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Measles Hysteria and Vaccine Totalitarians

Karen De Coster writes about the measles hysteria and anti-science totalitarians:

The non-scientific purveyors of vaccination nation propaganda swear by “the science” (that they don’t even read, or understand) as overall proof that all vaccinations are always beneficial to the herd, and that individuals – according to “the science” – cannot be potentially harmed. And that’s because the official narrative says so. In fact, most of the opinions expressed by the non-medical, pro-vaxx, armchair scientists on social media are overwhelmingly in favor of forced vaccinations and/or the purging of non-vaccinated individuals from public places and forums. This, they say, is justice for the rest of the herd. They scream their vaccination decrees and they shout down skepticism. Then they shame those who don’t partake, and they demand conformity. The herd carries a tremendous amount of hatred and bigotry for anyone who dares to dissent from their mob-think…

And she refers to an episode of the Brady Bunch in which most of the family had the measles. You see, in the “old days,” people were not hysterical about getting the measles, or the chicken pox, or the flu. It was not the end of the world. But in today’s fear-mongering and risk-averse society, ignoramuses act on their hysteria and would prefer to have the government police force vaccinations or drugs on others if it gave the totalitarian ones a false sense of safety (even though many of these same people eat junk foods and processed foods and make themselves obese and give themselves diabetes, take drugs or smoke or drink that gives them cancer or liver disease or dementia, and poison themselves and make themselves sicker with prescription drugs!).

Karen De Coster then posts a video of some of that episode of the Brady Bunch in which the family is NOT hysterical. (Go figure.)

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