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Don’t Be Fooled by Vaccine Misinformation and Hysteria

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of the Board of the Children’s Health Defense, gives some very important information in this article on the MMR vaccine, Merck’s corruption and criminality, the fact that immunized populations are still getting the mumps, and the problem of reduced testosterone and sperm counts. Don’t believe the propaganda out there that’s causing hysterical, ignorant vaccine worshipers to ban unvaccinated children from public places for no good reason (which a judge has just struck down, by the way).

And Arjun Walia describes several studies and statistics which show that vaccinated people are still getting the measles, and that the measles vaccine has killed more people than measles itself.

In another article, Arjun Walia gives more information on the vaccines including the HPV vaccine, and features Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who explains the dangers of the HPV vaccine and that it can cause cancer.

Quotes from that article:

There are a multiple of problems with the HPV vaccine, and one of them is that it’s loaded with aluminum. Why is this a problem that needs to be addressed? Well, because aluminum, among several other vaccine ingredients, have simply been used in vaccines as presumed to be safe without any actual safety testing. Studies that have examined aluminum raise great cause for concern.

Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant… (Researchers) found that almost “100 percent of the intramuscularly injected aluminum (as in vaccine adjuvants) is absorbed into the systemic circulation and travels to different sites in the body such as the brain, joints and spleen where it accumulates and is retained for years post-vaccination.”

The list of deaths and injuries as a result of the Gardasil Vaccine is a long one. In America, the chances of dying from cervical cancer is 2.3 out of 100,000. The chances of getting an autoimmune disease from this vaccine are 2.3 out of 100. That means that your chances of getting an autoimmune disease from this vaccine are 1000 time greater than getting cervical cancer, as Kennedy points out in his lecture…

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