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Fascist Face Mask Mandates and Shutdown Orders of Corrupt Bureaucrats

And now the Everyone-Must-Wear-a-Face-Mask mandate goes into effect in the Twilight Zone state of Massachusetts, per order of the fascist governor Charlie Baker, a.k.a. Charlie Half-Baker.

And this despite the fact that the masks may actually be ineffective and not be a good filter to prevent so-called coronavirus or other viruses, germs or contaminants from getting onto the mucous membranes or inhaled.

And there are other problems with keeping a mask covering your mouth and nose, one reason being that you might inhale more carbon dioxide (that you have just exhaled) and not getting enough oxygen. And this goes especially for people running or jogging, or doing some heavy lifting or carrying heavy items or doing work of some sort. Those people shouldn’t have the masks covering their mouths and noses.

Add to that the possibility of the user causing contaminants to get on or inside the mask if one touches the mask such as to adjust it, or when just putting it on, after touching some other objects that might be contaminated.

But we have these ignorant and/or criminal sadist governors and mayors who are making the masses wear these goddamn masks. These people are truly evil people.

And all that is in addition to the lockdowns, illegal home imprisonments of the masses, the shutting down of businesses and arresting businesspeople if they dare to disobey. You would have to be evil to order all these things to be done to the people you were elected to serve.

Gov. Charlie Half-Baker also says that we have to keep everything in place “until a vaccine is ready,” which may be a long time, or to “slow the spread” or “flatten the curve” so as to not overwhelm the hospitals. Yet, the hospitals have not been overwhelmed and in fact they have not been busy at all, regardless of the propaganda and fear-mongering rhetoric.

Hmm, I wonder what pharmaceutical companies Charlie Half-Baker is in cahoots with, or donate to his campaign. Hmmm.

For instance, MassLive says,

Many of those who contributed [to Baker’s inauguration committee] have business interests with state government.

For example, Baker is planning to introduce a major health care bill. Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders has said she wants to curb the growth of drug prices.

Tufts Health Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and hospital operator Steward Health Care all gave $25,000 to Baker’s inauguration. (Baker is a former executive of Harvard Pilgrim.) The pharmaceutical lobbying group PhRMA and Fallon Community Health Plan each gave $10,000.

We better keep people under house arrest “until a vaccine is available.” What is it with this vaccine worship throughout society? Why are the masses brainwashed like this?

So Charlie Half-Baker imposes fascist orders on the people, and they support him in their own enslavement and imprisonment. Over 84% of the Massachusetts sheeple support Baker’s restrictions and mandates. Even though the business shutdowns, job losses, bankruptcies and house arrests will cause many more stress-related new illnesses and preventable deaths than would otherwise have happened, and certainly more deaths from COVID-19, which is now being shown to have a much lower than 1% fatality rate. This is a scamdemic.

That shows the effectiveness of propaganda and fear-mongering by these criminal bureaucrats, and the ignorance and laziness of the mainstream news media who merely just repeat whatever the bureaucrats tell them, word for word. They are pathetic!

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What Motivates the Bureaucrats to Act Like Psychopaths?

I don’t know whether the governors and mayors ordering businesspeople to close their businesses and ordering the people to have to stay in and not go out was intentional, like the governors knew ahead of time all the extra stress they would be inflicting on people, the further illnesses and even deaths they would be causing. I just don’t know.

It’s possible that some of them are insane psychopaths and love inflicting pain and suffering on innocent people.

Oh, goodie, look how the masses so easily obey orders and close everything down and wear ineffective masks just because we ordered them to do so, and based on our fear-mongering and making them panic…Heh, look how they’re hoarding all the toilet paper and disinfectant spray…

So power grabbing and usurping is an important factor.

And I really believe that some (or possibly a lot) of the Wall Street “panic selling” was not entirely panic selling but intentional, to cause the markets to crash as they did. Based on what I have heard or read, many of the Wall Street traders and brokers are “woke” SJWs, who share in the blind hatred of Donald Trump we see in the media and by politicians.

