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Beware of “(Fill in the Blank) Is a Human Right”

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio wants to implement a health-care-for-all scheme, in New York City, at taxpayer expense. He says that “health care is a human right,” and that “any time you’re seeing a primary-care doctor or a specialist and you’re getting your issue addressed, that’s immensely better and cheaper than going to an emergency room — and a much better experience.”

So he says that everybody has a “right” to be seen and examined or treated by a doctor. And they have a right to require those whose earnings are taken away from them involuntarily (“taxes”) to fund this care for everyone. And that the program be centrally planned and run by bureaucrats at City Hall, like a mini-Washington, D.C. (Hmmm, how’s that working out as far as ObamaCare is concerned? How did that work out in centrally-planned Soviet Union? Does it matter to a loony moonbat?)

Well, if everybody has a “right” to demand that a doctor treats them, does that include obese people (and I mean, those who have irresponsible eating habits and can’t control their eating), people who drink booze a lot, and smokers? Why should people who don’t even take basic care of themselves have a “right” to force others to care for them, and force others to pay for that care?

And also, if health care (by doctors mainly) is so important, isn’t food more important? In fact, we need food just to survive on a daily basis. We can’t do without food. But we can do without doctors, most of the time, quite frankly.

So, we ought to have a “right to food,” or a “right to be fed” by society. That would mean that the government should take over food production and distribution, because it is sooo important. Well, as I mentioned just recently, they did that in Venezuela, and it’s not working out so well. Just as government central planning and control in health care also has not been working out so well, especially since the imposition of Medicare and Medicaid.

But communists like De Blasio do not understand history and economics. And their contempt for human freedom and free markets is remarkable. They just like to take control over people’s lives and rationalize it by declaring that it’s in the name of “rights.”

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