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Steven Mnuchin and Marxine Waters Duke It Out

Here is a totally bizarre bickering between treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin and Rep. Marxine Waters, the chairwomanperson of this useless committee. Her facial expressions are at times just plain cartoon-like. They are arguing over whether he can leave the hearing, and he says he has a scheduled important meeting, she says he can very well leave. I heard Glenn Beck mention this on his radio show this morning. I didn’t realize that Mnuchin is asking for formal dismissal and gavel-bang from the chairwomanperson. Apparently, according to what I heard on the Beck show, if Mnuchin were to just walk out without formal dismissal he can be charged with “contempt of Congress.” Is this true? (Frankly, it is CONgress who consistently shows contempt for the American people and the U.S. Constitution!)

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