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“The Obama/New York Times Plot to Overthrow Trump”

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss “The Obama/New York Times Plot to Overthrow Trump”:


David Stockman comments on the New Gray Lady, the New York Times’ most recent fictional essay on FBI viewing Donald Trump as a “national security threat.”

George Parry says the FBI prostituted itself.

And Tom Knapp says, Now more than ever, it’s clear the FBI must go.

(And also must go: the CIA, the NSA, DHS, ICE, TSA, and all the other unconstitutional three-letter word agencies in Washington.)

And speaking of the FBI and TSA, Becky Akers writes about the TSA molesters and the Stockholm Syndrome-suffering serfs who support them.

William Barr, Robert Mueller, and the New York Slimes

I heard some excerpts of today’s confirmation hearings of Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, William Barr, who said that the Mueller inquisition is NOT a “witch hunt” (after all he knows about it). Jeepers.

As I wrote already, Barr is an authoritarian statist, a “former” CIA flunky and thus a national security state apparatchik, as well as a vicious drug warrior, against prison reform, and is anti-immigration like Trump, i.e. extremely authoritarian.

Barr is a long-time friend of “special” counsel Robert Mueller, and I don’t see him actively wanting to expose the FBI and DOJ’s corruption and criminality in their falsely exonerating Hillary Clinton and their abusing FISA spying authority to go after Trump. He will be a cover-upper. Barr’s daughter, by the way, is a senior DOJ official, for drug policy. And if he recuses himself from the Mueller-Russia fishing expedition it would be just like Jeff Sessions, and, what, they’ll continue with the corrupt, conflicted Rod Rosenstein overseeing the investigation?

Moon of Alabama has this essay on how Obama enabled the FBI to spy on Trump. And Moon also addresses the recent New York Slimes propaganda piece on the FBI investigating Trump as a Putin asset. The Slimes makes stuff up and that piece is an example. Glenn Greenwald also spends time on the Slimes piece, and looks back to the J. Edgar Hoover FBI investigating high government officials as “national security threats.”

That the major news media outlets are not only taking people’s quotes out of context to make them look bad, or deliberately slanting an article by omitting key facts as a means of propagandizing against a certain public figure or issue is bad enough. But just making things up like a gossip rag is very bad. In fact, when these major news outlets are propagandizing like the Pravda, I think we really are in trouble. Some pundits have referred to that as “dangerous,” and it is.

So anyway, my conclusion is that with a Barr attorney general we will see a whitewashing of the DOJ and FBI criminality and corruption. The vast majority of Americans will continue to not be informed of the truth. Sad.

Commentary on Politics and Foreign Policy

Becky Akers comments on the new Detroit Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s profanity, idiocy, and degeneracy.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has an op-ed at The Hill writing that elected leaders who weaponize religion are playing a dangerous game. (referring to politicians opposing a judicial nominee for his Catholicism and his affiliation with the Knights of Columbus.)

Ray McGovern has a look back at James Clapper’s January 2017 “assessment” on Russia-gate.

Jim Antle on the shameful insubordination of John Bolton. (Bolton is the one who looks like he just drank some milk. Oh wait a minute, he’s really foaming at the mouth. Sorry.)

Jacob Hornberger says that assassination is not justice.

And Jerrod Laber says the temptation for preventative war just won’t go away.

News and Commentary

Jacob Hornberger on the welfare statist, pro-taxation conservatives. No different from the leftists.

Timothy Sandefur comments on Tucker Carlson’s anti-free market, anti-capitalism views. No surprise there. And this goes with Carlson and his fellow Trumpistas’ anti-immigration, anti-foreigner, anti-private property and Build-The-Wall stuff, quite frankly. I’ll have more to say about all that soon. But the truth is, socialists build government walls to obstruct markets and freedom, while true capitalists don’t build government walls and instead promote free enterprise, free markets, and private property.

Alex Nowrasteh criticizes the government’s own immigration and crime data.

J.R. Dunn on Mark Felt and the “collusion” conspiracy.

