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New Zealand Going More Fascist in Shooting Aftermath

According to Zero Hedge, New Zealand authorities are now threatening to jail people for “possessing” or downloading or distributing the mosque shooting livestream video. So, given that the video the shooter himself allegedly livestreamed during the alleged attack is evidence, the gubmint in New Zealand is intentionally encouraging people to suppress, hide or cover up the video evidence, and threatening people if they don’t oblige the rulers in the cover-up mandate. Should this be considered obstruction of justice?

Additionally, the NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, wants to put even more and stricter gun control laws on the books. Hey, Jacinda, criminals don’t obey the law, so they will still get their guns. And if they can’t get their guns and if they are intent on killing innocent people they will stab them or drive vehicles into them, such as in France when a psychopath drove a truck into crowds and killed 84 people. (Should we ban cars and trucks and vans?) A further example is Connecticut with the strictest gun control laws, at the time of the Sandy Hook School shooting was the 5th strictest gun-controlled state. But that didn’t stop Adam Lanza from shooting and murdering 25 or 30 innocent people, most of them children.

So, as the rulers of these “democracies” including the U.S. become more hysterical every time there’s a shooting, they and their hysterical supporters continue to turn to more police-state restrictions on the right of the people to keep and bear arms (as these government bureaucrats themselves continue to arm themselves to the teeth), and more police-state restrictions on the right of the people to the freedom of speech and their right to disseminate information.

Government censorship and gun-grabbing does not turn out well for the people. We know that from history.

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