 when the attacks occurred. After the attacks, the U.S. government put its already prepared Patriot Act into law that Bush signed. Congress attempted to pass that Act during the 1990s but it didn’t pass. They needed an excuse. It is very much related to Col. Oliver North’s Rex 84 proposal during the 1980s. You know, it’s that kind of questionable and immoral thing.

And Bush and the Congress then started their war in Afghanistan that was already planned prior to 9/11/01. Bush pushed to get his second Iraq war in 2002-03 which he got in order to finish the job his father the earlier Bush president started in 1991. Of course, the Amerikan sheeple went along with everything, except for the show-biz celebrities and the hard left who protested, which they suddenly stopped doing after Obama became President, even though Barack Obomber continued it and in some cases even escalated the aggressions that the two Bush Presidents started (and were continued by Bill Clinton throughout the 1990s).

The younger Bush gave us DHS, TSA and other un-American police state crimes against the liberty, security, persons and property of innocent people.

Of course, when 9/11 happened, there were those who said something like that was bound to happen. Not only because of the U.S. government and military’s intrusions and occupations in the Middle East prior to 9/11, which were seen as provocations, but also because of the war on Iraq that the earlier Bush started in 1991 and the sanctions which prevented the Iraqis from rebuilding infrastructure which led to skyrocketing disease and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Bill Clinton continued the bombings and sanctions throughout the 1990s, which led to the 9/11 attacks. The Cole bombing and African embassy bombings were warnings that government bureaucrats didn’t pay any attention to. (Asking corrupt, retarded criminals to understand the possible consequences of their illicit actions is too much to ask.)

I think that the apparatus in Washington has too much power and such power attracts the worst of the worst, the psychopaths of society, who thrive on power and love to intrude themselves into the territories of others. Psychopaths love to inflicts aggressions and intrusions against others, including their own. In this case, not only against foreigners but the Washington criminals’ own fellow Americans.

But they all get away with it because of the indoctrination that Amerikans receive in their earlier years to believe the lies their rulers tell them, the rationalizations of further governmental intrusions against them. It’s for your own good.

For those who really believe that “everything began with 9/11,” nope. We could say that it began when the Western nations carved up the Middle East after World War I, or after World War II, or various times. But I say it certainly began or at least greatly escalated when the U.S. government as ordered by elder Bush started its aggressions on Iraq in 1991. The national security state (and Bush was a CIA flunky and part of the national security state for decades up to that point) needed a justification for its continued parasitic existence after the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. They needed a new enemy.

Very Different Times Now

Justin Raimondo on the anonymous Trump official’s alleged New York Times op-ed announcing their deep state coup.

Tom Knapp also on the anonymous Trump official’s alleged New York Times op-ed announcing their deep state coup.

And Laurence Vance responds to conservatives’ defense of tariffs. (Why do conservatives reject the free market? Why are they so in favor of dependence on government control? It’s the same thing with them on the immigration issue, in my view.)

More on the Government/Media Complex

In his article on the Trump insurrection, Bill Sardi writes this about book publishers Simon and Schuckster:

Simon & Schuster is the publisher of both Omarosa’s book UNHINGED, and reporter Bob Woodward’s FEAR.

S & S is also the publisher of HARD CHOICES, a memoir of former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, published by in 2014.

Simon & Schuster is a subsidiary of CBS Corporation, part of the anti-Trump news media campaign. The question is, are these books fiction or non-fiction. Is CBS fomenting this political theatre for financial gain? It sells books!

Also relevant, especially given the recent New York Times op-ed that was supposedly written by a senior Trump White House official (but that I believe was written by a Times writer in cahoots with the “intelligence” [sic] community, and it’s all made up), are some other articles about the media/government complex:

Watergate revelations: the coup against Nixon, Part 2 of 3 by Russ Baker (a lot of info, including on Bob Woodward’s role in helping to take down Nixon on behalf of the “intelligence” (sic) community, and Parts 1-3 also detail George H.W. Bush’s involvement in the Nixon coup and JFK as well.)

The CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA by Glenn Greenwald.

NYT prints government-funded propaganda about government-funded propaganda by Adam Johnson.

Zero Dark Thirty: CIA hagiography, pernicious propaganda by Glenn Greenwald.

And this post by me.