I can see the resentment and really the anger that a lot of Trump-hating people were feeling when seeing that some of his policies had spurred the economy, with the Dow shooting up 10,000 points since Trump became President, and the lowest unemployment rates especially for black and Hispanic Americans. It appears to me that the “woke” ones on Wall Street wanted to take all that away, at all cost.

That’s just my theory on that, that the selling off was in part intentional.

And then, besides the loony-tunes wanting to destroy society toward their socialist paradise, there are the idiots in politics who also hate Trump, like governors and mayors.

The orders by governors to close down businesses and put people out of work. You think that was all about some virus? Political hacks all across America could see their hated Trump getting reelected in November especially on his economy achievements, and they wouldn’t allow that.

Most political office holders have never actually owned their own business and have no idea what it’s like.

And the fact that millions of people would be put out of work, factories shut down, etc., whatever. “We have to defeat Trump.” There is also this desire among the brainwashed to bring on a totally government-controlled society, by destroying what we have now.

But the political hacks probably didn’t think about future food shortages in America. Like, it could never happen here. There’s always food. But we’re talking about very short-sighted thugs, frankly, who are attracted to government power and control, right?

The idiot governors and mayors are not considering the longer term consequences of their fascist and draconian policies of business shut-downs and stay-at-home orders.

Bureaucrats are narcissistic and short-sighted and only think in the short term.

Their intention is to “save lives,” by ordering businesses shut down. The short-term, immediate gratification aspect of these fascist orders is that they satisfy the bureaucrats’ lust for power and control, their Hitlerian dictator impulses. They LOVE ordering others around.

For instance, with what the bureaucrats are doing now, people do not have freedom of choice, to decide whether or not to go into a business in which they understand there may be a possible health risk doing so.

But there is always some risk in going out and about in public. There are always bacteria, germs and viruses. You just have to keep yourself well-nourished to keep your immune system strong.

The fascists do not believe the people should have that freedom of choice to take the risk. Fascists believe they know what’s best for you, and that their imprisonment orders are for your own good.

(Here is Larken Rose in a video on how the bureaucrats and government office holders actually see you, the people.)

But in the longer term the bureaucrats will cause deaths. All the heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses associated with people not having life-saving treatments and surgeries (that ironically the fascists call “elective” and “non-essential” surgeries!), and the extra STRESS these criminal bureaucrats are causing, of business owners and workers being thrown out of a job! And your f***ing little “stimulus” checks will not compensate for what is lost, for what has been stolen from them, you bureaucrat scum!

And I have heard that one motive behind the governors’ authoritarian decrees is just that: to get those $billion “stimulus” checks for their states. Many states are in near bankruptcy, and one reason is because they have so many “jobs,” and some “no-show” jobs with 6-figure salaries, that are “HACK jobs,” and those public pensions that private sector workers can only dream of.

And speaking of high unemployment levels now, are any of these government bureaucrats going to be laid off? Will any bureaucracies be cut or eliminated? Yeah, FAT CHANCE!

Especially in Massachusetts. Gov. Charlie Half-Baker protects those hack jobs and his cronies. Half-Baker is pleading to CONgress for those federal stimulus checks, even though the state had a $1 billion budget surplus in December, and has a “Rainy Day Fund” of $3.5 billion!

So the hacks in Boston want MORE from the taxpayers of Utah, Mississippi, and South Dakota! (Massachusetts state government is a “Hackarama,” as Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr calls it.)

So these politicians don’t care about “saving lives,” and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. They just care about power and control. And being life-long parasites.

There is one very good explanation in political economic terms by Hans-Hermann Hoppe of why government bureaucrats are so short-sighted and exploitative of public funds and feeding at the public trough as they always do, without even using a napkin.

Hoppe’s comparison is when a government is owned by the public but under the control of bureaucrats (like we have now) and when it is owned by a monarchy, in which the King or Queen is the owner of the whole territory.

