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Is the Vaccine Issue Triggering to Censor Truth-Telling Blogs Now?

One of the blogs I read frequently is Jon Rappoport’s blog. Sadly, that has been taken down by Here is his twitter post on that. The blog’s home page now states: “ is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service. For more information and to contact us please read this support document.” (I hope it will be back up within a day or two.)

But I can’t understand what he might have written that has offended readers, or offended the people at to cause the censorship. But thanks to the Wayback Machine, we can see what he wrote in his last blog before it was removed.

In “The lure of a stimulus-response world: Shrinking-freedom is a Spiritual covert op,” Rappoport writes about AI. Among other things, he writes:

The individual spirit can be trained to expect and even favor less freedom. It happens. Often, the rationale given is: we need more rules to protect everyone. Protection, protection, protection—vastly overcooked.

Major powers behind the scenes will covertly finance and organize conflict, crime, violence, war, and violation of basic freedoms, in order to “prove” that everyone needs to be protected.

When an individual has freedom and feels it, his view of life and the world CHANGES IMMEDIATELY. He looks around, astonished. His muzzle has fallen away. He feels his voice, his body, and he feels open space. He suddenly has tons of energy, and he’s ready to use that energy.

Therefore, “operators” decide they must turn down the flame and pour water on it. “Can’t have lots of free people walking around. It spells trouble.”

And then he has this paragraph:

Or you’ll get something like this. Sitting with his fellow planners in a secure boardroom, a heavy hitter says, “You know, in XXX Country, there is a remote lake in the mountains. Thirty families have been living there in a community for perhaps a thousand years. They still use the same large dugout canoes. They fish. They embroider and sew. They make colorful pots. They have freedom, and they know what to do with it. We leave them alone. They’re quiet. They have no interest in exporting their way of life. They’re rather quaint. All over the world, there are small groups like this. We don’t care about them. We’re focused on nations and their populations. These are the people we want to control. We want to ‘prove’ they need less freedom in order to be protected. They need more rules and intrusive laws and mandates. And many, many bureaucrats…”

Is that the “offensive” content? Perhaps, although he has been writing on the vaccine controversy. There was one post recently on the vaccine issue that I thought was particularly good,

Here it is on the Wayback Machine.

And in that post he has some other links to some of his previous posts on vaccines as well as other articles.

I’ve written several posts now on the vaccines, including this one and this one with links, because that controversy seems to be in the news lately. Liars in the news media and government are blaming measles outbreaks on “anti-vaxxers,” many of whom are really ex-vaxxers because their kids suddenly showed severe signs of cognitive damage shortly after they received vaccines. The propagandists and their sheeple echo-chamber blame “anti-vaxxers” even though the recent measles outbreaks have been among already-vaccinated people.

I would not be surprised if Jon Rappoport’s posts on the vaccines are what have triggered the censors, especially because we’re seeing the vaccine skeptics being censored elsewhere, such as with Facebook censoring them. There’s a lot of propaganda being spread regarding how vaccines’ possible dangers have been allegedly “debunked,” and how safe they are, including multiple vaccines that are given to babies only months old, whose brains are still in the earliest developmental stages.

This propaganda is being disseminated in the same kind of robotic, unthinking way as the “Trump-Russia collusions” narrative has been told over the past 3 years. No surprise there, given how dumb Americans have become and many lacking in critical thinking skills.

I guess the pharmaceutical industry has a LOT of control over the media, as well as government officials, elected and unelected. Many media outlets have as sponsors the pharmaceutical companies, but the non-commercial outlets such as NPR are just as bad. And Merck, the maker of the MMR vaccine, also produces the murderous Gardasil vaccine.

And speaking of outright propaganda, I heard some of Jane Pauley’s Sunday Morning show yesterday on Bloomberg Radio. She featured Dr. Jon LaPook with a story on how “anti-vaxxers” spread “misinformation” about vaccines.

LaPook’s story was dripping, oozing propaganda from beginning to end, with no discussion with any vaccine skeptics or actual scientists or doctors who are wary about giving vaccines to vulnerable little kids whose natural immune systems are compromised by the flood of vaccines at such an early age. God forbid we should hear the view that “herd immunity” is a myth.

Will we hear on these “news” shows how Merck scientists have been suing Merck because of Merck’s alleged data falsification and lying about their vaccine’s efficacy? Nope. Because truthful data destroy the false narrative.

No, Jane Pauley’s feature on vaccines was only a one-sided discussion featuring the propagandists. It reminded me of Chuck Toady on Meet the Press a month or so ago in his one-hour special devoted to the “climate change” crisis, with no scientists to interview who have a different point of view except the mass-hysteria fanatical one.

And this is what mainstream media has become (or maybe always was, I don’t know), and what social media are becoming as well. Allow the propaganda (a.k.a. “fake news“) to spread but censor the truth.

So the censoring of the truth is what we’re seeing in’s removing Jon Rappoport’s blog, as we have been seeing in the removing of many other writers, bloggers, investigative researchers and reporters who are not paid by pharmaceutical companies, by the military contractors, or by Monsanto.

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