Laurence Vance asks, How long should the work day be?

Gideon Levy says that in 2018, Israel’s mask finally came off.

And Adam Hudson discusses Guantanamo FBI-CIA cahooting.

The Incredible Mueller-Russia Fiasco

Here is my latest article on Activist Post, The Incredible Mueller-Russia Fiasco

January 5, 2019

At the time of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the mainstream media had already launched their propaganda campaign against “fake news,” i.e. real investigative reporting from alternative news sources not government propaganda-distribution (i.e. mainstream media).

The Washington Post began the anti-honest journalism campaign coinciding with the Obama DOJ and FBI’s targeting of the Trump campaign in “Russia collusions,” with WaPo’s post-election article, “Russian propaganda effort to spread ‘fake news’ during the election.”

Even at that early time, plenty of objective people could see that this was already a witch hunt. As I wrote and documented last July, many in the news media colluded with the Clinton campaign to help Hillary while pushing the false “Trump-Russia” narrative.

Well, it appears that the Obama DOJ, FBI and CIA also attempted to help Clinton win the 2016 election, and at the same time trying to oust Trump.

This is an extremely elaborate case involving a combination of criminal abuse of governmental powers and propaganda. Chances are, most people who rely on mainstream news media for information probably do not know any or much of what follows here. (Please read linked articles for further information.)

To begin, in the Washington Post‘s mid-2016 article, “Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump,” the main source of that assertion is the DNC’s cyber firm, CrowdStrike, one of whose founders had ties to an anti-Russian think tank in Washington, and was proven to use faulty software. However, there is also an exploit that intelligence agencies have used to associate “Russian fingerprints” with hacks.

This July, 2016 New York Times article states, “…Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, argued on ABC’s This Week that the emails were leaked ‘by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump’ citing ‘experts’ but offering no other evidence.”

Former NSA analyst William Binney and CIA analyst Ray McGovern have shown even more holes in the Russia-“hacking” narrative, by demonstrating that the DNC emails were not hacked remotely but were accessed directly and leaked to WikiLeaks, probably by a DNC insider. Former British ambassador Craig Murray had confirmed this.

Then there was Hillary Clinton’s claim that “17 intelligence agencies” concluded that Russians meddled in the 2016 election. But it was really 4, not 17. At least, that is what former director of national intelligence James Clapper stated in testimony.

Claims of “Russia hacking U.S. election systems” were continuously debunked. And investigative journalist Gareth Porter has this further analysis.

Former FBI director James Comey and former NSA director Mike Rogers both testified that they were not aware of any evidence to show the 2016 election was hacked.

In early 2017, when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was negotiating with U.S. government officials for “limited immunity” in exchange for Assange’s refraining from releasing further CIA-related documents, such talks were squashed by then-FBI director James Comey and Sen. Mark Warner, because Assange was also going to provide evidence which ruled out Russia as the source of the DNC leaks, according to Ray McGovern of Consortium News and John Solomon of The Hill.

The Obama FBI, DOJ and CIA’s attempt to set up Trump and his campaign associates in an elaborate frame-up

In mid-2016, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and others met in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer, supposedly because the Russian lawyer had some campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton. The meeting may have been a set-up.

Also the Russian lawyer had been given a special visa under “extraordinary circumstances” by attorney general Loretta Lynch, who had Manafort’s phone tapped during that meeting. So FBI director James Comey lied to Congress when denying Trump’s claim that Trump Tower was “wiretapped.”

In early January 2017 Obama issued an order to allow intelligence agencies to share surveillance data on Americans.

And then it turns out that Obama national security advisor Susan Rice requested the “unmasking” of names of people caught up in the illegal surveillance of Trump campaign and transition associates, and had the names given to the heads of various national security agencies, including the director of national intelligence James Clapper, the Department of Defense and the CIA.

And it wasn’t just the names of people but Rice allegedly ordered spreadsheets of the persons surveilled and their legal phone calls as well, and, according to the Daily Caller, “many hands had to be involved throughout the Obama administration to launch such a political spying program.”