Hoppe writes:

As the owner of the capital stock on “his” territory, the king will be comparatively future-oriented. In order to preserve or enhance the value of his property, he will exploit only moderately and calculatingly. In contrast, a temporary and interchangeable democratic caretaker does not own the country, but as long as he is in office he is permitted to use it to his advantage. He owns its current use but not its capital stock. This does not eliminate exploitation. Instead, it makes exploitation shortsighted (present-oriented) and uncalculated, i.e., carried out without regard for the value of the capital stock.


a private government owner (a monarch) will want to avoid exploiting his subjects so heavily, for instance, as to reduce his future earnings potential to such an extent that the present value of his estate actually falls. Instead, in order to preserve or possibly even enhance the value of his personal property, he will systematically restrain himself in his exploitation policies…. In distinct contrast… public government ownership will result in continual capital consumption. Instead of maintaining or even enhancing the value of the government estate, as a private owner would tend to do, a government’s temporary caretaker will quickly use up as much of the government resources as possible….

Temporary government caretakers like Gov. Charlie Half-Baker, in other words.

So the Rulers are real psychopaths who are drawn to such positions of power over others, and spewing their fear-mongering propaganda and are literally terrorizing the people.

And because of the terrorist fear-mongering, now instead of understanding that the COVID-19 is only as serious as a flu or bad cold and while .1% to .2% of those who have it actually die, many propagandized people instead really believe that if they have it they WILL die from it! That is what fear-mongering and propaganda will do, getting people to panic in fear and submission.

And it appears that this Trump hatred combined with the fanatical followers of the dream to create a socialist paradise has hypnotized many people to act like crazed lunatics, willing to destroy the entire country.

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Government Bureaucrat Scum Creating a COVID Cult

So we now know without a doubt that this COVID-19 is very much like the flu or a bad cold, regardless of the propaganda and lies coming from the government and media.

The Stanford University study I referred to before, concluding that the COVID-19 infection fatality rate being .1% to .2%, is now backed by a University of Miami study, which sees the infection fatality rate at .17%, and several other recent studies as well. Not even 1%.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, the so-called infectious disease “expert,” was saying in January and February that the coronavirus was not a threat and that people shouldn’t worry about it, and there was no need to change your daily habits.

In the New England Journal of Medicine from February 28, 2020, Fauci wrote, “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza.”

That was before he decided to go into terrorist propaganda mode, apparently.

Despite the bureaucrats’ propaganda and fear-mongering since then, those more recent studies show that COVID-19 is NOT more deadly than the flu, and in fact may be not as deadly as the flu, given that we know that tens of thousands of people die from the flu each year in the U.S. In the 2017-2018 flu season it was 80,000 people.

And then we hear about the CDC changing their guidelines on classifying COVID deaths as including not only actual COVID deaths but deaths from heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease but who either tested positive for coronavirus or were being presumed to have COVID-19 even though the patient died from something else entirely.

Additionally, the CDC now counts as COVID-19 deaths those who were “presumed” COVID deaths even though they were never tested for it!

So there’s a lot of cheating and lying going on from the CDC.

Massachusetts is now going along with the CDC cheating. According to the Boston Globe, “Officials are now classifying as infected those who were likely stricken by the virus but did not have the diagnosis confirmed through a laboratory test.”

Talk about making things up! The patients “likely” died of COVID-19 even though that had not been laboratory confirmed.

So who needs actual science these days?

The Globe states that, “Public health officials have struggled to get an accurate count of infections…A true accounting [i.e. highly inflated numbers] is critical because it helps public health experts better understand the disease and how it spreads. It also can shape public policy — and opinion — as well as the allocation of resources.”

Yes, “allocation of resources,” as in multi-trillion-dollar “stimulus” packages!

That Globe article is a totally Orwellian propaganda piece. Sick.

