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No, I Won’t Turn Off My Ad Blocker! Doh!

Well, yet another website that I read regularly is now telling me to turn off my ad blocker, or else I can’t read the articles, or I have to pay them something. As I have said several times now, I know some people’s websites are “ad-driven,” but even if I saw their ads I would never click any of them on. I never click on ads, and I never make any purchases of anything that way.

I don’t know why website owners are afraid of me not seeing their stupid and sometimes grotesque ads. Do they think that my own ad blocker will prevent other people from seeing their ads? No, my own browser having an ad blocker will have no effect on other people viewing the ads on those websites. My own ad blocker only affects my own browser and no one else’s! So, there is no reason for you to have to make me see those disgusting ads featuring flabby slobs trying to lose weight or the couples having sex, or people with skin rashes or their eyes falling out of their sockets.

Additionally, as I wrote in a previous blog, on one website I read, some of its advertisers were loading their ads and were making the page take too long to load. I could see in the lower left what they were, and after doing some research, I saw that some of those ad websites were flagged for their spyware.

One thing is for sure. If a website is telling me to turn off my ad blocker or “whitelist” them, which I won’t do, I just won’t see that website anymore. And that means I will not link to anything on that website. Oh, well.

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