Apparently Bloomberg and the New York Times were sitting on the Susan Rice “unmasking” story in order to protect the Obama administration from embarrassment.

Clapper and acting attorney general Sally Yates also admitted to reviewing Trump campaign people’s communications, according to Sharyl Attkisson, who also quotes from a Stratfor internal email leaked to WikiLeaks stating that “[John] Brennan [then an Obama Homeland Security adviser] is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists…”

And we know that John Brennan’s CIA spied on the U.S. Senate as well. Then it turns out that Brennan and Obama’s director of national intelligence James Clapper had also been spying on U.S. intelligence workers to go after legitimate whistleblowers.

Mueller’s irrelevant indictments

Mueller indicted Paul Manafort with charges going back to the mid-2000s, totally unrelated to the Russia-2016 election investigation, for which Manafort had attempted to sue Mueller for going beyond his assignment as “special counsel.”

The grand jury handing down the indictments were apparently “Trump haters.” Wrote Richard Johnson of Page Six: “‘The grand jury room looks like a Bernie Sanders rally,’ my source said. ‘Maybe they found these jurors in central casting, or at a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley [Calif.]’.”

And then in February 2018 Mueller handed down indictments to “13 Russians and three companies,” according to the New York Times, charging them with “conspiracy to defraud the United States” and “conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud.”

However, Moon of Alabama points out that the operation was really just a click-bait marketing scheme to make money, and that’s basically it.

So the case that Russia changed any U.S. 2016 election results via social media is shaky at best.

Further, to Mueller’s surprise one of the indicted Russians unexpectedly appeared in court to fight the charges.

But later, in July 2018 Mueller indicted 12 more Russian agents, supposedly of Russia’s intelligence agency the GRU, this time to do with “hacking” the DNC and the Clinton campaign computers, once again with no evidence produced, as Moon of Alabama and Joe Lauria explained.

Trump campaign associate and briefly national security advisor Mike Flynn was entrapped. That entrapment began just days after the Trump inauguration. The FBI even set him up by telling Flynn that he wouldn’t need a lawyer in his interview with the FBI.

One probable reason why Flynn insisted on pleading guilty to lying to FBI even though investigators didn’t think he had lied was the possibility that Mueller was going after Flynn’s son.

George Neumayr of The American Spectator wrote about the early John Brennan CIA-British GCHQ spy ring, spying on Trump associates especially Mike Flynn in 2014 and ’15, well before Trump announced his Presidential run. The Hill’s John Solomon expands on the London connection to Russia-gate.

According to Fox News, Rudy Giuliani referred to Brennan as the “quarterback” who passed the unverified Steele dossier on to Sen. Harry Reid. And Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel called Brennan the “ringmaster” of the whole thing.

To spy on the Trump campaign in 2016, the Obama FBI and DOJ relied on unverified information, mainly from the notorious “Steele dossier,” to get judges to sign on to the FISA spying applications, according to Andrew McCarthy.

The FBI relied heavily on the Steele dossier to present it as “evidence” against Trump associates to obtain the FISA warrants, even though they knew that Christopher Steele, hired by Fusion GPS, had lied to them and was not credible, according to Byron York of the Washington Examiner. (i.e. the FBI lied to the FISA court judges, which is not a surprise, given the FBI’s own shady history.) Zero Hedge provides informative specifics on the FISA warrant applications.

Despite knowing that the Steele dossier was, in James Comey’s words, “salacious and unverified,” Robert Mueller continued to rely on the dossier anyway, according to Real Clear Investigations.

The Daily Caller reported that a CIA and FBI informant named Stefan Halper had infiltrated the Trump campaign to spy on Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. And then it was revealed by Naxios that Halper had gotten Trump administration economic advisor Peter Navarro to recommend Halper for a top position in the administration.

There was a second spy, supposedly on behalf of the Obama administration, who had approached Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo and campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis. Caputo implicated the Obama director of national intelligence James Clapper, according to Zero Hedge.