So, based on the fraudulently inflated COVID numbers and the lying and cheating, we have government-ordered shutting down of businesses, government telling the people what are “essential” or “non-essential,” stay-at-home orders, what people may or may not be allowed to go out for, “social distancing” mandates, and now bureaucrat orders that we must wear a mask while out whether we like it or not, or whether it is safe or not.

The face mask order had been up to various towns and cities, but now Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, a.k.a. Charlie Half-Baker just ordered a state-wide mandatory mask-wearing, even though we KNOW this COVID is not nearly as serious as we’ve been misled to believe by the dishonest bureaucrat scum and their media stenographers.

In true Orwellian fashion, Baker claimed, “We view this as common sense and an important way, on a statewide basis, to establish for the long term a set of standards for what we would call the new normal.”

“Common sense”? “Long term set of standards”? “New normal”? Everybody wearing a mask while out? This is NUTS! He can’t really be serious.

But the sheeple seem to love it. I see them out there, like wearing the mask is the new “fad,” and they look like they think they are being “cool” wearing the mask. At least that’s my perception. I hate it, and it obstructs my breathing. But I don’t want to get a fine.

Sheeple really believe all this propaganda and terrorist fear-mongering on the part of bureaucrats and their media cohorts, and would turn their neighbors in to the gubmint for not wearing a mask, without question.

Even more Orwellian crap: Gov. Charlie Half-Baker wants “contact tracing,” so that if someone tests positive for the coronavirus the person is then asked for a list of people he or she has been in contact with (less than 6 feet apart, oh god), and the new agency apparently will call all those contacts and get a list of further contacts from those people. Sorry, loony-tunes, you’re not getting any information from me, mind your own goddamn business!

(James Corbett slices and dices “contract tracing,” for your pleasure.)

So what about someone who says he tested positive for the virus and was on the subway? What are you going to do, get surveillance video of all the people nearby on the subway and identify them and contact them, you morons?

No, they’re not going to do that, because they don’t really care about contact tracing and identifying people. They want to get government databases and lists of everyone and who their contacts are, just for the sake of government bureaucrats knowing who everyone associates with.

And someone could test negative on one day and be exposed to someone who was positive the next day. And then there are the false positives and false negatives.

Anyway, there is no NEED for testing people now, because we now know that the infection rate is so widespread that many, many people have the virus now, and there’s nothing you can do about it, quite frankly. But most of the people who get it will not be sick, and certainly won’t die from it.

99.9% of the people who have the virus will not die from it. Got that?

Tell vulnerable people, elderly, obese and those with serious illnesses to avoid gatherings and crowds, etc. Protect people in nursing homes. (Or better, protect people from nursing homes.)

But leave the Orwellian crap out of it, leave us the hell alone, bureaucrat scum!

So, this is definitely some sort of social engineering experiment going on now. It’s becoming a cult, a “COVID Cult.”

And I am not looking forward to a future going into my 60s, 70, 80s, if I make it that far. What are these crazy Twilight Zone psychopaths going to do to me?

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Recall, Impeach, and Jail the Mask Dictators and the Stay-at-Home Tyrants!

Jeepers, I am really perturbed by all this now, quite frankly.

First, there is a question about face mask safety.

In an article (dated November 16, 2018) that was in reference to the California wildfires, SFgate notes:

1.Scarves, bandannas, tissues, and anything not marked N95 or better (N100, P99, P100, etc.) are not helpful.  “Surgical masks that trap small particles are designed to filter air coming out of the wearer’s mouth and do not provide a good seal to prevent inhalation of small particles or gases in smoke. ” (CA Dept. of Public Health).

2.People with breathing problems (ironically) are discouraged from wearing a mask without getting a doctor’s recommendation.  In one statement, CA Dept. of Public Health writes, “Wearing a mask may actually be harmful to some people with heart or lung disease because it can make the lungs work harder to breathe.” A doctor will look at the patient’s condition, ability to draw in air, and guide them on how to make it fit right if recommended.

