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A Snow Storm in the Northeast and Loony-Tunes in Washington

Very sorry for not writing as much in recent days or weeks here. I know there are readers out there. The past couple of weeks have been a bit much. I have been doing this writing for almost 10 years now, many, many blog posts and articles. Is it time for me to “retire” from this writing? I’d rather not, as long as we have con-men and phonies like The Donald and The Ocasio then I have to keep doing this.

And now there is this big snow storm. Nothing in December or January, not until the end of February and now March do we have snow storms. There’s at least 10 inches out there now, and continuing. The parking lot across the street has a “Bobcat” plow trying to keep up with the snowfall. But after he plows the main part of the lot the snow covers it all up again, and he has to start all over again. I assume the operator is a “he,” because rarely do we find women snow plow operators. Feminazis please spare me your complaints.

Speaking of feminazis, Hillary Clinton was given the “International Unity Award” at the Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King Unity Breakfast in Selma, Alabama. I have to put that award in quotes, because I almost puked when I heard that. In the Fox News article, the caption below the still-picture of Hillary (prior to the video starting), read, “Hillary Clinton: 2020 women have to avoid looking angry,” and that still-picture is of Hillary Clinton … “looking angry“!! It cracked me up.

Hillary getting a “Unity Award” is like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize, before he even became President, after which he bombed the crap out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and all the rest, as well as becoming the “Deporter-In-Chief.” And he still hasn’t given back the award he knows he does not deserve. Fraud. (Just like the Fake Indian fraud.)

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was at the “Unity Breakfast.” He was the eldest of the Jackson Five, in case you didn’t know. (I don’t think the Rev. Al Shrapnel was at the “Unity Breakfast” this time.)

Yesterday on Bloomberg Radio I heard a rebroadcast of Meet the Press with Chuck Toady. Yech. He was grilling Rep. Jim Jordan, who, unfortunately has to repeatedly get into the scripted talking points. Jordan should have spent more time talking about the criminality of the FBI and DOJ presenting judges with FISA spying applications with false information. Chuck Toady couldn’t shut up about Paul Manafort, whose convictions were irrelevant to “Trump-Russia collusions” allegations, and had to do with taxes from over 10 years ago! I just saw a brief excerpt video of their discussion online. What is that on Chuck Toady’s chin, I think that’s called a goatee, he looks like he just ate some spinach. And nice hair, Chuck. I know, we shouldn’t make fun of someone’s appearance. Best to stick with someone’s character. So I will.

So I would like to point out about Chuck Toady that he knew as early as March of 2017 that no evidence has existed of “Trump-Russia collusions,” yet he has continued in his discussions with the “Trump-Russia collusions” assumption anyway. Very dishonest Toady. He interviewed Director of National Intelligence (sic) James Clapper on March 5, 2017, who told Toady, “we had no evidence of such collusion.” Now, all the national security-related department heads report to the Director of National Intelligence, including the heads of FBI, NSA and CIA. Not one of them had reported to Clapper any evidence of said “collusion” (or conspiracy, coordination etc.) to change election results. What that means is that there really is no evidence.

But Rep. Jordan is just as bad, in my view. He says that while the intelligence community has had no evidence of “Trump-Russia collusions,” there nevertheless is legitimacy in the “collusion” assertion because Clapper et al. says that believe it anyway, without evidence. Even though I’m sure that Jordan and the rest of the House Conservative Carcass know that there was never any “collusion” and that the Russians didn’t “meddle” in the election, they still kowtow to the national security state despite its Soviet-like danger to civilization.

So not only has Chuck Toady been acting as a propagandist apparatchik on behalf of the corrupt national security state in Washington, D.C., in my view, but he has been helping to cover up the Comey-Strzok-FBI false exoneration of Hillary Clinton, by intentionally not reporting on it or discussing it. Please don’t tell me these news “journalists” don’t know about all that, as well as the illegal FISA applications and warrants to spy on Trump people. And if the Dear Reader doesn’t know about those things, I have covered that in my exhaustive article on the whole Orwellian Mueller fiasco. (I’m exhausted just thinking about it.)

And see my article on the government media, including Chuck Toady, they’re all the same, especially on those Sunday talk shows, George Snuffleupagus, and Margaret Brennan. Hey Margaret, look at all the conservatives you have on your discussion panel. Don’t overdo it, now.

Speaking of the conservatards, they had their annual pajama party at the “Conservative Political Action Conference,” a.k. CPAC. Notice how that’s conservative political action, not economic action or social, etc.

As noted by Franz Oppenheimer, the economic means is the means of peaceful productivity, and one gets what one wants through voluntary action and voluntary contract.

But the political means, which is the CPAC crowd’s way of life, is the means of predation, coercion and parasitism by way of aggression and theft through the State’s violence.

So these statists are not really that different from the authoritarian statists on the Left. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, they all love the State’s process of stealing from their neighbors and using the police state apparatus to order their victims around. The authoritarian conservatards are no different, with their trade and immigration restrictions, and their terrible warvangelical foreign policy. And I will stay on their case as long as I keep hearing these talk radio ditto-heads and their collectivist fanatical belief in some kind of imagined common ownership of the territory as a whole, ownership by the “citizens” (versus the “invasion” of non-citizens). These people are just as dumb, indoctrinated and communist as those on the Left, in my view.

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