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News and Commentary

Jim Davies: Why abolish the FedGov?

Bradley Thomas: Coronavirus lockdown: the political versus the voluntary.

Larken Rose: Shutdowns are pointless, counter-productive, stupid, and evil. (video)

Jon Rappoport: Covid: the numbers game, the fraud, and the final answer

Tyler O’Neil: What’s the real story behind continuing lockdowns?

David Hathaway: Arrest the governor.

MassPrivateI: Clinton Foundation wants to use AmeriCorps to create a “National Contact Tracing Corps.”

Jeff Tucker: Woodstock occurred in the middle of a pandemic

Michael Maharrey: Federal judge cites “national security” as reason to throw out lawsuit over NSA spying.

Robert Higgs and Donald Boudreaux: Past crises have ratcheted up Leviathan. So will the COVID-19 Panic.

Bill Sardi: CDC keeps nation in lockdown using incomplete and probable death numbers.

The Blaze: Professor Michael Levitt: “The damage done by lockdown will exceed any saving of lives by a huge factor.”

Ryan McMaken: Unemployment kills: the longer lockdowns last, the worse it will get.

And Robert Wenzel: Mercatus economist calls for government to “go big, really, really big,” to create a COVID-19 vaccine.

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