3. Small children should not wear masks. California’s Dept. of Public Health points out, “Children should not wear these masks – they do not fit properly and can impede breathing. If the air quality is poor enough that a child requires a mask, the child should remain indoors, in a safe place, and evacuation should be considered.”

4. People indoors should not wear masks. (The air isn’t as bad indoors, and the masks can restrict breathing and increase breathing carbon dioxide making you feel worse, not better).

5. People with beards shouldn’t wear masks (the air is going to come from around the edges, and not be filtered anyway, and the mask will then just make breathing hard with no real filtering).  Of course, you could wear a half- or full-face mask like what’s used for asbestos removal, but this seems pretty drastic.

Here’s the background.  “The Sacramento County Public Health Officer does not recommend use of N95 respirator masks for the general public,” read a confusing statement issued this week.

We talked to a doctor to parse the oddly conflicting public health statements.

“I’m recommending it for my patients, said Dr. Fred Herkowitz who specializes in treating pulmonary disease in Oakland. “For people with lung disease (the N95 mask) is still better than anything out there.”

He points out what other health workers point out, “The situation is we tell all people that we give an N95 mask to that if they have trouble breathing because the mask is tight then they shouldn’t wear it. But that’s different than saying they shouldn’t be worn.”

Sacramento County said, “N95 respirator can make it more difficult for the wearer to breathe due to carbon dioxide buildup, which reduces the intake of oxygen, increased breathing rates and heart rates.” The bottom line is, if you have lung disease, ask your doctor.

You can go to the link for the rest of the article.

The CDC states:

Particulate respirators are the simplest, least expensive, and least protective of the respirator types available. These respirators only protect against particles. They do not protect against chemicals, gases, or vapors, and are intended only for low hazard levels. The commonly known “N-95” filtering facepiece respirator is one type of particulate respirator, often used in hospital to protect against infectious agents. Particulate respirators are “air-purifying respirators” because they clean particles out of the air as you breathe. Even if you can’t see the particles, there may be too many in the air for this respirator to provide adequate protection.

Breathing through a respirator is harder than breathing in open air. People with lung diseases such as asthma or emphysema, elderly people, and others may have trouble breathing. Some people with claustrophobia may not be able to wear a mask or hooded respirator. Some people with vision problems may have trouble seeing while wearing a mask or hood (there are special masks for people who need glasses).

Now, given the possible harm that wearing the respirator mask could do, then government officials including mayors of Boston and Somerville and others ordering people to have to wear a mask or face a large government theft of their money is a criminal threat, and they and all the other mayors or governors ordering people to have to wear a face mask should be criminally charged.

“Somerville is the most densely populated city in New England, with more than 80,000 residents in a 4.1 square mile area. To date, 522 residents in the city have tested positive for COVID-19, with six confirmed fatalities,” according to WGBH News in an April 27th, 2020 article. So what the hell is the concern in Somerville?

And several studies now are confirming that the COVID-19 coronavirus is widespread in the U.S. now. Many people have the virus, but most of them don’t know it and don’t have symptoms, or have mild “flu-like” symptoms, because it really is another form of the flu.

Of those who have it severely enough to have to go to the hospital, like they can’t breathe and are gasping for air and need oxygen, 94% of those are people with preexisting serious illnesses or conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity, and/or are elderly. Obesity has been found to be the largest factor.

And “one in every five of New York state’s COVID-19 fatalities died inside a nursing home,” according to NY Daily News.

In other words, most of the people who are dying of COVID-19 are elderly and obese people.

Illinois is just one of many states imposing fascist home imprisonment decrees for no reason other than to please the Rulers’ obsession and hunger for power. Out of a population of 12.6 million in Illinois, there are now 1,983 deaths in the “Prairie State,” as of today. It’s a FLU! Enough of this over-hype, fear-mongering and fascist orders by parasite creeps!