Incidentally, Glenn Greenwald reported that Stefan Halper had previously been a Jimmy Carter administration spy in the Reagan 1980 campaign. (Can you make this stuff up?)

The FBI has admitted it used multiple spies to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

FBI agents “insurance policy”

Mid-2016 texts between a top FBI counter-intelligence agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page came to light, in which they discussed an “insurance policy” should Donald Trump win the presidency.

Strzok was investigating the Hillary email scandal and was also the one who interviewed Trump campaign aide and future national security advisor Mike Flynn.

Apparently, President Barack Obama was not “our of the loop,” during all these shenanigans, according to the New York Post. Sad.

Andrew McCarthy of National Review discussed the Peter Strzok/Lisa Page emails and texts and how the Trump-Russia investigation really began while Obama was still President.

In September, 2018 Rep. Mark Meadows revealed April 2017 texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page suggesting forming a “media leak strategy” with the DOJ, and subsequent texts indicate articles in the Press that were damaging to Carter Page apparently from the leaked information, according to Daily Caller.

And according to John Solomon of The Hill, the FBI lawyer Lisa Page had apparently testified before a closed-door congressional committee that Strzok had texted her that “there’s no big there there,” regarding any possible evidence against Trump associates and Russia collusions. But they continued with investigations anyway with the hope for impeachment, for political reasons.

The real “Russian collusions”

But it was Hillary Clinton who was inviting Vladimir Putin to “Pay for Play” events at the Clinton Foundation. Following Hillary’s Uranium One deal while she was at the State Department, the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from Uranium One shareholders. The FBI threatened an informant to keep quiet about linking the Foundation to a Russian “bribery, extortion and money laundering case.” (More.)

And according to forensic investigators, the Clinton Foundation allegedly operated as a “foreign agent,” and not as a “501c3 charitable foundation.” The whistleblower investigators had already given the IRS and FBI such information in 2017.

But wait. It turns out that the FBI had raided the home of a different Clinton Foundation whistleblower because he had given documents over to the DOJ inspector general and House and Senate intelligence committee members, documents showing potential criminal activity at the Foundation. The FBI spent 6 hours ransacking the whistleblower’s home, despite the individual’s protected status under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act.

On the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the FBI turned down FOIA requests for information based on “lack of public interest.” According to Judicial Watch, the State Department worked with Hillary to cover up the email logs and schedules.

Further, then-FBI director James Comey was already working on a Hillary exoneration statement even before the FBI interviewed Clinton. And then FBI edited the exoneration to change the words “gross negligence” to “extremely careless,” to turn what would have been a criminal indictment into merely a slap on the wrist.

To get an idea as to how objective James Comey is regarding Hillary Clinton, Breitbart has this article on the cozy relationship between Comey and the Clinton Foundation, the millions of dollars Comey received from Lockheed Martin the same year Lockheed donated to the Clinton Foundation, Lockheed’s “17 approvals for private contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department” in 2010, Comey’s involvement with London HSBC Holdings, DLA Piper, and Comey’s brother, Peter Comey.

Back to FBI-DOJ bias and collusions

Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom said that there was a plot of “high-ranking” people in the intelligence community, “not just the FBI,” to aid Hillary Clinton’s avoiding being indicted and to damage Donald Trump, according to Zero Hedge. Kallstrom especially accused Obama CIA director John Brennan of direct involvement as well as leaking to the media.

Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe canceled testimony before the House Intelligence Committee when news surfaced that the “wife of Senior DOJ official Bruce Ohr worked for Fusion GPS,” according to Zero Hedge. Fusion GPS was the firm hired by the DNC to do opposition research on Donald Trump. Christopher Steele (of the notorious “Steele dossier”) was hired by Fusion GPS.

McCabe, who had been criticized by the DOJ inspector general, had also testified that James Comey directed the FBI to “ambush” Mike Flynn.

The inspector general also confirmed the FBI Clinton email investigators’ extreme anti-Trump bias, their unjustified exoneration of Hillary Clinton, and that Barack Obama lied about the Hillary private email server and that James Comey knew that Obama had lied about it.

