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It is possible that the “special counsel” Robert Mueller will issue his final report of his 2-year-long fishing expedition on behalf of the national security state and the Democrats, maybe next week. However, some people have expressed concerns that some of the report may be redacted. If so, then that will be for no good reason, as there is nothing that should be classified in that report. The only reason to redact anything will be to prevent embarrassing the FBI awww poor precious FBI, and embarrassing themselves the Mueller people in their indicting people in “crimes” having nothing to do with “Russia hacking” or “collusions,” but never having presented ANY evidence of any Russia hacking, or hacking at all, or evidence of Trump-Russia collusions, because no such evidence exists!

Now, will the new AG William Barr present the whole report to the people? I say no. He’s a national security state apparatchik as I’ve stated before. I’ll be shocked if he presents an unredacted report to us, the people (and not just to Congress!) — let the New York Slimes and the Washington Pest publish it in its entirety. Although those two rags won’t want to do that because it doesn’t contain any smoking guns that they had desperately been trying to fabricate these past two years. Let Fox News and Unz publish it.

Wendy McElroy lists a whole bunch of links to articles that I’m not going to bother linking to here. So, I’ll just comment on some of them.

The Chinese regime is banning millions of its people from flights because of a social media crackdown. They are very totalitarian scum, in my view. And Donald Trump says he likes China’s President Xi Jinping. But then, Trump himself is quite the totalitarian. After all, who but a totalitarian would put a government wall along the whole government border and support a horrific police state to harass and terrorize one’s own fellow people as well as immigrants? And a police state to enforce this prohibition of drugs! In Donald Trump’s totalitarian Amerika, the gubmint may have the power to tell you what you may or may not put into your own body, and throw you in jail if you disobey!

Oregon wants to mandate rent control, statewide. Because of a housing shortage. They do not understand that price controls and other regulations already in place distort these markets and cause shortages. The solution is not fascism as Oregonian legislative dictators want, but freedom. Repeal all those laws. Just like in Venezuela, in which food price controls (and outright government seizure of food production and distribution) have caused shortages, long lines, mass starvation, chaos, and violence. Government interventionism causes all these problems.

Arizona wants to require all citizens to give their DNA to a centralized database. Arizona legislative creeps have not read the U.S. Constitution and its Fourth Amendment. As far as I know, Arizona is still part of the U.S. and has not yet been sucked down into Mexico. And the FBI also wants to have a national database of everyone’s DNA. Abolish the FBI!

And that’s what I have to say about that.

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