In the Land of Lincoln, a judge ruled in favor of a state rep who sued the state over the stay-at-home order. Gov. Pritzker, who looks quite obese himself, said that because of the judge ruling in favor of the people’s right to go back to work, “It’s dangerous and people’s safety and health have now been put at risk.”

Sorry Gov, you have it BACKWARDS! It is these fascist house arrests and home confinements that are putting people at risk!

These rotten, no-good governors and mayors have not taken into account the extra illnesses and emergencies they are causing with such orders. All the stress-related heart attacks, strokes, missed screenings and medical appointments and cancer treatments and mental health issues including suicides, an increase in child abuse and spousal abuse, and alcoholism and drug abuse. These governors and mayors, THEY are killing people, these criminal government bureaucrats (sorry for the redundancy)!

So let’s impeach or recall (or criminally charge, try, convict and jail) all the governors and mayors with their stay-at-home orders or “advisories.”

Why are these idiot politicians doing all this to us? They are CRIMINALS and they need to be in JAIL!

Another Doctor Calls for Ending COVID Fascism and Police State

Becky Akers writes:

Dr. “Daniel G. Murphy, MD, is chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx”; he’s “been in the ER every day these last few weeks, either supervising or providing direct care.” And he “say[s] it’s time to start opening up.” He traces the pandemic’s “crest” in New York City to “1 p.m. April 7,” when “the COVID-19 arrivals slowed down. It was a discrete, noticeable event. Stretchers became available by 5 p.m., and the number of arriving COVID-19 patients dropped below the number discharged, transferred or deceased.”

Notice that was three weeks ago, plenty of time to have eased restrictions. Yet America’s petty tyrants have only increased their despotism. They’re gaining too much power and fame to dial back the hysteria they’ve ginned up; rather, they’ll stretch this “crisis” as long as possible. Only a few Americans could have named their state’s governor before this nonsense started; I’d bet most can today. And quacks in “public health” whom no one had ever heard of two months ago, now order us around as they please, dictating our wardrobes, telling us how to interact with one another, and even determining whether we may earn our daily bread. That sort of authority intoxicates, especially among faceless, ineffective bureaucrats.

But I interrupted the good doctor. He also laments the indirect casualties from the political panic:

“…our ER has been quiet for more than a week. We usually average 240 patients a day. For the last week, we averaged fewer than 100. That means our patients in this diverse, low-income community are afraid to come to the ER for non-COVID care.

“… A large share of those staying home surely have emergency medical and surgical conditions not related to the novel coronavirus. The growing numbers ­dying at home during this crisis must include fatal myocardial infarctions, asthma exacerbations, bacterial infections and strokes.”

Why hasn’t this tragedy bothered the latter-day Stalins at the public health departments? The question answers itself.

Dr. Murphy ends his call for sanity with this plea:

“Standing up to this virus can’t be the job of essential workers only. We’ve been strong, but we’re tired, and we need the rest of you to help us. By getting back to work.”

And by refusing to kowtow to anti-Constitutional, illegal orders. Defy, defy, defy!

What Are The Motives Behind The COVID-19 Hysteria?

Here is my latest article on Activist Post, What Are The Motives Behind The COVID-19 Hysteria?

A recent Stanford University study confirms what we have already been told about the seriousness of the 2020 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The study concluded that the virus is much more widespread and that a very high proportion of the population is infected with the virus. Nevertheless, most of the people who have it either develop “mild, flu-like symptoms” and recover, or they have no symptoms at all.

The study also concluded that the death rate of COVID-19 is even lower than previously thought, “an infection fatality rate of 0.12-0.2%.”

So in other words, COVID-19 is very much like the regular seasonal influenza, which is also contagious.

In most flu seasons tens of thousands of people die in the U.S. each year of the flu. The 2017-2018 flu season was especially severe and killed some 80,000 people. Hospital emergency rooms had “standing-room only” and many flu patients had to be treated in the hallways, according to Time.

But during all these flu seasons we haven’t had to do “social distancing,” wear face masks or close down businesses and shut down the economy and impose a flu-related Soviet police state like we are getting with COVID-19 hysteria.