Because then-attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein took charge of it. That was despite Rosenstein’s egregious conflicts of interest in the matter: Rosenstein was one of the DOJ officials who signed a FISA warrant that was based on the unverified Steele dossier, and Rosenstein was friends of James Comey and Robert Mueller.

In May of 2017 Trump had fired FBI director James Comey, who then leaked his memos (regarding Trump’s asking him to end the investigation of Mike Flynn) to the New York Times, via Comey’s law professor friend. Trump had been advised by deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein to fire Comey. After Trump fired Comey, Trump was then being investigated for obstruction of justice apparently by the one who advised him to fire Comey, Rod Rosenstein. Huh.

It turns out that Rosenstein had expressed wanting to secretly record conversations with Trump and also had mentioned possibly making use of the 25th Amendment to get rid of Trump.

For all the above reasons, Donald Trump really ought to order the DOJ to declassify and unredact documents, not just the FBI’s FISA applications but also important emails among Comey, FBI investigators and DOJ lawyers, which will refute the original and much repeated allegations of “Trump-Russia collusions.”

Contrary to the London-to-Langley claims of possibly revealing “sources and methods” and compromising “national security,” the redactions and declassification will merely embarrass the spooks by exposing their shenanigans and criminality.

So there were collusions between DNC lawyers and the FBI to use made-up information in a dossier to illegally obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, and the Mueller kangaroo inquisition really began as a political insurance plan.


After the Flynn and Manafort indictments that weren’t related to the 2016 election and “Russia collusions,” in desperation the Mueller people and the FBI raided the offices of then-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Mueller has gotten Cohen in a plea deal and probably an agreement by Cohen to lie about Trump based on what the Mueller people told Cohen to say, and not the truth, in my view.

Out of desperation, the Mueller team have also attempted to coerce investigative reporter Jerome Corsi to deliberately lie in return for a plea deal, which he will not do, and instead Corsi is suing Mueller.

And Mueller has now been accused of destruction of evidence. No surprise there. It’s all a part of Mueller’s ongoing crime spree, I suppose.

Regarding the biased media, Chuck Todd interviewed James Clapper on March 5, 2017, asking Clapper if any evidence exists to prove any collusion between Trump and Russians.

Clapper told Chuck Todd: “We did not include any evidence in our report, and I say, ‘our,’ that’s N.S.A., F.B.I. and C.I.A., with my office, the Director of National Intelligence, that had anything, that had any reflection of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report.”

And Todd asked if the evidence actually exists, and Clapper answered, “Not to my knowledge,” and “we had no evidence of such collusion.”

Senators such as Chris Coons and Dianne Feinstein have also spoken of lack of evidence.

Do you mean that for nearly two years since then Chuck Todd (and others in the media) continued with “Trump-Russia collusions,” despite knowing that there was no evidence to support such a narrative?

And then there is Felix Sater, a.k.a. “Individual 2,” who, as an FBI informant since 1998, had infiltrated the Trump organization as early as 2003. That sure tells us something.

Activist Post | Creative Commons 2019

News and Commentary on the Latest Issues with the National Security State

Gareth Porter says that Trump needs to replace his national security team with truly dissident figures.

Alan Macleod on our poor, defenseless military industrial complex.

Max Blumenthal says that critics of Syria withdrawal fueled the rise of ISIS.

Eric Boehm says that Trump has already abandoned his half-hearted attempt to cut military spending.

And Zero Hedge with an article on Giuliani wanting Mueller investigated for destruction of FBI evidence.

Important Articles, News and Commentary

Allen Mendenhall on Hayek’s case for decentralized communities.

Glenn Greenwald writes about the latest phenomenon in Amerika of employment hiring policies and government laws being imposed prohibiting the boycotting or criticizing of Israel, including having to sign loyalty oaths (to Israel, but not to the U.S.).

