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The Military’s Invasive Mind Control and Other Sick Experimentation

There was an interesting caller to Coast to Coast AM with Richard Syrett early this morning. The call was during the 4-4:30 AM period (Eastern), during their last hour.

The caller said he was a U.S. military veteran and that he participated in experimentation on others, I think mainly on other U.S. soldiers (although it might also have involved civilians). The experimentation involved mind control, such as “MK-Ultra” and so on, including microchip implants.

Richard Syrett asked him if he volunteered for the project and the caller said that he had volunteered for the military, but that participation in the experimentation project was not voluntary. The caller said that some of the things done to subjects were extremely invasive, even horrifying. He said that if a subject actually died that the military would make up “fairy tales” when informing the families of victims of their death. The caller emphasized that the experiments were really criminal in nature, criminal acts against others.

Regarding the microchip implants, the caller said that even included implanting in the eyes, so that “whatever you see, they can see, too…”

Now, all that does not surprise me, given what we already know about the CIA and military’s history of experimenting on their fellow humans. In my view, it would take a really sick, psychopathic individual to get involved in such invasive, criminal acts against others, for any reason. (Like the TSA, for example.)

This Wikipedia page details human experimentation on innocents by Americans, for “medical research,” or for military purposes. The U.S. military experimented on troops with mustard gas and other dangerous chemicals, and the victims were categorized by race and ethnicity, including black, Japanese and Puerto Rican Americans. See the U.S. military’s “Project 112” and its drug experimentation.

Here is an article on whether it was the U.S. military and its experimental vaccine that may have been responsible for many deaths that were blamed on Spanish flu. And an article on the CIA poisoning a whole town with LSD in a massive mind control experiment.

The caller to Coast to Coast emphasized the mind control stuff. It is no shock to me now, that and the other extremely invasive crimes inflicted on unsuspecting victims, in the name of “experimentation.”

The science of “killology” is part of military training now, in which the conscience is bypassed in order to get the soldiers to shoot to kill without thinking, without considering the moral or immoral aspect of killing innocent human beings. So, I assume if they can reflexively kill without a conscience, then it should be of no surprise that they could inflict other forms of abuse, torture or otherwise invasiveness on victims, including on their own fellow comrades, or civilians.

But if you are interested in hearing from a military vet his experience in participating in the military’s mind control experiments and other invasive experimentation, then try to find that segment of Coast to Coast AM mentioned at the top.

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