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Did You Major in “Politics” Or “Government”?

Some of the Republican candidates in elections this year are typical statist politicians who really believe in government. They are no different from Democrats. Government is the answer to problems, and that is what a lot of people believe, after 12-16 years in the government schools and a life of not really questioning the statist quo. “Let’s use the political system to impose our ways of thinking on others and our design for others for how they must live their lives,” basically is how many people think. But does what people majored in during college say something about them? Perhaps.

Geoff Diehl, who is the Republican Trump-clone running against Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate, had a double major in “Government and Urban Studies,” according to Wikipedia. (Who the hell majors in “government“?!) During the 1990s and 2000s this “conservative Republican” was a registered Democrat and voted for Joe Biden and Tom Riley, the Democrat then-attorney general of Massachusetts. That is, until Diehl’s change of heart when he joined the Tea Party movement in 2010 and was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. A change of “heart”? (Or a change in political strategy? He did major in “government,” after all.)

And there is a third candidate in that race against Elizabeth Warren, by the way, former Republican and current Independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai, the “Real Indian Not the Fake Indian,” who has been cordially excluded from the debates. Ayyadurai majored in “electrical engineering and computer science,” has a Masters in visual studies and another Masters in mechanical engineering, and a PhD in biological engineering, all from MIT, according to Wikipedia. But that doesn’t mean anything. Or does it?

In New Joysey New Jersey, the Republican candidate opposing Sen. Bob Menendez for U.S. Senate is alleged businessman Bob Hugin, who majored in … “politics” … at Princeton, according to Princeton’s website. “Politics”? Is that any different from majoring in “government?”

Do you think it’s time to elect someone to the U.S. Senate who spent time in college learning about the real world? (As opposed to “politics” or “government,” that is.)

The Libertarian candidate in that race is Murray Sabrin, who majored in history, geography and social studies education at Hunter College, has a Masters in social studies education from Lehman College, and a PhD in geography from Rutgers (i.e. things that matter), according to Wikipedia. And he’s the one with the best views on the issues. People in New Jersey who are fed up with the same old Republicrats and Demopublicans should consider voting for Murray Sabrin.

In Texas, there’s Sen. Ted Cruz, a “conservative” Rethuglican, who went to Princeton and majored in — get this — “Public Policy“! (Barf!)

“Public Policy”? With “conservatives” like this, who needs socialists?!!

There’s no such thing as a legitimate “public policy,” in my view, only freedom, and the freedom of each individual to make one’s own policy in life, as long as one is peaceful. As Leonard Read would say, Anything That’s Peaceful (.pdf).

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