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Important News of the Day, Unspun

Paul Craig Roberts has this very truthful and important article on truth and free speech being taken away from us. Dr. Roberts writes, among other things: “As a person who has held high security clearances, I can say with confidence that no more than one percent of classified information falls in the realm of national security. Most classification is simply to prevent the people and Congress from knowing what is going on. Classification allows the various components of government to put the spin where they want it. “National security” has always been an excuse accepted by patriots for the government to conceal its wrong doings and hidden agendas.” (There are people who view Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as “traitors” or guilty of “espionage” out of those people’s ignorance or because of their believing the government’s lies and propaganda, just as there are people who believe in Identity Politics and who believe that those who criticize group identity PC should be silenced and shut down.)

Jacob Sullum says that Donald Trump’s cluelessness remains his best defense against charges that he “knowingly and willfully” violated campaign finance law.

David Stockman on The Donald undone: tilting at the swamp, succumbing to the Empire.

Arjun Walia says that George H.W. Bush met with the Bin Laden family on the morning of 9/11.

And Jeffrey St. Clair shows how Poppy H.W. Bush’s brother, “Uncle Bucky,” made a killing off the Iraq wars.

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