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Category: History

On the Wars, the Government Military, More Reasons Against Central Planning

Gareth Porter writes about America’s permanent-war complex.

Murray Rothbard on World War I as fulfillment: power and the intellectuals.

David Stockman discusses how Woodrow Wilson ruined everything.

Joe Jarvis writes about why the most expensive military ever still can’t win a war.

Aaron Merat with the story on the wild wild story of the MEK: terrorists, cultists, or champions of Iranian democracy?

And Health Impact News asks, Did a military experimental vaccine in 1918 kill 50-100 million people blamed as “Spanish Flu”?

Articles to Remind People Exactly What You’re Voting for Today

Ron Paul says that censorship and gun control will not make us safe.

Zero Hedge with an article on fascist Orwellian AI “lie detectors” coming to airports and border checkpoints. (That’s right, sheeple. Vote for Democrats and Republicans who are giving us this ****.)

Jacob Hornberger says that Brent Taylor did not die for God, family and country.

And Nick Turse on America’s forgotten Vietnamese victims.

Reading for a New Understanding of the Origins of the Modern Age

Charles Burris provides some background on the “origins of modern science, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and their roots in esoteric knowledge and occult traditions with the religious, philosophical and political implications which are largely unknown to the general public. These scholarly works have revolutionized and transformed how we view the history of the past 500 years and the beginnings of the Modern Age to the present.” Articles and books that also include the ideological and intellectual background on America’s founding.