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Who Will Win the Super Bowl? Who Cares?

Who will win the Super Bowl? I couldn’t care less. I hate football. It’s a bunch of grown men running into each other and bashing their heads together and giving each other concussions and suing the NFL because they don’t want to take responsibility for their decision to bash their heads together and give each other concussions. Yep.

But who should win the Super Bowl? Well, it definitely shouldn’t be the San Francisco 49ers! San Francisco does not deserve to win ANY championships unless and until the people there clean up their mess!

Why can’t they seem to do anything about the piles and piles of human feces all over the streets and sidewalks, and dirty needles left about by drug addicts? And the huge homeless problem as well.

It is now a disgusting city. Entire conventions are being cancelled because of this, and it is costing the hotel and hospitality industries a lot of money. San Francisco needs to clean up! As Michael Savage would call it, “San Fransicko.”

So, I hope they lose the Super Bowl. They don’t deserve it.

Now, why aren’t two of the most powerful and influential politicians from San Francisco, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, doing anything about their city? Are they even aware of the problem? Do they ever go there? They could even consider spending some of their own wealth on cleaning up the city (I know, that’s probably an extremely foreign concept to the two of them, those statist parasites). Nancy Pelosi $120 million and Dianne Feinstein $94 million. Doh!

By the way, Target Liberty has a post on a gay, drag queen conservative activist named Lady Maga getting assaulted in San Francisco while participating in a trash clean-up event. (I think the assailants are doing that more because of the guy’s being conservative or a Trump supporter, not because he’s helping to clean up the streets.)

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