Zero Hedge with an article on U.K. spy Christopher Steele admitting he was hired to help Hillary Clinton challenge the 2016 election. So the information in the Steele dossier was false, and it was Hillary who was colluding with the Russians against Donald Trump. But will the anti-Trump Mueller people care about the truth? Nope.

Law professor Jonathan Turley on former FBI director James Comey’s lack of ethics and professionalism.

Doug French says ignoring the bureaucracy isn’t the same as dismantling it.

Alexander Adams discusses the FBI spying on writers.

Robert Wenzel on Wall Street Journal joining Trump in calling for the Fed to stop raising interest rates.

And Health Impact News on medical kidnapping, Big Pharma, and the U.S. foster care system.

More Very Important Articles

Jacob Hornberger explains the U.S. national security state and how it came to existence after World War II, a system of authoritarian rule that the American Founders had not intended to exist.

The Future of Freedom Foundation has republished The Sanctifying of Plunder, an excerpt from Leonard Read’s book, Castles in the Air.

Becky Akers still doesn’t like the TSA.

Don Boudreaux on Trump’s wall, a wall of disgrace.

Zero Hedge with an article on Mueller destroying messages from anti-Trump FBI agent’s iPhone; OIG recovers 19,000 “FBI lovebird” texts.

And Tho Bishop says the State is influencing Big Tech’s “unpersoning” — Now imagine if the State takes over health care.

The National Security State’s Useful Idiots in the Media

It really is sad to see professional journalists acting as government propagandists, i.e. de facto bureaucrats themselves, on behalf of an agenda at the expense of the truth. And we see that a lot now in Amerika especially to do with pathological Trump hatred. And I am not a Trump supporter, as many people here know.

Quite a few writers have now channeled Paul Craig Roberts with the moniker he has assigned to the mainstream Press as “presstitutes,” referring to mainstream news media chumps letting themselves be used by “anonymous intelligence sources” or “unnamed government officials” (or by people who are named) to advance an agenda at the expense of actual investigative reporting or being the “adversarial” Fourth Estate they are expected to be. That is, challenging assertions of bureaucrats and corporate flunkies, demanding answers, investigating the issues.

Instead, the news media have been plagued with activist do-gooders who have been brainwashed into believing that suppressing the truth about stories and merely repeating what bureaucrats tell them without question is “good journalism.”

But sadly, while some of the news media really are dishonest and intentionally promoting “fake news,” as I wrote about in my article on that a few months ago, I think that many of them are also just plain dumb, ignorant and/or gullible sheeple. It just never occurs to them to check what an “important source” in the bureaucracy tells them and that he might be lying to them. And as far as ignorance is concerned, like the population in general, many of them are just ignorant of history, science, economics, and did not have effective training in or encouragement of having critical thinking skills. And now with the “snowflake” generation, emotion is everything and thinking is suppressed.

Regarding the world-wide hatred for Donald Trump and the drooling drive to get rid of him, former CIA analyst and political activist Ray McGovern notes how investigative journalist Robert Parry may have had strokes and died because the “prostitution of the profession he loved so much” (journalism) may have been “too much; it’s just too much, too much.”

McGovern quotes Parry from a late article prior to Parry’s death:

More and more I would encounter policymakers, activists and, yes, journalists who cared less about a careful evaluation of the facts and logic and more about achieving a pre-ordained geopolitical result –and this loss of objective standards reached deeply into the most prestigious halls of American media. This perversion of principles –twisting information to fit a desired conclusion – became the modus vivendi of American politics and journalism. And those of us who insisted on defending the journalistic principles of skepticism and evenhandedness were increasingly shunned by our colleagues … Everything became ‘information warfare.’ …

Ironically, many ‘liberals’ who cut their teeth on skepticism about the Cold War and the bogus justifications for the Vietnam War now insist that we must all accept whatever the U.S. intelligence community feeds us, even if we’re told to accept the assertions on faith.

Sad. And Parry said that Trump hatred “had become like some invasion of the body snatchers,” a great analogy, in my view. However, in some cases there has been intentional dishonesty. But in other cases, there are members of the Press who are extremely infatuated with governmental powers, probably because they were raised to worship the government like a god, or like their mommy and daddy.

