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More Informative Articles on the Vaccine Issue

All we hear now from mainstream news sources are the same government-distributed fear-mongering and pharmaceutical industry-controlled propaganda. The medical establishment are closely tied with the pharmaceutical industry, and many news outlets do not want to offend their pharma sponsors. But if you want actual facts and real information regarding the vaccines, these articles are much more informative.

Bretigne Shaffer discusses the real-life fascist who advocates vaccine medical fascism in real life. A former Obama administration “national security’ official who shows her extreme ignorance on vaccines. These forced-vaccine ignoramuses are extremely dangerous.

Chidlren’s Health Defense Team with an article on why “anti-vaxxers” are really ex-vaxxers.

And Ryan McMaken on why one corporation can dictate measles policy in America. Government central planning, government-created monopolies and control is why consumers have limited choices in vaccines.

In my view, people must have the option to not have a vaccine if they don’t want it, AND still have the freedom to go out and about. Anyone who attempts to forcibly inject something into someone else’s person should be arrested and charged with assault and battery, endangerment, and in the case of a child, child abuse.

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