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Let’s Hope for Voluntary Secession, Rather Than Wait for Full Societal Collapse

Donald Livingston explains why the Abbeville Institute will hold a conference in Dallas on November 10th on secession and decentralization.

In 1991, 15 states seceded from the Soviet Union. This was the greatest peaceful revolution in modern history. American political elites did not see it coming even though Soviet officials told them what was about to happen. Their minds were so controlled by the notion that a modern state is “one and indivisible” they could not imagine peaceful secession. That Soviet secession occurred peacefully had a ripple effect, and soon after a number of peaceful secessions occurred in Europe and more secession movements have arisen. The result is that secession is now thought of in Europe as a neutral act to be evaluated on its merits rather than as something necessarily bad as Lincoln classified it when he identified it with anarchy and a threat to government as such. Today even Americans are beginning to think of secession in a neutral way, despite Lincoln and the Pledge of Allegiance.

As I have been saying, the territory of this “America” country is just TOO BIG. It’s too big in population and in area from coast to coast and border to border. It’s too big to be all one single country and a single “culture,” whatever that means anymore. I know, the mystical nationalists might intellectually be able to recognize those problems with “America,” but emotionally? Nope. They can’t let go of what they’ve been indoctrinated with their entire lives, starting with their 7 or 8 hours per day sitting in a classroom, standing for the “Pledge,” and their intellectual curiosity and their questioning the authoritarianism of the day being stifled by their authoritarian teachers.

But there are those who aren’t too brainwashed in the cult of America worship, and perhaps those people can be reached with a dose of reality. I hope.

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