Besides my article in August on “fake news,” I also pointed out how what we have in the media is not the “liberal media” (although yes in the social agenda of many of them), but the government media. Not just journalism media but others in the academia and “intelligentsia” who promote and glorify the State and its god-like powers.

For example, Glenn Greenwald pointed to court historian Douglas Brinkley’s fawning interview of Barack Obama, and that “journalists joyously dance with top officials, swing on their tires, are creepily grateful when they’re sprayed in the face by their squirt guns, and play fun beach games with the very campaign officials they’re ostensibly covering.”

Yech. And as I further wrote in that earlier post, some examples provided by Greenwald have included Bob Schieffer kissing up to former NSA directer Michael Hayden, and Bob Shieffer hatchet-jobbing Ron Paul on foreign policy. And Scott Pelley’s “13 uninterrupted minutes of drooling propaganda” interview of Obama defense secretary Leon Panetta, how Wired manipulated chat logs to aid and abet the government’s persecution of Army whistleblower Bradley Manning, and Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross’s anti-Iran fear-mongering (things haven’t changed much).

Back to Trump. So besides Trump’s being rude and oftentimes insulting people like Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly, he has also criticized the national security state and elitists in Washington, especially during the 2016 campaign. And those apparatchiks there didn’t like that.

The real news has been that elements within the FBI and DOJ and their media sycophants including the Washington Post made up this “Trump-Russia collusions” and Trump-Russia “hacking and manipulating the 2016 election” in order to frame Donald Trump and to get rid of him. The same elements in the FBI and DOJ also falsely exonerated Hillary Clinton in her corruption with her email scandal and Clinton Foundation. And there is plenty of evidence to back that up, while there is no evidence to this day that proves “Trump-Russia collusions” in changing election results.

But the news media have been reporting otherwise, haven’t they? That is because they shill for the national security state, the same national security state that reads their emails, listens to their phone calls, S.W.A.T.-raids their homes or hacks their computers if their reporting goes against the grain of the apparatchiks of the national security state. Why do the media shill and propagandize? Because they are True Believers? Or because they are extremely gullible and naive and believe what FBI or CIA agents tell them?

But also because they are agenda driven. For example, the gun control agenda, in which they will only play sound bites of quotes by Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi (“How many more people have to die until we finally wake up?” “We need stricter gun legislation,” etc., etc.), but never or rarely quotes by people pointing out “Well, if someone there had been armed he or she could have taken out the shooter before those remaining 54 people could be killed,” “Gun-free zones attract the shooters because they know no one is armed who could shoot back,” “Criminals don’t obey laws against assault, murder or rape, why would they obey gun laws?” etc. You know, those rational points that the mainstream media don’t want people to hear because such points refute the irrationality of emotion-based anti-self-defense arguments.

And this anti-Trump obsession is not new. So far, the media in collusion with the national security state have still not taken down Donald Trump. There just is no evidence against Trump to prove what he has been accused of. And now people are pointing to Michael Cohen, a proven liar and sleazebag, as though his testimony is actually reliable or respectable.

But the national security state with the aid of news media colluders did take down a sitting President, and an awful statist at that, just as Trump is. It is very possible that what the mainstream media had been reporting on Watergate and the burglary is not the true story behind the story, and in fact it might very well be that Richard Nixon was set up by the national security state with that Watergate burglary and cover-up. CIA goons such as E. Howard Hunt participated in the burglary. Nixon had been trying to thaw relations with Russia and China, and the national security state didn’t like that one bit. And they had media helping to take down Nixon, including Bob Woodward.

And we see it now how Trump is trying to thaw relations with Russia, and the sycophants of the mainstream media huff and puff in their devotion to the national security state and its dependence on conflict, belligerence, and living high off the hog on taxpayer dollars.

Although, this mainstream media pathological hatred of Trump is like never before, apparently. It seems like mostly a personal thing. They just don’t like him. Well I don’t like him either, but I still think the truth is important.