The effect that COVID propaganda and fear-mongering has on the masses is tremendous. The news media do not mention that most of the people who die from COVID-19 are elderly and not just elderly but those with preexisting conditions and weakened immune systems.

For some perspective, according to Morningstar, as of 2012 65% of people in a nursing home die within one year of entering the nursing home, and five months was the typical length of stay in a nursing home for those who died in a nursing home.

Some officials are calling for widespread testing for COVID-19. But regarding the testing, there have been false positives because the testing was flawed and there have been false negatives. And in some cases test kits had been contaminated with COVID-19!

And to complicate matters, a 2012 study which suggests that COVID-19 could be a virus that affects people more in conjunction with other cold or flu viruses and that it may not be clear which virus is causing which symptoms or no symptoms.

What facts now can we trust are valid?

Are the officials exaggerating the numbers of deaths? Trump’s coronavirus bureaucrat Deborah Birx has admitted, proudly, that if a patient has an underlying serious illness and dies from that illness but happened to test positive for COVID-19 virus, they will count that as a “COVID-19 death.” Recent changes in the CDC’s coding system allows hospitals to list the cause of death as COVID-19 anyway.

Further, officials are counting as COVID-19 deaths those people who were “presumed” to have had COVID-19 even though they “had never tested positive for the virus,” according to the New York Times. Huh? Seriously?

And get this: A Minnesota doctor has revealed that HHS and the AMA are coaching doctors (along with luring them with financial incentives) to overcount the numbers of COVID-19 deaths.

In other words, they are artificially inflating the death numbers for COVID-19. But why?

And the current Congressional coronavirus stimulus package (i.e. heist) encourages states to inflate their COVID numbers!

And the ventilators have problems, too. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was pleading for more ventilators. According to the National Institutes for Health, “One of the most serious and common risks of being on a ventilator is pneumonia. The breathing tube that’s put in your airway can allow bacteria to enter your lungs. As a result, you may develop ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).”

The NIH also warns that further ventilator risks can include Pneumothorax, “a condition in which air leaks out of the lungs and into the space between the lungs and the chest wall. This can cause pain and shortness of breath, and it may cause one or both lungs to collapse”; as well as too much air pressure pushed into the lungs; and oxygen toxicity or too much oxygen that can also damage the lungs.

According to the New York Post, 90% of COVID-19 patients who were put on ventilators had died.

I wonder how many of the deaths, particularly in New York, that are being counted as COVID-19 deaths are really ventilator-caused deaths?

The situation is so bad that medical school students are now allowed to graduate early because their help is supposedly “desperately needed,” as well as hospitals calling doctors back from retirement.

But then we hear there are empty hospital beds in Florida, Canada, and many other places. And why are hospitals laying off doctors and nurses? Because of tight budgets?

I really don’t know what to believe anymore.

And because of the government and media’s fear-mongering inciting panic and hysteria, it appears that people with other emergencies are not going to the hospital, with more people possibly dying at home of heart attacks and other illnesses. One London professor believes that cancer deaths due to COVID-related disruption will outnumber COVID-19 deaths. Not good.

Given that officials such as Trump’s infectious disease advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci have suggested that COVID-19 may very well be similar to a bad flu, why then have officials been lying about the death counts and the seriousness of this virus pandemic?

The society is becoming like the “Twilight Zone” now. Unnecessarily making people wear masks or face covering, in which some people may be touching the mask or their face to adjust it, or may be reusing the item without cleaning it.

Because of “contagion” hysteria, people are not only hoarding disinfectant spray, but may be over-using it and probably poisoning themselves with the disinfectant spray. Not good.

Back to the medical police state. Some officials such as Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker want to identify everyone who tests positive of coronavirus, and trace all their contacts and track everyone. It’s for your own good, of course, or to “protect others.” Bureaucrats seem to love to violate people’s privacy, and love social control by any means necessary.

