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Control Freak Trump’s New Trade Deal: CRAPTA

To replace the NAFTA “free trade” agreement of the early 1990s, Donald Trump now has an agreement called CRAPTA, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada crony protectionist anti-free trade agreement. It is a crony, government-managed trade agreement, in which connected or establishment cronies will be protected at the expense of those who are not connected. It is a scheme of arbitrary rules and top-down controls that bureaucrats force on the people. Stupid, senseless rules, that have to do with environmental diktats, international relations, labor and employment, “intellectual property,” and whether U.S. dairy producers may sell their products in Canada and if so where or where not, same with automobile manufacturers.

So, it is NOT free trade. Free trade is when consumers buy whatever they want from wherever they want, businesses buy whatever capital goods they need to run their businesses from wherever and from whomever they want. And merchants of any kind sell their products and services to whomever they want, wherever they want. Employers and laborers agree to their own contracts based on what is best for them, not based on what government bureaucrats tell them to do. There is no government bureaucrat permission or forbiddance. No forms to fill out and send to government schnooks. No reporting to them. You do what you want. Just don’t steal, trespass or defraud. Duh. And no one is slapped with a “tariff” (i.e. TAXED) as a punishment! That’s STEALING, Donald!

Just what is it with government bureaucrats like Donald Trump (and that’s all he is now, nothing more than a government bureaucrat!), who just can’t leave people alone? With bureaucrats, “Live and Let Live” is not in their vocabulary, or anywhere in their understanding of life. They believe in stealing from the people via government powers, they believe in imposing arbitrary rules that others must OBEY! And this control-freak pathology most of them have. They must impose controls on the people. Why can’t they leave people alone?

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