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Important Articles on Society, Corruption, Due Process, Race

I will be writing more at some point, but this week I just haven’t had that much time. So, here are some more important articles to read.

Wendy McElroy says that due process is important. She makes very good points.

Besides Wendy McElroy, James Bovard is also constantly busy writing many articles highlighting the corruption, abuses and criminality of the bureaucrats who rule over us, and the importance of due process. This week, Bovard writes about when James Comey was an apparatchik in the Bush torture regime, and says the FBI shouldn’t be counted on to clear up the Kavanaugh-Ford mess.

And Walter Williams discusses racial disparities in school discipline. I didn’t know that kids are getting away with beating up teachers. Why aren’t the abused teachers pressing criminal charges against the assaulters?

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