And the vaccines. Some people want to force vaccines on everyone. Having to wear an “immunity passport” bracelet, ID or tattoo, as the evil and corrupt Bill Gates suggests. But now we are told that the virus has mutated into at least 30 strains, needing, what, 30 different vaccines? Fat chance!

Besides the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry and their crony cohorts profiting from yet another useless, harmful vaccine, what might some other motives be in this apparent COVID-19 false flag?

One theory pushed by Rush Limbaugh et al. is that Democrat governors and mayors are intentionally ordering business closures and subsequent higher unemployment rates and recession with the hopes that Trump will be blamed and thus lose his reelection bid. But are these bureaucrats that psychopathic?

Anti-Trump governors are forming coalitions to make COVID recovery “Trump-proof” so that Trump can’t take credit for recovery. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Half-Baker is a known Trumphater.

Another possible motive: Climate change crusade. “Look at the lower pollution levels with the huge reduction in industrial activity, much fewer cars and trucks on the roads, etc.” (So as long as we have cleaner air, non-productivity is A-Okay, even if it means lack of food production and distribution that will lead to mass starvation and death, certainly much more death than we might have had with COVID-19.)

And another possible motive could involve the brainwashed society-destroyers and socialists/communists who want to end capitalism, free markets, and private property, out of their envy and hate. They’ve already been destroying society with their cultural Marxism, “social justice” ideology and intolerance, as well as infiltrating many corporations with such ideologies just like they have with schools, sports leagues and everyday life.

This “social distancing” phenomenon is another ideology of dysfunctional co-dependence, another way to wreck society and turn normal social behaviors into anti-social behaviors.

For example, at the same time “we’re all in this together,” and because people may be “carriers” of COVID-19, we “must protect one another” by keeping people apart from one another by exactly 6 feet. So reduce human contact with others, cause isolation, at the same time turn people against one another by calling on people to snitch on others violating “social distancing” orders.

Officials are lying about the COVID death numbers and have been fear-mongering and inciting panic among the public, and criminally so, in my view. This martial law, with governors ordering people to stay home, ordering businesses closed, and causing severely high unemployment, has been nothing but criminal. These officials need to be prosecuted.

In the meantime, now that we know that many more people have been exposed to the virus and already have antibodies and natural immunity, it is vital to go back to business as usual, as soon as possible. Reopen whatever businesses that haven’t closed permanently, go back to the baseball games and other sports and concert events, let people sit next to each other, no masks, no social distancing.

Social activists have caused an irrational fear of taking risks, and it’s killing our society!

And for those who think they might be vulnerable or are elderly, let them stay home. They are the ones who need to be protected or protect themselves. But not the rest of us!

Activist Post – ALTERNATIVE INDEPENDENT NEWS – Creative Commons 2020

Jon Rappoport on the COVID Scamdemic

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COVID-19 fraud: Researcher Jim West rides again.


I became aware of Jim West’s work back in the day of the West Nile fake epidemic. Jim was documenting the destructive effects of air pollution in the areas where the virus was said to be causing harm.

He’s doing it again, now, in the case of COVID. His latest blog post is titled “COVID Pandemic 2020: Environment Omitted”.

Here are two key Jim West quotes:

“Air pollution correlates with COVID-19 epicenters. The only pollutant that could have a worldwide timeline correlation with these coinciding epidemics would be fracking fuel, its global implementation timing and toxicity dependent upon its formulation. Apparently new toxics were added to fracked fuel directly or by relaxing the rules for cleaning fracked ‘natural’ gas. Fracked fuel exhaust, toxic earth gas vapors, and epidemic locations correlate with the record-high measles epidemics of 2019 and the present COVID-19 epidemics.”

“New Orleans has the highest [so-called “COVID”] death incidence in the US, at 38, and is adjacent the largest petrochemical industrial region of the US. New York City is next, with a death incidence of 32, and is adjacent the second largest petrochemical region in the US.”

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